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 Unlock Nokia 2220 slide
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8 months agoCarmen Sanz (registered user)

liberar nokia 2220slide

Por favor necesito el código de liberación de un nokia 2220slide de Vodafone IMEI:354347040757889

11 months agoMarcoo (registered user)

Nokia celuar

Claro trocar operadora

Nokia 2220s emei 358009032023607 bouygues france tanks

10 months agoMaach mohamed (registered user)

1 years agoJagdeep singh (registered user)

I need India unlock code my nokia 2220 slide URGENTLY.

Imei: 012126007792749
Type: Rm591
Modle: 2220s_b
Code: 0596986GR02r3F
IC: 661AB_RM591
Mob.Country: Canada
My country: india

1 years agoMarijan (registered user)

Help please with decoding

Need code for unlock 2220s nokia phone..

2 years agojod (registered user)


Type :RM- 590
Model :2220s
Network :virgin mobile
Code :0599948

2 years agoIrmansyah (registered user)

Nokia type 2220s

Tolong hp nokia 2220s punya saya dimasukkan kartu mintak kode pembatas
bisolong dikirim kode nya bro

Tolong bro kode pembatas nya di kirim

2 years agoIrmansyah (registered user)

4 years agoArvee (registered user)

Restriction code

Need a code plzzzz serail# 012463001080122

4 years agosuncica (registered user)

nokia 2220s

Trebam otkljucavanje mobitela nokia 2220s

i want unlock my phone

3 years agopa eh soo (registered user)

4 years agoAweheb (registered user)

desimlockage nokia 2220s

desimlockage nokia 2220s
resau algeria
imei 354853045317173

4 years agoavm (guest)

svp code de déblocage nokia 2220s

svp code de déblocage nokia 2220s

IMIE- 357402049775700

4 years agoLuis Alberto (registered user)

codigo de desbloquear a vodafone portugal Nokia 2220S

Telemovel bloqueado a Vodafone Portugal Nokia 2220S Type RM-590
IMEI - 358312/03/189033/5
CODE - 05999N2

nokia 2220s type. rm 590 code- 05999n2 imei 358280042917746

4 years agojoao alves (guest)

4 years agolyes (registered user)

code restriction nokia 2220s

svp code de déblocage nokia 2220s bloqué Orange france.
imei 356239044536930

4 years agoOctavio Buitrago (registered user)

no se puede deshacer la restricción

Información del servidor Nokia.
IMEI: 012591005647189
Código del producto: 0599951
El nombre interno: RM-591
El modelo: Nokia 2220 slide
Claro codigo: #pw+819311640705112+7#
No se puede deshacer restriccion

4 years agobroz (registered user)

Unlock Restriction code

Type :RM- 590
Model :2220s
Network :tci-irancell
Code :0597784

4 years agoCarolina Legui (guest)

pueden ayudarme?

No puedo liberar mi novia 2220 s b Imei 012463002615439
Argentina. Empresa Personal

4 years agoemerson de freitas (guest)


Por favor me ajude desbloquear esse nokia 2220s-b tipo Rm591 imei. 012591/00/014875/3 codico 0593685bs10gGom

4 years agoMartin Pope Metalom (guest)

Unlock Restriction code

Code :0596846
Type :RM- 590
Model :2220s
Country: Papua New Guinea
Network : be mobile - Vodafone

4 years agoBana ba nguea (registered user)


Please help me to unlock my phone.for free sim
Model: Nokia 2200s
Type: RM-590
Thank you

5 years agoAndrea Botas (registered user)

Unlock telefon kod

Szeretném a készülékem függetleniteni.tipus:Nokia 2220 Slide /Tmobil/ Imei;358009033406793 productkod:05999Q4 RM-590 MAGYARORSZÁG

Please help me to unlock my phone.
Model: Nokia 2200s
Type: RM-590

Thank you.

5 years agosukrija (registered user)

5 years agodavid.h.schaffer (registered user)

Unlock Nokia 2220 slide

Please help me to unlock my phone.
Type: Nokia 2220s
Code: 059B023
IMEI: 356239/04/346186/6
Country: Hungary
Network: old: Pannon GSM/Telenor, new: Telekom

Tank you very much!

