Unlock Nokia RM-915

Model similar to: Nokia 520 Lumia, Nokia 520.2, Nokia RM-914
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 Unlock Nokia RM-915
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13 hours agoedgarjose (registered user)

desbloquear sim

nokia 520 RM-915 IMEI 383045062532658

62 days agoGoodness 12345 (registered user)

Unlock my Nokia windows

I want to unlock my phone Nokia 520 Rm-914 IMEI 359205052379023

4 months agokisit keri (registered user)

network unlock

i want do a network unlock for lumia rm-914 imei 359994054863130

1 years agomehdi ziko (registered user)

please ! i need desimlocker code for

nokia lumia 520
IMIE: 358106054502037

I need the unlock code to unlock my nokia lumia model 520.2 RM-915

1 years agopsalmist (registered user)

2 years agoaimad7 (registered user)

need unlock nokia rm-914


2 years agoPaulo Roberto Miranda (registered user)

unlock code

Please calculate the network unlock code for my lumia 520.2
imei: 356696056712115 blocked by at&t usa
thank´s very much and best regards.

2 years agoCHIGBATA (registered user)


unlock Nokia Lumia rm-914
imei 353045060006796
model 520.02

2 years agoGatut setyawan (registered user)

NOKIA 520.2

Tolong buka kunci sim saya

2 years agoLeo clemssort (registered user)

Unlock nokia lumia and Windows Phone oni line

Please unlock my nokia rm-914

3 years agoJllirisarri (registered user)

please unlock my nokia RM-914

imei: 358995058313072
CODE: 059S2F0

3 years agomessaoud95 (registered user)

unclock my phone rm-914

imie 357287052773654

3 years agomaryamah (registered user)

unlock my nokia 105 rm-908

Code: 059T2V6
imei: 357880/05/810431/0
made in Vietnam

3 years agobensnuggles (registered user)

unlock my Nokia 520.2

[email protected]


debloquer nokia 520 RM-914 imei:358995056502437

3 years agologinah (registered user)

débloqué mon phone

3 years agolegre armel (registered user)

3 years agoThomas Ravelly (registered user)

Desbloquear imei nokia 520.2

Imei: 356696058131306
Nokia 520.2 rm 915


3 years agolegre armel (registered user)

4 years agoDavid Li (registered user)

unlock imei nokia

please need send me code unlock imei nokia 520.2 rm-915
IMEI: 356696055147164


i need unlock for nokia model: 520.2
imei: 358329052172138
my email: [email protected]
thank u.

4 years agosokrey (registered user)

4 years agolame (registered user)

desimlocker Nokia 520 TYPE RM 914

Please desimlocker mon Nokia 520 type RM 914 IMEI:353071062026277 THANKS

pls my nkokia 520 unlock

2 years agomd waliul islam (registered user)

4 years agoCode Unlock (registered user)

unlock imei nokia

please need send me code unlock imei nokia 520.2 rm-915

IMEI: 359208055817007


4 years agotonher (registered user)

code unlock

please need send me code unlock imei nokia 520.2 rm-915
IMEI: 353029061120616

4 years agoJuliane Jaqueline (guest)

desbloqueio de rede

Por favor preciso desbloquear meu celular Nokia520 RM-915, me envia o código
imei - 358329055853098

4 years agoVynni (registered user)

desbloqueio de rede

olá preciso desbloquear o imei do meu lumia 520-2 RM- 915

4 years agoLetícia (registered user)

Desbloqueio de rede

Por favor me envie um código e como desbloquear um Nokia 520,2 de tipo RM-915
Imei : 353029069672196

4 years agolamour nafine (guest)

unlock nokia 520 lumia

pourriez vous m'aider a desymlocker mon Nokia 520 lumia dont le code emei est 358 352 055 418 514 et bloqué orange
en vous remerciant de votre aide.
Nadine lamour

4 years agoSandy jo (registered user)

nokia model520.2

imei 353045062923196 needs unlocked

5 years agoewane nelson (registered user)

unlock code

please send me an unlock code for my Nokia 520.2 with RM-915 AND imei 356696057304052

5 years agobbas1975 (registered user)

my mob nokia 520-2 unlock

Imei num is 353045067511202 RM -915

PL send the unlock code for nokia520-2.
Imeinum 353045067511202. RM -915

5 years agobbas1975 (registered user)

5 years agoLQ147 (registered user)

Unlock code for Nokia lumia 520

Please would you give me code to unlock Nokia 520 lumia
EMEI 357287059739799
network provider : SFR france

5 years agosheila Fernandes (registered user)

nokia 520 windows 8

imei n 3517370662311996

5 years agoPaulo Sousa Jardim (registered user)

codigo desbloqueio rede Nokia lunia 520

Lunia 520 windows 8
imei n 352394066667917

5 years agoesara (registered user)

unlock nokia lumia 520

unlock nokia lumia 520
imei: 353045065971093

need unlock code contact me
i will accept payments with amazon gift cards

5 years agoasif2016 (registered user)


try secont code first and if maybe not ok try first code
next unlock if need anyone paid service contact us at skype : nextelgsm

5 years agoNstore (helpful user)

Soon done your phone maybe ...

