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 Unlock Nokia X3-00
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34 days agokyawzin (registered user)

please give me PUK code

My phone is locked. U give me PUK code?

1 years agoalkabeer (registered user)

security code

i need my security code of my nokia x3-00 please my imei is 352008044619085

2 years agoCheslyn (registered user)

Security code

I need my security code of my nokia x3.00 please.My imei number is 352008042494846

2 years agosisty (registered user)

unlock X3-00

Hi. please one unlock code for Nokia X3-00 with IMEI: 352008040262617. THANK YOU.
T-Mobile Hungary

Not free all nokia not free !!!

2 years agoNstore (helpful user)

2 years agochuckytheclown (guest)

Please can you help me unlock my Nokia X3-00?

The IMEI is 352008041215101
The country is UK
The network is O2

2 years agokarl deželak (registered user)

Please can you help me to unlock my Nokia X3-00

Please can you help me to unlock my Nokia X3-00.IMEI
. 3520004460652


2 years agokarl deželak (registered user)

2 years agotiagopinto (registered user)


Gostaria de desbloquear o meu telefone. IMEI: 353401047649374.

3 years agoGonçalves (guest)

desbloqueio Nokia x3.00

Sou o proprietário de um Nokia x3 .00 Manuel Gonçalves , gostava de saber se é possível desbloquear com o ime .

3 years agoCarlos Alberto Neves (guest)

Desbloqueio Nokia X3

Eu sou o Ramses
Estou solicotando o código

3 years agoghafari (registered user)

please unluck my phone

IME 353194034303069


3 years agoJoão Salgado (registered user)

Desbloqueio de aparelho nokia x3-00

Eu João proprietário do aparelho Nokia X3-00 desejo desbloquear este telemóvel se possível para tal envio o emei 353401041980254, agradeço a vossa ajuda.

3 years agoFreitasp (registered user)

Unlock Nokia X3-00

Please can you help me to unlock my Nokia X3-00
Imei = 352691047547146

3 years agoGen (registered user)

codigo imei desbloqueo 359367036579530

codigo imei 359367036579530

4 years agogiven (guest)


hy there my nokia x3-00 needs a password and i have forgot it

5 years agoBa-ally (guest)

Nokia Unlock

help me my phone lock when i switch on keep tell me phone restricted
my imei 351536043120698

help me my Nokia x3-00 ilost my security code

3 years agonomha (guest)

5 years agodaude mussa (registered user)


Eu goxtaria de saber qual é o codigo de seguranca do nokia x3_00 emei 352008042573680 ajudei me por favor.


5 years agoehabazab (registered user)

5 years agoPatrícia pereira dos santos d (guest)

desbloqueio de aparelho nokia x3-00

eu Patrícia responsavel pelo aparelho nokia x3-00 quero desbloquear mais eu não consegoem que voceis pode me ajudar de que forma
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