5 years agonorazuan (registered user)

forgot phone lock kod

Nokia 2220 slide
Code 0599987
Imei 354314/04/087565/7

5 years agoshock (registered user)

Nokia 2220s Unlock Code


thx :)

5 years agoDessless (registered user)

Nokia 2220S Unlock


Model: Nokia 2220 slide
Type: RM-590
Code: 0599666
IMEI: 358009036890423
Country: Germany
Network (old?) Vodafone. (New? O2)

5 years agoDorINho (registered user)

Nokia 2220 slide

Nokia 2220S
IMEI - 358009032294893
Country: Portugal
Network: Vodafone
Type: RM-590
I tried a Nokia 2220 code because i couldn't find the Nokia 2220S's in any free website.

Your help would be great. Got my house robbed and lost two mobiles. Found this around (also another, too, i'll place the request after) and would like to use it.


5 years agoShoaib (registered user)

kandhkot sindh Pakistan

Model.Nokia 2220s
Code. 0588388
Imei. 351548/04/355447/9

Send me security code?

Thank you

5 years agoyakaboom2003 (registered user)

simlock 2220s

can you give me the unlock code to my 2220s

imei : 354347044433115


5 years agoDaniel Steffen (guest)

Daniel steffen

Please unlock code of Nokia
Model: 2220s-b
IMEI: 012591/00/335885/4
Country: Brasil
Operator: Vivo
Thank you

5 years agoMalick sylla (registered user)

Nokia c'est le plus puissant

Deblocage ma permis de me proteger

5 years agoPlazmatik (registered user)

Nokia 2220 Slide code

Please can you give me unlock code for Nokia 2220 Slide
Many thanks...i already try some code generator but it doesnt work

IMEI: 35699104386492
Country: Croatia
Mobile operator: T-Mobile Hr

5 years agoKosmik (registered user)

Unlock Nokia 2220 Slide

Please send me an unlock code for Nokia 2220 Slide
IMEI 354853/04/968913/0
Country: Romania
Mobile Operator: Vodafone RO

5 years agomega fitria (registered user)

unlock nokia 2220 s

Unlock my phone nokia model 2220 s imei 358280049117175 type RM-590 please

Code: 0598100
Imei: 354314/04/344394/1

5 years agoNgọc anh van (registered user)

5 years agoshah sakai (registered user)

open pin nokia

unluck cod pin nokia corporation model 2220 s code 05999987 imej 356239047302678

5 years agoJmarc (registered user)

unlock nokia 2220 slide

NOKIA 2220 slideCan any one give me unlock code for nokia 2220s
IMEI: 354853046262816
Country: France
Moblile operater: sfr

5 years agoel ma (registered user)

Unlock code

can anybody supply an unlock code for the Nokia 2220slide?
IMEI: 356239043301054
Operator: Orange France

Thank you very much

5 years agoSemi Small (registered user)

unlock security code

I forgot my security code

5 years agoRumesh (registered user)

Registered my phone

Regested my phone

5 years agoRumesh (registered user)

Register to my nokia phone

My Life my phone

nokia corporation code 0599987 imej 35623904732678

5 years agoshah sakai (registered user)

nokia 2220s imei354347049181073

5 years agotomek (registered user)

5 years agojoept (registered user)

NOKIA 2220 slide

Can any one give me unlock code for nokia 2220s
IMEI: 354853047345727
Country: Portugal
Moblile operater: vodafone pt

6 years agozupko (registered user)

NOKIA 2220s

Can any one give me unlock code for nokia 2220s
IMEI: 354853045071358
Country: Slovenia
Moblile operater: Simobil


6 years agoJacky (registered user)

Nokia 2220s Australia Optus

imei: 352714043633445

6 years agouti (registered user)

Nokia 2220s CROATIA T-mobile unlock code

Please, send me unlock code for Nokia 2220s, T-mobile in Croatia.
IME: 354347044941083
CODE: 0597731

Please can I have an unlock code for a nokia 2220 slide bought from tesco.

