Unlock Samsung A411

 Unlock Samsung A411
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7 years agoAlan Davison (guest)

unlock code for samsung sgh a411

Is it possible to find the code to unlock my samsung A411 which is locked to the Telstra network although it is a prepaid.


Yes. Telstra will provide a free unlock code if you call them and give your phone´s imei number. They asked me how long I had the phone with them. I said > 1 year which is true :) She gave me a unlock code over the phone. You then need a sim card from another provider. Insert it and power up your phone. Phone says locked, you then type in the unlock code and confirm. Voila !! Be careful, though. Phone only allows so many code attempts before you´ll need a unfreeze code as well.

7 years agoTomTom (helpful user)
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