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 Unlock Nokia 2720 Fold
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3 months agoPere (registered user)

Unlock IMEI Nokia 2720a-2

Hello to all,

Can you please help me to unlock my old phone?

I have a Nokia 2720a-2

I'm in : SPAIN (mobile company its Vodafone)

IMEI : 355399045871537

Thanks for advance!

11 months agoLYS (registered user)

Unlock Nokia 2720 Fold


Can you please help me to unlock my phone ?

I have a Nokia 2720 Fold

I'm in : FRANCE

IMEI : 354331045520526

Many thanks


1 years agoNorbert Takacs (registered user)

Nokia 2720a IMEI unlocker ck

Please help to unlock my fathers old foldable mobile! Thx in advance!
Imei : 355247038973713
Country : Hungary
Provider : Telenor Hungary
Nokia 2720a

Many thx!!!

1 years agoJazziroqwai49 (registered user)

Unlock Nokia 2720 Fold

I've got a : Nokia 2720 Fold
I'm in : Portugal
My operator is : TMN
IMEI : 355399042916806
Can you please help me to unlock my phone ?
Many thanks in advance.

2 years agotonyferreira (registered user)

codigo para desbloquear nokia 2720a-2 com o imei 351542049048478

codigo para desbloquear nokia 2720a-2 com o imei 351542049048478

3 years agoFrancisco Miguel Galindo (registered user)

Necesito liberar Nokia 2720a-2 Movistar

Buenos dias. Necesito liberar un Nokia 2720a-2 de Movistar. No encuentro ese modelo en las calculadoras de codigos. El imei es 354331042131137

3 years agoAndré Alho (registered user)

Nokia 2720a-2 TMN Portugal


Can you unlock Nokia 2720a-2
IMEI: 353425047248267


5 years agoRoccox (registered user)

Nokia 2720a-2 Movistar Spain IMEI 357910041619205

Hola , necesito el código de liberación de mi nokia 2720a-2 de Movistar Spain y cuyo Emai es 357910041619205.

Muchas gracias por vuestro tiempo.

Olá necessito do código para desbloquear o seguinte telemóvel

- Nokia 2720a-2 TMN IMEI 358271039402347.


Aguardo noticias

4 years agonelson costa (registered user)

5 years agochintan (guest)

nokia 2720a2b

unlock code free plZZZZ

liberar NOKIA 2720a-2 imei: 355247/03/2011/86/6

5 years agobego (guest)

6 years agocarlos27 (registered user)


preciso de desbloquear nokia 2720a-2 aguardo resposta por mail

7 years agoIvanova (registered user)

unlock nokia 2720

Can s.b. tell me how to unlock nokia 2720

There are many ways to unlock your mobile..But the code is the easy and safe method of unlocking compare to others..If you wanna code, get it from your network provider or you may get it from online providers like http://www.mobileunlocksolutions.com/ .They will help you to unlock your mobile easily..

7 years agosidhuu (active user)

7 years agoR Kumar (guest)

Nokia Model 2720a-2b

If anyone has the unlock code for this model please post it so I can unlock my Nokia phone.

Please if you have this unlock , try to get me , I would appreciate it,thanks

1 hours agodomingo (registered user)

me too !!!

6 years agom.mcdonnell (registered user)

7 years agomoliveira (registered user)

Nokia 2720 fold

Preciso do código desbloqueio

I have a machine of this model "2720a-2" it seems that only unlocks calling the operator and only for portability, you switch your existing number to another carrier

7 years agoClebert (guest)

7 years agotheholyghost (registered user)

looking for unlock code 2720 fold

New mobile phone, if somebody catch some codes !!??

8 years agopedro proença (registered user)

desbloquear nokia 2720

gostaria de saber como desbloquear nokia 2720

operateur fido thank you

6 years agoBela (guest)

Gostaria de saber como desbloquea celula nokia2720 tim

7 years agoNailton (registered user)
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