6 years agoJacqueline kelly (registered user)

6 years agoRomesh (registered user)

Unlock Nokia 2200s

Please, can you email me unlock code for Nokia 2220s Vodafone-Australia
IMEI : 358280043796669
Code : 059C0Q4

please unlock my vodafone-australia
thanks to help me

6 years agoarvin (registered user)

code please unlock imei:359038047451510 code:059C0Q4

6 years agoarvin (registered user)

6 years agoDaysam Jabro (guest)


Ich brauche eine Beschränkungs-Code for Nokia 2220s
imei- 358280047409350
Code: 0599200
Vielen Dank

6 years agonokia 2220s (guest)

phone restriction code error

pls help me nokia 2220s phone restriction code,
imei 358280045877244
code 059C0Q4

Please send me unlock code for phone restriction nokia 2220s slide.

5 years agocurtis (guest)

6 years agojuozas (registered user)

nokia 2220s

hei,plase help unlock responding code,imei 012591003710203

6 years agokresimir (registered user)

Unlock Nikia 2220s

Please, can you send me unlock code for Nokia 2220s. IMEI: 359038043653549, code: 059B3V9, Carirer: T-Mobile Croatia.

6 years agobarriosesamo (registered user)

Unlock Nokia 2200 slide

Please help me to unlock my Nokia 2220 Slide
IMEI: 354347040746031
Carrier: Vodafone Spain

Thanks in advance

Please, can you send me unlock code for Nokia 2220s. IMEI: 359038043653549, code: 059B3V9, T-Mobile Croatia.

6 years agokresimir (registered user)

6 years agoSamy (registered user)

deblocage nokia 2220s

IMEI 356239043282254
Code 059C6D4

6 years agojuan carlos cabral (registered user)

mi imei is 352694044898082

please i need code

nokia 2220s type RM-590
code :0597784
OPerator vodafone españa

nokia 2220 slide model phone

6 years agojuan carlos cabral (registered user)

Please I need the code !!

6 years agojuan carlos cabral (registered user)

6 years agoAmsyarie Yusof (registered user)

Nokia 2220s stuck on security code

Hi i really need help my nokia 2220s not even allow me to dial number on keypad unless for typing security code..
My imei is : 355948042902818
Type : RM-590
Code : 0590804
Model : Nokia 2220s
Country : Malaysia
Operator : Celcom GSM
Thanks in advance for your help..!!


Recommended unlock code: #pw+302356020025653+7#

6 years agoNstore (helpful user)

6 years agoCarlos Valera (registered user)

Nokia 2220 Slide

Hi, I need the unlock code for my phone Nokia 2220s-b Movistar Venezuela. IMEI:012126000546340. Thanks for your help!


6 years agoSirish (registered user)

Need unlock code for Nokia 2220s Slide

I need unlock code for Vodafone-Australia to use it in India.

Code: 059C0Q4

6 years agopc99pc (guest)

2220S Slide Orange France

Hi - I need an unlock code for an 2220s
imei: 356239047578483
on Orange France


6 years agoatoui mohamed (registered user)

unlock code

nokia 2220s
imei: 359747041484307
country frenche
operator orange

6 years agoatoui mohamed (registered user)

deblocage de nokia 2220s

imei 359747041484307
contry france
operator orange
code 059c6d4

6 years agoFyandu (guest)

nokia 2220

please send a registration code for my nokia 2220 slide.
IMEI: 356991042498915
locked to Australia- Optus

6 years agoSiddesh (guest)

Nokia 2220 RM590

Imei: 359747041066369

Unlock for Digicel Fiji network

6 years agoAbdel ali (registered user)

unlock Nokia 2220 slide in romania

i need a code to unlock Nokia 2220 slide in romania with IMEI: 351548/04/778161/5

6 years agoE. Gonzalez (registered user)

Nokia 2220 Slide code, pls

Need unlock code for these specifications:

IMEI : 357888043044368
Network : o2 Deutschland
Model : Nokia 2220 Slider



Recommended unlock code: #pw+959512071707211+7#

6 years agoNstore (helpful user)

need unlock code for nokia 2220 slide
imei: 012126008911447
network: rogers canada
Model:nokia 6750
imei: 356069030007400
network: rogers canada
thanks!!! :)

6 years agoc3r (guest)


Recommended unlock code: #pw+959512071707211+7#

6 years agoNstore (helpful user)

6 years agojonase_1 (registered user)

ayudenme xfavor ,perfavore , helpme please i use many calculator but any give me the correct code

imiei : 352011040042807
lock companyç: wind telecomunicazioni,italia
nokia 2220s slide

