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 Unlock LG GB102
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4 years agoDaimix (registered user)

Please give me unlock code for LG GB102. Thanks!

LG GB102
Imei: 357616020008332

4 years agozoki (guest)

lg gb 102

imei nuber 359164030475066 unlock code


4 years agoNstore (helpful user)

8 years agofulano (guest)

How To Get A Free LG Unlock Code

How To Get A Free LG Unlock Code
1. Power on your LG phone and type *#06#
2. The first 15 digits displayed is your phone?s IMEI number.
3. Call your phone carrier?s support number.
4. Ask for an subsidy unlock code for your LG phone.
5. They will then ask for your IMEI number in exchange, and thats it!

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