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 Unlock Nokia E71
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4 months agoisevenson78 (registered user)

telephone nokia Code unlock sim__e 71-1 Digicel Haiti

c'est Mon imei de Mon sortable


6 months agoDom (registered user)

desimlock nokia E71.1

please is there any way unsimlocking a Nokia E71.1 from SFR (France)
thanks if you can help
imei 352710046551832

2 years agoOOOO (guest)

Find lock cod


code de déblocage pour nokia E71-1. ,imei:356059039357146. Merci.

1 years agotaxidriver (registered user)

2 years agobsa (registered user)

Unlock Nokia E71-1

IMEI: 356059031410992
Telenor Hungary (Pannon)
Thank you!

2 years agoIgors (registered user)

Unlock Nokia E71

imei is 352924022385293 help me.

4 years agoyeich (registered user)

unlock my phone

Anyone know how to unlock my device nokia E71

Please help to unlock my e 71-1 RM 346 my EMEI 354856042873429

3 years agonegru calin (guest)

4 years agoRanga De Silva (registered user)

unlock nokia E71

pls help to unlock

4 years agoAsifiwe (guest)

key pad 4 and 5 are not responding

kindly help me unlock my nokia its imea is 357895043314535

5 years agofred60 (registered user)

debocage nokia e71


comment debloquer mon nokia e 71

imei:358240033275421 sfr


hey bonjour il fois commant pour debloqué mon portable nokia e71

4 years agonjfkkriijd (registered user)

6 years agoAntoine (registered user)

Please kindly help me unlocking the Nokia E71 locked to Optus (Australia)

my IMEI: 354850644979729
with thanks,

6 years agofilipetorrela (guest)

E7 desbolquiar

quero desbolquiar um nokia e7 qualé o codigo?


6 years agoAlex Torres (registered user)


I want unlock my Nokia E71 phone in Hungary!
Thank you for help!

6 years agogurmeet (registered user)

E71 unlock

how to unlock E71 using free software

6 years agoadao (registered user)


Como desbloquear o Nokia E71

6 years agojay (registered user)

help me guys

can somone help me???
i have a nokia e71
can somone unlock that for me?

IMEI : 352924021779470
sim card 3g or something like this and made in finland
so i hope some can help me thanks:D

Please kindly help me open mine if u were able to open your Nokia E71. The IMEI is 353782040579084. Thks,

6 years agoBeejoe (registered user)

7 years agodamith (guest)

To Unlock Nokia E71

how can i unlock Nokia E71 mobile phone???

tambem gostaria de saber como desbloquear meu nokia e71.
ajudem me por favor dou recompensa
ajuda precisa-se
quem tiver alguma soluçao diga

6 years agonunolopes (registered user)

como posso desbloquear o meu nokia E71?

6 years agosonia beato (guest)

how can i unlock Nokia E71 mobile phone in sri lanka?? i want to do it free..

7 years agodamith (guest)

7 years agopeter (registered user)

anyone know how to unlock this mobile in Australia ?

#PW+CODE+1# , I got the code but get a not allowed or cant send message .

You can browse the following locations for more clarity.follow the instructions here http://www.mobileunlockguide.com/ then using unlock code specified in this site
http://www.mobileunlocksolutions.com/nokia-e71/rs1wp9/ unlock your mobile safely..

2 years agovahaa (registered user)

Me too. Please kindly help me if u were able to open your phone

6 years agoBeejoe (registered user)
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