6 years agojoesilence (registered user)

i need unlock

a nokia model 2220sv from unefon to tel cel, help me with the code please

6 years agomellinette (registered user)

code de restriction

Bonjour, je vous ai demandé un code de déverouillage pour nokia 2220s ,mais je ne sais pas si c'est la même chose que le code de restriction : on me demande : entrez le code de restriction

le imei est 354347046786098 france Mon précédent opérateur est sfr

merci, mellinette

I am in Pakistan...
I received an gift
NOKIA 2220s
Type: RM-590
Is not working because country code
Please solve my problem thanks

4 years agoAbdul Waheed Awan (registered user)


Recommended unlock code: #pw+839411050756317+7#

6 years agoNstore (helpful user)

6 years agomellinette (registered user)

code de déverouillage

Bonjour, j'ai besoin d'un code de déverouillage pour un nokia 2220s, en france
mon imei : 354347/04/678609/8

Merci, Mellinette

7 years agomarc06 (registered user)

network unlock code nokia 2220s

i need the unlock code for uk, t-mobile nokia 2220s
imei- 357402045390199

thanks in advance for any replies

#pw+103864226100064+7# try

7 years agoNstore (helpful user)

7 years agogoran (registered user)

kod ogranicenja za nokiju 2220s t mobile hr imei355948045550416

kod ogranicenja za nokiju 2220s t mobile hr imei 355948045550416

7 years agoPashka (registered user)

need a unlock code

I need to code for unlock nokia 2220s germany
imei: 354314040896950

7 years agojorge321 (registered user)


código de desbloqueio para nokia 2220 slide ja tentei alguns mas nao me dá o imei é 352694/04/485666/8 urgente

7 years agoxiko.mag (registered user)

Help please

Nokia 2220 slide - Portugal Vodafone
Model: Nokia 2220


8 years agoluis pichas (registered user)

need a code

i need a code for unlock nokia 2220s please

phone says restricted undo.

7 years agoArbe Rahan (registered user)

can you please unlock my phone nokia 2220s
T-mobile uk

7 years agoArbe Rahan (registered user)

8 years agorachy1 (guest)


pls i nid d code 4 unblocking nokia 2220 slide

8 years agobaba lul (guest)

nokia 2220

i need a code for unlock nokia 2220 ime 352694049211497

8 years agoMladen (registered user)

Unlock code

IMEI 352694049256344
t-mobile croatia
Thanks a lot

8 years agoAnte (registered user)

Nokia 2220 slide

i need a code for unlock nokia 2220slid by VIPNET Croatia

8 years agoLBcro (registered user)

cant unlock mobile with unlock code

help!! when I try to decode my nokia 2220 . it says that mobile cant unlock..what I must do? please HELP

8 years agopeter ababio (guest)

please help me unlock nokia 2220s for T=MOBILE

please help me unlock nokia 2220s for T-MOBILE

nokia 2220 s imei 355371047178294 t-mobile croacia,

8 years agostekahn (registered user)

8 years agojosgarib (registered user)

Unlock code

I need the unlock code for Nokia 2220 Slide, provider Magyar Telekom

8 years agosundy (guest)

Unlock restriction code nokia 2220s


9 years agoJohn29 (registered user)

I need an unlock code

I need an unlock code for nokia 2220s.
Country: Portugal
Network: Vodafone
Imei: 357402041232049

Thank you very much.

please give me unlock code of nokia2220s. I can use it Bangladesh.
thank you very muck.

9 years agoreza ahammed (registered user)

Nokia 2220S
Made in Romania
I have bought the phone in the store in Italy.It hasn´t supose to be neither sim neither operator lock.It asks me Restriction code.Works without a sim card.The store doesn´t want to change me the phone...Please help.

9 years agoMikeIT (guest)

9 years agoRuan (guest)

Unlock nokia

Tá pedindo um código de restrição, como eu o consigo?

códico de restrição nokia 2220

9 years agojoaquim (guest)

9 years agopomm (registered user)

pls help


I need unlock code for nokia 2220 slide.
imei: 359038046883697

9 years agoChaka (registered user)

unlock code for nokia 2220s slide

please i need the restricted code for Nokia model 2220s
code: 0598100
IMEI: 354853/04/191955/0
TYPE: RM-590

9 years agoMelanie Barnayha (registered user)

need a unlock code

i need a code to unlock nokia 2220 slide vodafone from australia

9 years agoDagamara Liepina (registered user)

Please help....