5 years agoNstore (helpful user)

Vous m'avez envoyer un code de 15 chiffre avec les symbols que he n'arrive pas a mettre sur le clavier d'appel

5 years agogeorges moussi (registered user)

5 years agobobet (registered user)

Nokia lumia 520.2

pls unlock my nokia lumia 520.2 this my IMEI: 35304506764345 ..... super super tnk u admin

débloquer Nokia 520.2
imei 356696057555232

5 years agowenley (registered user)

besoin de debloquer mon nokia 520

5 years agochabain (registered user)

5 years agorajeevan (guest)

unlock code

lumia 520 imei number -359205051087452
operater- swiscom

please bruder i want too unlock code lumia 520
operator swisscom imei number ist : 351737067036501

5 years agohamzaa (registered user)

5 years agoamandeep (registered user)

country unlock

i brought nokia 520.2 RM 915 CODE 059S559 IMEI 356328050820609 ,
Pls tell unlock code

5 years agoemilse (guest)

nokia lumia 520.2

Librar mi Nokia lumia 520.2

6 years agoouertani (registered user)

déverrouillage SIM Nokia Lumia 520

Bonjour, Nokia Lumia 520
Je tiens à débloquer mon téléphone de l'opérateur. L'opérateur se trouve en Suisse, il est bloqué à Swisscom, et le code IMEI est 357257057189560. merci pour votre aide

6 years agocandice martinez (registered user)

sim unlock nokia lumia 520

can anyone help me unlock my lumia 520 I would like to switch to another operator its At&t right now and I would like to unlock it so I can use it in my country which is Trinidad so can anyone help? imei is 356696052509523.

6 years agoJeanenkel (registered user)

desbloqueio gsm

Gostaria do código de desbloqueio do lumia 520 o IMEI É 353029065221865 operadora vivo Brazil

6 years agolalito (guest)

Hello, Nokia Lumia 520

I would like to unlock my phone from the operator. The operator is located in EU, it is blocked to at&t, and the IMEI code is: 353045062879737. Thanks

Déblocage Nokia 520.2 type:RM-915

6 years agotheard (guest)

6 years agoDaniel Quintana (registered user)

Hello, nokia lumia 520 swisscom

I would like to unlock my phone from the operator. The operator is located in Switzerland, it is blocked to Swisscom, and the IMEI code is 359205058907306. Thanks

him new just wanted to know if you got help?

6 years agocandice martinez (registered user)

6 years agooblio3413 (registered user)

hello, Nokia Lumia 520

hello, imei: 359205054282241, Orange Romania, thx!

6 years agoCatarina Chaves (registered user)

Unlock Nokia Lumia 520

I would like to unlock my phone from the operator. The operator is located in Portugal, it is blocked to Vodafone, and the IMEI code is 351737067763997. Thanks

6 years agocodie (guest)

nokia lumia 520

How to unlock phone

I would desimlokage for a Nokia Lumia 520
IMEI : 359965057384951

6 years agolyu (guest)

6 years agozac (registered user)

desimlokage nokia lumia 520 at&t

-bonsoir voici mon numero emei:356696059128301.merci

Como desbloquear imei 359998058188113

6 years agoPedro damian (guest)

6 years agojesse (guest)


Preciso de desbloquiar meu imei. 359998059843641

gente preciso desbloqueiae telefone e meu imei.353029064827605

5 years agoissa (guest)

6 years agopaco vargas paez (guest)

codigo por favor

Código por favor lumia 520 imei 358329059695362

6 years agolourdes (registered user)

buenas tardes

Podrias darme un codigo para desbloquear nokia lumia 520 at&t y lo quiero usar en mexico imei 353045065550806 gracias

6 years agonardin (guest)


imei: 353045065691386 pais guinea ecuatorial compañia orange modelo nokia lumia 520

6 years agoGoran2222 (registered user)

Unlock my Nokia Lumia 520,please.


I bought this phone an I did not know tha is locked.
Now I can not use it at all.
Big please if you can unlock it.
It is on Spain Moviestar company.
351737064070014 is my IME
Type of phone is RM-914
Code is 059V251
FCCD is QTLRM - 914

Stay well.
Goran Bolic

je vous en prie a me debloquer mon nokia 520

6 years agogarvens dudley pierre (guest)

6 years agoattphonecode (registered user)

Unlock Nokia Lumia 920

I see the website which offer to unlock Lumia 520 , I tried this website, they really unlocked my Nokia Lumia 520 from at&t, i would like Thanks & appreciate to Team of AT&T Unlock Code shop.They provide really good service , I hope this service provider will unlock your Nokia Lumia 520.


6 years agoclalo (guest)

Wie kann ich die Simlock von Nokia Lumia 520 entfernen?

Wie kann ich die Simlock von Nokia Lumia 520 entfernen (geblockt von Swisscom)?

Danke für die Hilfe!

6 years agodecio (registered user)

nokia lumia 520 - desbloqueio

lumia 520 code imei 359-965-053-899-598

thank you

6 years agodecio (registered user)

desbloquear lumia 520

Boa tarde.

Tenho um nokia lumia 520 e precisava do codigo de desbloqueio do mesmo.
A rede é vodafone e imei 359965053899598


6 years agorguests (registered user)

nokia 520 lumia

Imei: 359-205-057-300-545

6 years agoAga (registered user)

Nokia lumia 520

Unlock code 351737068729914

lumia 520 code imei 353071063164382 merci

6 years agotwin (registered user)

6 years agosergio1234567890 (registered user)

desbloquear lumia 520

Boa tarde.

Acabei de receber um nokia lumia 520 e precisava do codigo de desbloqueio do mesmo.
A rede é vodafone e imei 353071066206586


6 years agomjid (guest)


je vous prie de m'aider à débloquer mon nokia lumia 520

je vous prie de m'aider à débloquer mon nokia lumia 520

6 years agoroma (registered user)
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