Javascript snow on website

This animation javascript gives you Snow on your webpage. So now you are sure of a white christmas - at least on the web :-)

Start save the snowflake snow.png on your webserver:
 Rightclick on the snowflake, and choose "Save picture as..." snow.png
Other snowflakes you can use:
snow1.png snow2.png snow3.png snow4.png snow5.png
 Or other pictures than snow:
snow6.png snow7.png snow8.png snow9.png snow10.png snow11.png snow12.png snow13.png snow14.png snow15.png snow16.png snow17.png snow18.png snow19.png snow20.png
snow21.png snow22.png snow23.png snow24.png snow25.png snow26.png snow27.png snow28.png snow29.png snow30.png snow31.png snow32.png snow33.png snow34.png snow35.png
snow36.png snow37.png snow38.png snow39.png snow40.png snow41.png snow42.png snow43.png snow44.png snow45.png snow46.png snow47.png snow48.png snow49.png snow50.png
Include this html code right after <body> on the webpages, you wants the snowflakes to appear:
 REMEMBER: To change the path, where snow.png is saved... (snow_img)
EXTRA: You can adjust the numbers of snowflakes you want on each page... (snow_no)


Javascript snow on website
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