Unlock Nokia RM-970

Model similar to: Nokia 220, Nokia RM-969
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 Unlock Nokia RM-970
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32 days agomolatedi28 (registered user)

forgot security code

Pls hlp me reset my phone

79 days agoLawrent (registered user)

Help me to unlock my security code I had forgotten NOKIA RM-970

Phone Model:Nokia RM-970

82 days agoThe-Onebe# (registered user)

Nokia R970 Unlock

Hi, can you please help in removing security code on my Nokia rm-970, haven't used the phone for years & now that my galaxy S8 is broken & went in for repairs, I decided to use my old phone meanwhile that one is being repaired, but now I forgot the unlock code.

Phone model: Nokia RM-970
IMEI: 359742/06/032683/6
Code: 059V943

89 days agomzwest2 (registered user)

phone lock

Please help me my phone its lock nokia rm970

On phone Lock pin code

5 days agoNaveen anand vemuganti (registered user)

Security code

59 days agoAmorul (registered user)

5 months agoRuhidash Roy (registered user)

mobile Restert

item 1 - 35516206458274-4
item 2 - 35516206458275-1

my mobile password is not match . I want to change my mobile password. Plase halp me .

5 months agoRuhidash Roy (registered user)

5 months agomohsenizing (registered user)

Security code error

my security code doesn't work...
Model RM-969 Type: RM-989
CODE 059V122
IME 1 355162/06/836576/5
iME 2 355162/06/836577/3

New password change

59 days agoAmirul (registered user)

7 months agoprud (registered user)

code verrou

je veux le code de verrouillage de mon phone. Nokia Rm 969
code 059v4b9


9 months agoGari (registered user)

Pls unlock my nokia rm-970

Pls unlock my nokia rm-970
IMEI 351709062747424

10 months agoZika (registered user)

Pls unlock my nokia rm-970

IMEI 356459060495551

11 months agoJoão Nunes (registered user)

Pls unlock my nokia rm-970

Pls unlock my nokia rm-970
IMEI: 351709060336634

12 months agoxod01 (active user)

Security code

I forgot my security code of my Nokia RM 970
code 059v4T5

I'm forget security code of my nokia 220 rm 969 plz tell me how i reset my phn

10 months agoAnkit kumar (registered user)

1 years agoKanya (registered user)

Reset password

Reset password

Gents password

59 days agoAmirul (registered user)

Forget by code

7 months agoLuay I Rashid KWT (registered user)

need unlock

1 years agoshakthi (registered user)

1 years agoSam Nhlapo (registered user)

Security code

Greetings to management

I forgot my security code of my Nokia
RM 970
SERIAL NO:359742065155008...

1 years agoNabawi (registered user)

Nokia rm 969 unclock kode

Unclock code nokia rm 696

Nokia rm 969

5 days agoNaveen anand vemuganti (registered user)

Nokia RM 969

12 months agoShailendar (registered user)

1 years agohailab (registered user)

to un lock my nokia rm-970

to un lock my nokia rm-970

1 years agoAdolphe (registered user)

Déblocage réseau

Slt à vous j'ai un Nokia Microsoft mobile
SVP aidez moi à le deblocker merci.

2 years agoJosé Laborí (registered user)

Unlock code of my nokia RM-970

I need a unlocking my nokia rm970 mobile phone
IMEI 351709/06/679582/5

2 years agoBruno Sa (registered user)

Unlock code of my nokia rm969

Imei1 355172/06/050038/4
Imei2 355172/06/050039/2

2 years agoadhar (registered user)

nokia rm969

I need a unlocking my nokia RM 969 mobile phone,
IMEI 1: 352379067317000
IMEI 2: 352379067317018

Yes I want to rest my phone

7 months agoLuay I Rashid KWT (registered user)

Tolong info security code hp 969

2 years agoCsufi11 (active user)

2 years agopritam (registered user)

nokia rm-9669

phone password new password not use 12345 please send correct password
code 059v110

2 years agoAnil Kumar Tni (registered user)

new pin lock

please provide new pin lock

2 years agoLucas Morilo Romão (registered user)

Desbloquear a minha senha só nokia 220 dual sim

IMEI1 866562022924783
IMEI2 866562022924791

2 years agosamnan raza afzal (registered user)

reset my nokia rm969 when security code is forget

IMIE 1 355773/06/939292/9
IME 2 355773/06/939293/7
MY phone NUMBER +393208882977
C€ 0168

2 years agoXquim (registered user)

unlock code


2 years agotoppytech (registered user)

unlock my phone nokia220

just help me out

2 years agoSithum (registered user)

I need a unlocking my nokia rm970 mobile phone

IMEI :- 359742/06/239108/5
Country is sri lanka

2 years agoMikaella jade (registered user)

Unlock my phone

Asking for security code

2 years agoMikaella jade (registered user)

Unlock my Nokia RM 969

They are asking for security code which I don't what it is...can u help me pls tnx
IMEI: 353056/06/458798/8
IMEI: 353056/06/458799/6

desbloquear linha vivo

83 days agosilvandro (registered user)

Desbloqueio celular nokia 969

2 years agoCelular nokia (registered user)

2 years agosfgb (registered user)

Nokia RM-970

I need to unlock a Nokia RM-970.
IMEI: 351709/06/034900/9
from Portugal (MEO)

3 years agoTrevo (registered user)

Nokia 220 RM-970

Hello! Can you help me please?
I need a unlocking a Nokia RM-970 phone?
IMEI: 359742062197268
from Portugal
Thank you!