Hello, help me please unlock my phone
Nokia 2220 slide
IMEI 355371047666611
United Kingdom- O2 Pay and Go

Hey I also have Nokia 2220s O2-UK
IMEI: 358009030409220
Can you please help me unlock my phone as well? Cheers

9 years agoAbz (registered user)

9 years agoaleksander (registered user)

I need unlock simlock nokia 2220 slide

I need code unlock nokia 2220 slide-Netherlands,T-mobile

9 years agosaroj khadka (registered user)

need unlock code

i need unlock code code for nokia 2220s

9 years agoEva.T (registered user)

need an unlock code for 2220slide by t-mobile UK

Any way you can help me with an unlock code for Nokia 2220slide by T-mobile in UK.

I tried several ways, but none work....... and i really need my phone to be unlocked.

9 years agofilbern (registered user)

i need restriction code of nokia 2220 slide

pls help me

9 years agosadaruwan (guest)

need a unlock code

i need a code for unlock nokia 2220slide SRI LANKA

9 years agosadaruwan (guest)


i like this software is very simple

9 years agoalene tuomay (registered user)

i need nokia 2220s ristriction code

i need more codes

needed help for undo restriction

8 years agoolivia (registered user)

9 years agoxan (registered user)

unlock code nokia 2222s

i will 1 code unlock for nokia 2222s
imei 354853/04/065222/8
fabrique en chine

9 years agocarlaxxx77 (registered user)

unlock phones nokia 2220s: nokia 2360:

Anyone please help. 2220s came up wrong code. didnt use slide code. ?? Cant get any code for 2360.
2220s 356991042365288 locked optus aust gsm
2360 355219033524833 locked optus aust 3g

9 years agoTracey (guest)

Unblock code

Hi I need a code to unlock my phone imei number 354314046849482 can you please help

9 years agomajdey (guest)

enter res code

made in romania
vfd2 (s1)

9 years agopowertek (registered user)

Need An unlock code for 2220s

auriez vous le code de déblocage du nokia 2220s
imei: 356991049954373
operateur: orange


9 years agotrang (registered user)

need a code for unlock 2220 slide

PLS show me how to unlocks 2220slice

9 years agokingscript (registered user)

nokia 2220s unlock code

Nokia 2220s
Type : RM-590
Code : 0598100
Imei : 352694/04/263820/g
Network : Australia - Optus Mobile

9 years agojuli (registered user)

unlock nokia 2220s

i need an unlock code for my swiss mobile. provider: yallo. IMEI 356239042181267

thank you

9 years agoindika (registered user)

unlock nokia 2220s

need unlock code for nokia 2220s
imei 355948049773592

hi i need a code for a 2220 slide as well im in aus n service
provider is optus my imei is 351548042873854 is there any way that i an get a
code to unlock mine. I have called optus there saying that i need the person who brought the fone 2 go in but i brought the fone from a friend and now cant get it unlocked can u please help me.

9 years agotami (registered user)

i need nokia 2220 cuntry code open 357402046501695

9 years agotauqeer haider (registered user)

9 years agoNimo (registered user)

Unlock Nokia 2220 slide pink

i need a code for unlock nokia 2220slid by croatia

9 years agoStan (registered user)

Nokia 2220s

Plese halp me, i need a unlock code for nokia 2220s Romania
imei:i 356991041463548

10 years agoCraig (registered user)


Nokia 2220s on optus ntwork in Autralia

I also have a Nokia 2220s on optus network in Autralia If u find someone who can unlock for free please let me know cheers garry

9 years agogcs (registered user)

10 years agosanteos (guest)

need a unlock code

I need a unlock code for nokia 2220 slide from Cosmot Greece
IMEI 352694048088029

10 years agojose janeiro (registered user)

nokia 2220 s

Necessito do codigo para desbloquear nokia 2220s em Portugal

queria desbloquear meu nokia2220s para claro ai pede para digitar codigo de restição me ajude por favor des ja obrigado

9 years agovenancio (registered user)

10 years agosleepy (registered user)

Unlock nokia 2220 slide pink

region: VIP Croatia
imei: 352694048767432

Can anyone help me getting an unlock code?

