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Model similar to: Nokia N70 Music Edition, Nokia N70-1
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 Unlock Nokia N70
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6 months agoPradier (registered user)

deverrouiller nokia n70

aidez moi a deverrouiller mon nokia N70 de sfr s'il vous plait
IMEI: 354551/01/784235/6

1 years agomohsen69 (registered user)

آنلاک گوشی نوکیا n70

ریست قفل گوشی

3 years agoJoy ann florino (registered user)

Please help me

Pls help my nokia n70
to unlock

3 years ago11Archi14 (registered user)

Nokia n70-1

pls unlock nokia n70-1 rm-84 poland

4 years agochris123 (registered user)

unlock nokia N70 movistar espana

Hola! could you send me the unlocking code for a nokia N70 with Movistar espana.
IMEI: 3527530148697.
THanks a lot!!

4 years agonassim123 (registered user)

pls unlock nokia n70-1 rm-84 fodafone

pls unlock nokia n70-1 rm-84 fodafone 35627001147789/9

4 years agoEmmanuel Ekere (guest)

I want to unlock my phone

Please I want you to unlock my nokia phone n70-1. Thanks.358637/01/322344/8

Have this code; 358637/01/322344/8

4 years agoEmmanuel Ekere (guest)

4 years agololzit (registered user)

unlock code

pls unlock nokia n70-1 rm-84
emai 358637014447582

Comment débloquer Nokia n70
Emai: 359367005571138 orange France

4 years agoKadri habib (registered user)

5 years agopolatibro55 (registered user)

liberar nokia

emai 3586370153337725 spain vodafon

5 years agoameer (guest)

Unlock or reset

Please unlock my phone password or reset it
imei 35273011392675

5 years agocarlosC (registered user)

N70 unlock code please

hi, i need the code for this old phone and hard to unlock too. Please someone can help me??

phone data:
Spain (vodafone)
IMEI: 358637016605542


5 years agoadara (registered user)

please unlock my n70 phone

please unlock my n70 phone for me please my imel is 356270018709757

5 years agougo (registered user)

unlock code fir a nokia n70

please help me in finding a unlock code for imei357093007284916

thank you for your kindness

5 years agoThom (registered user)

Unlock code

Please send unlock code for nokia N70
Imei: 357968006687229

6 years agozack (registered user)

for get imei

how to get

6 years agoJosé (registered user)

Teléfono NOKIA N70

Por favor quisiera liberar mi movil NOKIA N70. ¿Se puede?
IMEI: 358637016213677

6 years agoGhaethan (registered user)

Unlock or rest

Please unlock my phone password or rest it
imei 359380005417566

Please unlock my phone password or rest it
imei 356270019349363

5 years agojahid (guest)

6 years agomhmdchrb (registered user)

nokia n70 unblock required



7 years agoLehel Magyari (registered user)

nokia n70 unlock

How can i unlock my cellphone - ime- 359567010379803

How can i too get help??,my imei is 353269/01/898885/1

6 years agoKing.brada (guest)

7 years agoyang (guest)

unlock my n70 thx


7 years agotodorbm (guest)


se poede desblocear mi nokia ime 352753016431452

8 years agosopuru (registered user)

reset my password

pls i forgot my password hw can i reset it my Ime is 355720020363523

8 years agomiky (guest)


kako mogu dekodirati moju nokiu N70

8 years agopaulo jeus (registered user)


how can i unlock my cellphone - ime 355521016942514

8 years agoagaibi (registered user)

debloque mon nokia n70

je veux savoir le code deblocage mon nokia n70 IMEI 356270011125985

8 years agoantonio matias (registered user)

[email protected]

how i can unlock the cod of my phone if i even can not switch on whiteout a cod?

8 years agoasish (registered user)

reset my password

i forgot my password which i had changed once.now i want to restore my factory settings but i forgot my password.i want to reset it

9 years agomat (guest)

n70 unlock

how i can unlock my nokia n70 -ime- 354551019908544
thanks in advance

9 years agosané (registered user)


je voudrais debloquer mon portable n70 j habite au senegal le numero d imei est 352753016518373

9 years agograsu (registered user)

n 70

ineed the code for nokia n 70

9 years agoaron (registered user)

cod de desblocare nokia n 70

va rog frumos sami trimiteti si mie codu

9 years agoAnastaciopt (guest)

N70 unlock / N70 Desbloqueio

I need help for unlock my n70 please, us can help me?

IMEI- 355521016922003

ITS For vodafone PORTUGAL

9 years agodavidy (registered user)

unlok nokia n70

how i can unlok the code of my nokia n70 code imei 357617005279914

9 years agogwom (registered user)

reset my n70 to factory settings

i want to reset my N70 to factory settung but i have forgotten my password.

how to unlock N70 nokia phone
made in finland
type; RM-84
mobil ; N70-1

6 years agosweeney reyes (guest)

10 years agoals (registered user)

Unlock Nokia N70

Hi, I need to unlock my N70 , how can i do it???? Presently is locked to a net TMN in Portugal...