3 years agoabcbgd (registered user)

Nokia RM-970

Hello! Can you help me please unlocking a Nokia RM-970 phone?
IMEI: 351709/06/107531/4
Thank you!

J'aimerais tout aussi bien avoir ce code de sécurité 🔐 pour réinitialiser mon RM-970

4 months agoChrislain (registered user)

please told be to how to reset my password? i forgot my password.


2 years agonishant kumar (registered user)

I need some help too.

3 years agobokang (guest)

3 years agoSamuel Malitole (guest)

network user code

please help me to unlock. my Nokia rm-970 imei351709/06/184638/3
to DRC network

3 years agoEspanca (registered user)

Unlock to Nokia 222


I need help, i need a unlock for my nokia 222, the emei is 351834075806387
from Portugal


3 years agochaker (registered user)

Demande de code de decodage de nokia 220 RM-970

Demande de code de decodage de nokia 220 RM-970 /imei 356459069547659

3 years agoAna Valério (registered user)

Unlock Nokia

Hi! Can you please help unlock a Nokia rm-970 imei 356459/06/328889/6. Network Vodafone Portugal.thank you

3 years agojessa (registered user)

unlock nokia rm 970

hi/hello can you please help me. i need to unlock my nokia rm 970 the imei is 351709/06/341969/2.im from the philippines.thanks

cant't use the my sim card because is bay in another state, and in my statee doesen't work. Can i have a cod for unlock my sim card .

3 years agorm -970 (registered user)

3 years agoLuis furtado (guest)

Unlock code

hi can you please help me..i need to unlock a nokia rm970 the imei is 351709/06/216228/5 network tesco thankz

3 years agoarie g m (registered user)

i need need a sim unlock code for mob foon

can any body help mee ?? i need a sim unlock code for a nokia RM-970 I MEI NR IS 356459068260056

4 years agoahmetkral (registered user)

nokia rm-970 need sim unlock pls I need help :)

Imei : 358257045931973
Country -Bulgaria
Service Provider -M-tel

4 years agonatasha11111 (registered user)

nokia rm1017

Can you send me unlock code please its on vodafone imei. 357776060202573 thank you

Plz help for my phone
Nokia RM-970:

4 years agoIlir (guest)

4 years agoBaxendell (registered user)

nokia rm-970

Need help unlocking nokia rm-970
IMEI - 351709060377216

thank you

4 years agoneeraj singh (guest)

unlock my phone

how to unlock my phone nokia RM 969 plz forget my pasward

4 years agoabubakar Minhas (registered user)

unlock my phone nokia 220

How to unlock my phone nokia 220, when I have forget my pasword.

4 years ago0v3rl0rd (registered user)

Nokia 220 (RM-970) unlock code

I'm trying hard to find the SIM unlock phone for my Nokia 220. Could You please help me?
My IMEI is: 351709065155252
Locked to Croatian service provider VIPNET

4 years agoBethuel (registered user)

help for my phone

Hi Sir/Madam can you plz unlock my fone for me IMEI: 351709/06/130134/8

4 years agoAndreFls (registered user)

Sim unlock nokia 200

good amorning
how can i unlock nokia 220
IMEI: 356459069399630

Many Thanks

4 years agoAmérico Oliveira (registered user)

unlock nokia 220

good amorning
how can i unlock nokia 220
IMEI: 351709066997918

Many Thanks

una ayuda por favor para desbloquear mi movil grasias dios lo vendiga una con otra

4 years agoalex jhoel (guest)

4 years agogeorgi velichkov (registered user)

unlock sim code

i have nokia 220 rm 970. IMEI: 351709062067542 .bulgarian operator Mobil Tel AD. Thank you!

4 years agokamilu (registered user)

please tell me how to unlock I forget my code

Sir I will be very happy if I can get ann unlock code for nokia 220 of mine. The imei is 356459062916463

4 years agoatiq (guest)

unlock code

Please tell me how to unlock phone code I forget my code

Hello, Mr, i will be very happy if i can get an unlock code for an Nokia 969 of my sister.
She has to change operator.
Please hrt IMEI is 357821064862103 or 357821064862111

4 years agoouahhib (registered user)

4 years agojaydb (guest)

unlock code

hi can you tell me unlock code for old phone as i want to sell it thanks. imei 351709066371163

5 years agothierry kalala (guest)

code unlock

mon telephone à bloquer il nya pas moyen de parcourcourir le phone et me demande le code

Je veut savoir le code de nokia 220

4 years agobillydio (guest)

5 years agojhayar (registered user)

plz help to unlock my nokia 220

good day plz help me to unlock my..
RM-970/ Nokia 220
IMEI 351709062427449

thnx in advance!!!

Hellp my handy.... nokia 220 sim unlock code please help

IMEL 351709062443149

4 years agonokia 220 plz help unlock (guest)

5 years agogino (registered user)

nokia 220 sim unlock code

Good afternoon...can you send me unlock code for nokia 220 imei 351709/06/492293/4 thanks

5 years agoנתי (registered user)

פתיחת מכשיר

איך אפשר לפתוח את המכשיר נוקיה 220 תת דגם:351709062460473 תודה מראש

5 years agoluis viegas (guest)

unlock nokia 220

good afternoon
how can i unlock nokia 220
IMEI: 351709067063231

I need a security code

2 years agomehlo (registered user)

5 years agoOrazio (guest)


Model RM-970


Hello goodday
I am in need of my nokia 220 rm-97
imei 351709061867082

5 years agoewanedon (registered user)
Other models from Nokia 2710X3-02 Touch and Type625 Lumia5120BL-4B530 Lumia3585i2100