10 years agoZeljko (registered user)

unlock code

the limit for T-Com Croatia
IMEI: 352011042157793
Nokia 2220 slide

Me too, I need unlock code for nokia 2220s on Croatia network T-Mobile, IMEK 355948045582129

6 years agoseaeaacr (registered user)

10 years agodave (guest)


will a nokia 2220s bloock if i enter unlock code 3 times remove battery and try again

10 years agoJoão Moreira (registered user)

Unlock Code Nokia 2220slide

I need a unlock code for nokia 2220 slide from vodafone portugal
IMEI: 355371046605040

Afinal sempre conseguio desbloquear o Nokia, eu tambem tenho um para desbloquera.

8 years agoBaioneta (registered user)

cara membuka kode penggaman nokia 2220 slide. mohon pencerahan

8 years agoalexnetsbg (guest)

10 years agoendru (registered user)

code fehlschlag

habe die sim unlock code 3mal fehlgeschlagen!was kan ich tun?

10 years agotorte (registered user)

mein handy

Es kommt immer eine meldung "meldung unverständlich" was kann ich tun? Nokia 2220 mit D2 prepaid

10 years agoPaloma (registered user)

unlock nokia 2220 slide

can someone help me?

You can get the unlock code for your mobile at http://www.theunlockspot.com/nokia-2220-slide/rs10wp9/ very quickly. You need to submit your mobile details to get these codes.

10 years agogracy (active user)

10 years agojessika (guest)

por favor me ajuudem a desbloquear esse celular..

preciso muito usar a operadora tiim me ajuudem.

hello PLS Nokia unlock :( :( :(


Region: Hungary
Mobile Lock: Pannon GSM
IMEI: 352694044761843
Nokia 2220s
V 09.55
Variant: 123.02

10 years agoDeepboy (registered user)

10 years agoRobert Guerrero (guest)

need a unlock code

I need a code unlock nokia 2220s venezuela movistar

10 years agoomar-trt (registered user)

hay help please

hay can you give me the code inlock for nokia 2220 slide in morroco plz

10 years agotoni (guest)

liberar nokia

nokia 2220 slide vodafone 352694045043555

10 years agoschwanni (registered user)

Nokia 2220 slide

i need a code for unlock nokia 2220slide by D2 Vodafone Germany

svp code pour unlock nokia 2220s
imei:356239 04 166764 7
fabrique en chine

8 years agobuqe (guest)

france 2220s imei 356239044331183 aidez moi STP.

9 years agoben77 (guest)

como lebirar nokia 2220

10 years agolask1 (registered user)

klappt nicht! zeigt immer "meldung unverständlich"

10 years agotorte (registered user)

i also need one for this 352011041663015

10 years agoseppzi (guest)

10 years agoBlondie (guest)

need a unlock code

Please post a code to unlock the nokia 2220 slide. I accidentely tried the one for the 2220 but off course it didnt work.

V? rug?m s? posta?i un cod pentru a debloca Nokia 2220 slide. Am încercat accidentely unul pentru 2220, dar la curs nu a mers.

8 years agoiur4ik (registered user)

i need restriction code for my nokia 2220 slide

9 years agoralu (registered user)

por favor presciso do codigo de segurança de desbloqueio nokia 2220s
alguém pode me mandar.

10 years agoTick Cell (registered user)

10 years agoHowie (registered user)

Need an unlock code for 2220 slide graphite locked to France Carrefour (Orange?)

IF anyone can help please - the 2220 slide graphite phone was purchased as a birthday prezzie for our son but is locked to the Carrefour pay as you go sim supplied and we are going back to the UK for the Winter :-( - it looks like the Carrefour tarrif is with Orange France.

yo quiero liberar mi cel nokia 2220s_b

8 years agorocio (guest)

please I need help, the nokia 2220 slide graphite locked to france carrefour(orange). Now I want to use in UAE. Thank you.

