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 Unlock LG A133
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3 years agoGuillaume (active user)

Need help unlocking my LG A133 from Argentina

Somebody just gave me an LG A133, with movistar chip. I want to unlock it to use another service provider chip. On the back it says: CNC N: 25 - 8564. IMEI 353545-04-947922-0. Under it stands: 101A8DV947922. I enter 2945#*133# without SIM card and asks for it. Somebody just helped me with an Alcatel for my girlfriend and I donĀ“t know how to thank.
I already lost my hope with my Nokia C2. I already went from Movistar to Claro and it seems they block it for good. So I hope we can do something with this LG.
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