10 years agojasc (registered user)

n70 jasc

imei 356270012869813 el codigo de liberar es 305416231326010 lo introduzco pero no se libera dice no permitido

10 years agoFrancisco Miguel (guest)

como posso desbloquear o meu nokia n70 music edition??

o meu numero de serie é o 356992012688931..

meu numero de serie 356992012723712

10 years agoantonio anastacio (registered user)

10 years agopatricia lopez (registered user)

N70 unlock

numero de serie 354551013713650 necesito codigo para desbloquear gracias

conseguiste desbloquear?

10 years agoFrancisco Miguel (guest)

10 years agorodolfo cunha (registered user)

n70 unlock

desbloquear n70

podes ajudar a desbloquiar o meu n 70

9 years agohonorio (guest)

10 years agojoao goncalves (guest)


código para desbloquear o n70 para outras redes

oi gostaria de desbloquear o n70 imi nº 359380005331585 obrigado

9 years agopipocas (registered user)

10 years agoSidney (registered user)

How to unlock Nokia N70

I need to unlock a N70 mobile phone.
Is it possible?
Can you inform me how to do it?

You can get the unlock code for your mobile at http://www.theunlockspot.com/nokia-n70/rs10wp9/ very quickly. You need to submit your mobile details to get these codes. The step by step instructions are also provided in the same place.

10 years agogracy (active user)

10 years agopapiluna (registered user)

liberar movil

deseo recibir imeil para desbloquear un saludo

10 years agoAguia mar (registered user)

codigo desbloqueio

desbloquear n70

desbloquear NOKIA N70

7 years agoliliana (registered user)

10 years agojunior (registered user)


desbloquear nokia n70


10 years agoedcosta (registered user)

10 years agomatuska (registered user)

Code N70

I need the code for Nokia N70

10 years agomarta (registered user)

Unlock code for Nokia N70

how i can unlock my cell phone ?

unlok cod n70 fone

9 years agoshadria (guest)

I have forgotten my unlock code please help me get a new one.

10 years agoPilobyte (registered user)

i have forgeten my phon password plz now i need code

10 years agoakhlaq (registered user)

10 years agohelder matos (registered user)


Nokia muito bom

10 years agolorena (registered user)


desbloquear n 70

bom dia gostaria de desbroquiar o N91 IMI 358353004269248

8 years agocosta (guest)

az sam zoran

9 years agozoran (guest)

desbloqear nokia n70

10 years agocampos (registered user)

10 years agoemese (guest)

n70 unlock

how i can unlok the cod of my phone if i even can not swich on whithout a cod?


Imei 353769040044680 spasibo

4 years agoLada (registered user)

how i can unlok the cod of my phone nokia n70 -ime/353125 02 453522 9

6 years agodahbi (guest)

buenas tardes su ayuda para un nokia n70-1 imei356270012833256 muceas gracias

7 years agobis (registered user)

hi there
can you help me unlocking my old NOKIA N70 , Vodafone PORTUGAL, com imei:356270018961390

many thanks!

7 years agoxabregas (registered user)

how can i unlock my cellphone - ime-352753011973078

7 years agodubravko (registered user)

oi boa tarde gostaria de desbloquear este telemovel n70 imi n-358637014141300

7 years agonunocosta (guest)

how can i unlock my n73 with imei 359738006300950

7 years agopa owo (registered user)

i forgot our mobile passward.please now i need code.for n70

7 years agoAbdur Rehman (guest)

deblocage mon portable nokia n70-1 serie de l´opateur sfr pour pouvoire télécharger un nouveau logiciel car le mien ancien merci

8 years agobarkat (guest)

gostaria de desbloquear o meu nokia n70 sff imei-354551017472014

8 years agorafaelcarvalho (guest)

how i can unlock the code of my nokia n 70 mobile without acod not on my cell ime:351863/01/548028/4

8 years agomohammed asadullah (registered user)

Please to unlock my cellphone N70 Nokia 3times failed 2chances left by now.
It was with contract by vodafone 2 years ago in spain, now I´d like to use it in germany.
I don´t know if it plays any roll this info.
Imei given now: 358637016290394
Thanks in advance!

9 years agoXecky (guest)

comment débloquer mon nokia n70

9 years agoasaph (guest)

oi gostaria ddesbloquear o n70 imi nº 359380005331585 obrigado

9 years agopipocas (registered user)

how can I unlock my cephone with sim card not valid ime- 357093001950074

10 years agoTuke (registered user)

how can i unlock my cellphone - ime- 357093001807514

10 years agosiddiq (registered user)
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