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 Unlock Nokia 6500
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2 years agoMesta bro (registered user)

Unlock nokia 6500s-1 rm-240

Imei: 356905035431774
Ic: 661AD-RM240
Code: 0557824

2 years agoAlecs (registered user)

Please Help to unlock my Nokia 6500

Nokia 6500
Imei : 357670011044764
Master Code : 0643752364
Network is O2 United Kindom

4 years agomummyhappy (guest)

Unlock code for Nokia 6500cc on Vodaphone

Do you have any codes for vodaphone? Provider not in your list. thx

5 years agoJean_Pierre (registered user)

no puedo desbloquear nokia 6500c

hola soy de Peru y no puedo desbloquear mi nokia 6500c esta con operador claro y quiero pasarlo a movistar si me podrian ayudar estaria muy agradecido.
Salu2 gracias

5 years agobig (guest)

nokia 6500s-1

tenho um nokia 6500s-1 com imei 356854022497754 esta bloqueado a optimos e nao consigo encontrar o codigo de desbloqueio, alguem me pode ajudar sff..
Bom Anoo...

kod tak boleh di buka

3 years agoazlan meli (guest)

6 years agohuan vu (registered user)

nokia 6500s-1 RM 240

i cant find unlock for restriction code for this phone
IMEI: 356854022167993
vodafone AUS

7 years agoilija (registered user)

need help

i have nokia 6500slide,imei 356905030756456 HR VIP is my network,please help

tenho um nokia 6500s-1 com o imei 353076023023020491 e n consigo desbloquear é possível ajudar (operadora optimus) obrigado

5 years agobahadur (registered user)

8 years agoHamidullah (guest)

Nokia Model 6500s-1

Unlock 6500 slide
Hi i have a nokia 6500s-1 slide now i came from UK and now i am in Afghanistan, when i Put New Sim Card and start the massage is Phone Restricted the want Enter Restriction Code it is 3G (3) in United Kingdom. Is it possible to get it unlocked? IMEI code 354837021477945


i have nokia 6500s 1 and i need to make 1 flash how ist posible 2 do ....?????

3 years agotundeamos (guest)

8 years agobesi (registered user)


i have nokia 6500c and i need to make 1 flash how ist posible 2 do ....?????

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