Unlock Nokia RM-957

Model similar to: Nokia 208
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 Unlock Nokia RM-957
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5 hours agoMiguel J (registered user)

Forgot Security Code

Personalized my security code, I forgot the code 358344058520719

24 days agowakid (registered user)

telpon dibatasi

please unlock imei 358344058344938

6 months agoandreaslope (registered user)

please unlock imei 358344053143558

please unlock imei 358344053143558

11 months agoMr Nyi (registered user)

Unlock ghjjyxgh

Thank bhubbbnhgvvghh

11 months agoיצחק (registered user)

איך משחררים את הבלוטוס בדגם הכשר הוא לא מתחבר לאוזניות בלוטוס

אני מנסה לחבר אוזניית בלוטוס לפאלפון נוקיה 208 מדגם כשר וזה נתקע ולא מתחבר

12 months agoZainalrahman (registered user)

Imei 358344058233297

Rm 957
Nokia 208.4
Telepon dibatasi

1 years agodudi (registered user)

imei 359215050268375


Gimna cara nya kawan?

12 months agoZainalrahman (registered user)

1 years agoLuis Atienzo (registered user)

Liberar Nokia 208.1

Liberar Nokia 208.1
type : RM-948

IMEI: 359191054793405

Nokia 208
Type 948
Imei 1 35790605048141
Imei 2 357906050480158
Telpon dibatasi

1 years agoIchwan (registered user)

2 years agoBoris96 (registered user)

Unlock sim

Imei: 359215050601260
Nokia RM-957

2 years agoBoris96 (registered user)

Nokia Microsoft

Unlock sim

2 years agoLibin (registered user)

Unlock nokiaRM957

IMEi 358344/05/854980/9

2 years agoOliversweb (registered user)

Need an unlock code for my Nokia 208 (207.1)

It looks like a 208 but if I remove the battery there is a sticker which states 207.1 ... go figure :)

IMEI : 357269051037620


2 years agotaolee (registered user)

unlock code nokia 208-1RM 948

IMEI : 357266058939923
Thanks a lot


1 years agolarris parima (registered user)

3 years agorohit kumar kasha (registered user)

phone restricted

When phone on then show phone restricted.
Imei no -358344/05/620895/2

how to open line this phone can i get software?

1 years agomappyjames (registered user)

3 years agopaulof (registered user)

unlock nokia 208

need to unlock
IMEI: 359767065059066

3 years agoKronos (registered user)

Network unlock code

Can you unlock my Nokia 208.4?
IMEI: 358344057489023 Type: RM-957
Code: 059V3F1

Kronos (registered user)
Network unlock code
Can you unlock my Nokia 208.4?
IMEI: 358344057815292 Type: RM-957
Code: 059V3F1

3 years agomd .ibrahim (guest)

3 years agohasan mosa (registered user)

unlok nokia 208.4 type:rm-957


I wanna unlock my ph

12 months agoDablu thapa (registered user)

3 years agoYeferson (registered user)

Nokia como liberar

Algún truco para liberar Nokia 208.1 type:RM-948

3 years agounlock please (registered user)

Unlock Nokia 208 Type: RM-948

IMEI: 359191051188666
Product code: 059T817

3 years agofinos (registered user)

unclock nokia

unclock nokia 208 RM-948
IMEI: 357266059957569
Product code: 059T900

4 years agomaria piri (registered user)

unclock nokia rm 957

please give me akses code to unclock my nokia phone Rm 957

please give me akses code to unclock my nokia phone code 059V0V3 imei358344054017843

2 years agony neareach (registered user)

358344058231614 that's the idea code of my Nokia 208.4 rm 957 can you unlock it??

4 years agoJoseph rondo bergonia (guest)
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