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Model similar to: Nokia 630 Lumia, Nokia RM-976
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 Unlock Nokia RM-977
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86 days agoociti Mark (registered user)

Unlock Sim

Please can you help me to Unlock this phone to work free on other lines

Unlock my Nokia please
serial number 353038069997354
Model RM-976
Microsoft mobile made in china
Code: 059V9Q6
Thank you

55 days agoOlaoluwa (registered user)

6 months agovickydupi (registered user)

Deverouille nokia. RM976

Svp besoin.du code de desimlockage du nokia lumia 630 R976

6 months agovickydupi (registered user)

RM-976 Déverrouiller le code réseau

je ne me souviens pas du code de déverrouillage à quatre chiffres Nokia RM-977 svp

6 months agoAllanah (registered user)

Can't unlock my phone

Can't remember the Four digit unlock code Nokia rm-977

1 years agoAlexalx (registered user)

Unlock nokia lumia 630

Help me please to unlock lumia 630
Imei 353038062449924

Please help me unlock my RM-976
IMEI 359743062267515-21

Thank you

8 months agoWole (registered user)

1 years agoMD Salim Ahmed (registered user)

For unlock

I want to unlock my phone Nokia lumia 630 .model rm 976 . IMEM. 357138060262539

1 years agoTayelolu (registered user)

RM-976 Unlock Network Code

Please help me to unlock my Nokia RM-976 Network Code
Country: Nigeria
IMEI: 353038068167678

1 years agofelipebarrera (registered user)

nokia rm977


1 years agoAlexalx (registered user)

RM-976 unlock network code

Please kindly assist me to unlock my Nokia Lumia RM-976 network code
IMEI: 353038062449924

It dosent work on the simcard part

9 months agoLeoul Teshome (registered user)

1 years agoJoseabraham (registered user)

Unlock the pone

Helpme to unlock this phone

2 years agonate (registered user)

rm-977 unlock code

IMEI: 353069063944480

2 years agonyakeh (registered user)

unlock network code

Please kindly help me unlock my phones network code
Model- Nokia RM-997

2 years agonyakeh (registered user)

network code

Please kindly assist me to unlock my Nokia Lumia RM-997 network code

2 years agoabel kebede (registered user)

heloo dear

please send unlock number

2 years agoFrançois (registered user)

sim bloquée


2 years agochantry (registered user)

unlock network carrier nokia RM 976

find attached IMEI 355165061423028
to be used in Southern Africa

unlock nokia 976

2 years agotemplechijindu1 (registered user)

2 years agoMena (registered user)

I have rm -976

I want to unlock this phone rm-976

manufactureer name=RM-977-1012


2 years agoAZLAN (registered user)

please unlock my lumia 630 imei no = 352393062477479

2 years agoAZLAN (registered user)

3 years agootlisitswe (registered user)

forgotten password

I forgot my password.

3 years agoaminezackgsm (registered user)

rm-976 unlock

please i have nokia lumia 630,i want unlock network
Operator: swisscom
please tell me what I can do

Merci pour votre générosité

2 years agozikooukmi (registered user)

Turn the phone on with unaccepted SIM card
Enter SIM card PIN if card has it
The phone will ask for a PIN unlock code

Enter the unlock code 30638870771123110312 and confirm.

Your phone is unlocked.

2 years agoNextelGS (active user)

In proccess soon have code ...

2 years agoNextelGS (active user)

3 years agoaminezackgsm (registered user)

unlock phone

please i have nokia lumia 630,i want unlock network
Operator: swisscom

i received your email, please tell me what i can do to unlock my phone
and thanks

3 years agoaminezackgsm (registered user)

3 years agoJorge Lazaro Quembo (registered user)

Codigo de bloqueio

Ajude a desbloquear Microsoft mobile Model RM-970 Type: RM-970 Code 059V943 IMEI: 359742/06/271061/6 TA-2013/2016 Made in Vietnam

4 years agoLiridon (registered user)

Nokia RM-976

Nokia RM-976
Code: 059V9Q1
Imei: 355165063293577
Operator: T-Mobile,Telekom,Mobimak - Macedonia
I can pay anything if its needed to..

4 years agosilvan (registered user)

Unlock Code for Nokia RM-976

Pleas can someone send me the unlock code for my phone? I tried all, but id does not work. One person send me a number with # and *. Its not possible, the number has to contain only numbers for the Nokia RM-976. So someone can help me?

Mật khẩu của tôi .bấm lên thấy cuộc gọi khẩn cấp thì tôi làm sao để có lại mật khẩu

1 years agoNguyenngocdung (registered user)

Please I have Nokia rm-976 my sister in swiss but i in pakistan us phone I can't please phone cord number. IMEI. 355165069764134. Model .rm-976 black

3 years agoimran jaffari (registered user)

Please I have Nokia rm-976 my sister in swiss but i in Sri Lanka us phone I can't please phone cord number. IMEI. 357138065343946. Model .rm-976 black

4 years agok.ravisankar (guest)

4 years agoradmila (registered user)

unlock nokia lumia 630

please i have nokia lumia ,my sister bay in swiss but i live in belgrade ,serbia and i can use here thanks IMEI:355165068819145 model RM-976 orange ch

5 years agolourenço melo (guest)

unlock nokia 630 lumia

P.F.preciso de codigo de desbloqueio para nokia 630 lumia

5 years agonokia lumia 630 (guest)

desbloquear nokia

O meu Nokia veio da Suíça para o Brasil aq a operadora e bloqueada e eu preciso desbloquear

5 years agoleololdo rodrigues gomez (guest)


Por favor ajudem me com o codigo de desbloqueio nokia lumia 630 vodadone IMEI:357138061381544 MODEL: RM-976 FCC ID:PDNRM-976 CODEG:059w043 madi in vietnam

6 years agoOscar Vergara (registered user)

codigo desbloqueo

Por favor necesito código desbloqueo Nokia lumia 630, modelo 976, para usarlo en Irlanda, compañía Lyca

Preciso código de desbloqueio para nokia lumia 630 da Vodafone portugal

5 years agosonia valente (registered user)

Também necessito código para desbloqueio de Nokia Lumia 630 adquirido na Suíça, operadora Swisscom, para uso no Brasil.

5 years agoBoechat (guest)
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