9 years agozeida (registered user)

10 years agojoshy (registered user)

unlock code for nokia 2220 slide

please send restriction code for nokia 2220 slide using bsnl connection in india

i need a restriction code for nokia 2220s

6 years agomohaned (guest)

quu o codigo derestrisão

9 years agojosa (registered user)

plase i need restriction code for nokia 2220s
model :2220s
code :0597482
made in china

9 years agohisham (registered user)

I need a code unlock nokia 2220s

10 years agoali salim (registered user)

hey if u found that code please send me, i have ur trouble

10 years agomed (registered user)

please send restriction code for nokia 2220 slide using bsnl connection

10 years agomuneer (registered user)

please i need the unlocking code for my phone. i mean the restriction code

10 years agoAsunmo Toluwanimi (registered user)

10 years agoerkan h. (registered user)

need a unlock code

i need a code for unlock nokia 2220slide by o2 germany

iskam koda na nokia

6 years agoasen (registered user)

iskamm koda na nokia 2220 s

6 years agonamecho (guest)


6 years agozaid (guest)

i need to unlock my phone c2-05.My E.M.E.I is351952054243248

7 years agoNgomba john (guest)

tambem Preciso do codigo de desbloqueio do nokia 2220s.

7 years agoJefferson A (guest)

Óla não consigo desbloqueiar meu nokia 2220 com os códigos q os sates me deram, por favor séra que vcs podem me audar.Desde já agradeço.

8 years agodaviani (registered user)

I need an unlock code for nokia 2220s.
Country: Germmany
Network: T-Mobile
Imei: 354314040932110

Thank you sooo much:)

8 years agoBärbl (registered user)

Please, somebody help me unlocking nokia 2220s

Country: Croatia
Operator: VIPNET
IMEI: 359038046410632
type: RM-590

8 years agogabriella (registered user)

Can anyone help me I need unlock code for nokia 2220s Serbia Vip network, IMEI 354314046214778

8 years agodragomir (registered user)

I need help unlocking my phone

Phone: Nokia 2220 Slide
IMEI: 359747042018211
Country: Croatia
Operator: VIPNET

8 years agodarius (registered user)

i need restriction code for nokia 2220s
code : 0597933
IMEI : 359747/04/313099/9
pls help

8 years agoXhuli (registered user)

I need a code for unlock nokia 2220s
Code: 0597933
IMEI: 354314043066569

9 years agoMedine (registered user)

dear sir, I need unlock code for NOKIA2220s that use in Bangladesh.
please help me.

9 years agoreza ahammed (registered user)

i need a code for unlock nokia 2220s

9 years agoyves (registered user)

this did not work

9 years agoWoodenhorse (guest)

hola necesito saber como puedo desbloqueat mi cellular nokia 2220 slide, vodafone españa

9 years agoioan (registered user)

desbloquea meu celular

9 years agowillian santos (guest)

tentei muitos codigos desses de desbloquear o imei do meu nokia 2220, e agora q eu digito codigo aparece a mensagem "imposivel desfazer restrição" como vocês podem me ajudar? Obg.

I tried many of these codes to unlock the imei of my nokia 2220, and now that I type the message code "impossible undo restriction" how can you help me? Thank you. Brasil

9 years agoLuan Soares (guest)

i need a restriction code for nokia 2220s

9 years agoAbiba (registered user)

I need restriction code fro nokia 2220s slide by O2 UK.

9 years agoSasikumar (registered user)

please could you let me have unlock code for nokia 2220slide by vergin media lite locked uk egsm 900/1800. imei:354314044653084.

9 years agowoods (registered user)

eu tbm to precisando muito + dizem q o codigo de desbloqueio nao sai pq a uma falha no fabricante e forneceu os codigos erroniamente.

9 years agobettyta (guest)

i need to unlock my fone....pls...for free

9 years agojane (guest)

the nokia 2220c is restricted and i need reset code

10 years agoAnane (registered user)

i need a unlock code for nokia 2220s by optus australia.

10 years agojash (registered user)

I need to code for unlock nokia 2220s india

10 years agogurwinder (guest)

i need a code to unlock Nokia 2220 slide in romania

10 years agostefan (registered user)

hola necesito saber como puedo desbloqueat mi cellular nokia 2220 el equipo se me bloqueo grs...

10 years agorania (guest)

alguien sabe como se puede desbloquear el equipo nokia 2220???
nota: es el equipo no el chip

10 years agorania (guest)

i need a code for unlock nokia 2220slid by romania

10 years agofaical (registered user)

alguem me sabe dizer como posso desbloquear um nokia 2220 slide da vodafone irlanda

10 years agoBrunomar (registered user)

Eu tambem Preciso Muito do codigo de desbloqueio do nokia 2220s , obrigada .

10 years agoPatricia (registered user)
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