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69 days agoDannyMac212 (registered user)

Phone asks for network unlock key . It's model is SM-A520F

Could u please provide me with the network unlock key for said phone . I.M.E.I is 354 607/08/965961/3 . S/N is R58J241D2RX . Any help would be much appreciated thanks D

4 months agoSophie lea (registered user)

Puk locked phone.

Hi please could you unlock my puk locked Samsung Galaxy A50. The imei numbers are 359322109311642 for slot 1 and 359323109311640 for slot 2.
Thank you very much

7 months agoJessica1985 (registered user)

unlock my Samsung galaxy A50

hello unlock por favor

9 months agoJulien Lafontaine (registered user)

Unlock my A5 2017

Hi i wanna unlock my galaxy A5 2017
My imei: 355227082323767

Thank you

11 months agoSaiba (registered user)

Desimlock my phone

Bonjour je veux déverrouiller mon a5 3027 le code imei c'est 357661086900931 merci

1 years agodudusagas (registered user)

galax a5 bloqueado rede tim

gostaria de desbloquear a rede tim pq bloqueou
imei 356013070345890/1
sn RQ8H206c8RD

2 years agoLauren (registered user)

Samsung galaxy a5

Please help my unlock my Samsung galaxy a5

2 years agoDanny hermitt (registered user)

Unlock sim network code

Please can you send me an unlock code for my galaxy
Thank you

3 years agoEmmy (registered user)

Unlock the beatch 😆😆

Hi guys Samsung A5.not the newer model..vodafone network UK. .any help thanks.. will post IMEI if it can help cheers peeps

3 years agoShir (registered user)

Unlock sim

I have samsung A5
Can you help me unlock it in order to put my country sim?
Thank you!


3 years agoiraj ezazi (registered user)

unlocking galaxy A5

i will appreciate if you possibly unlock my the a/m phone with the following IMEI nos 356377083552499&356378083552497 thanks

3 years agoRobilomas (registered user)

Looking for unlocking code

Unlock IMEI 351575070647173/06

i mistakenly locked my galaxy A5by my laptop through gmail and appreciate if you could kindly unlock it.my IMEI nos are as following 356377083552499 &356378083552497 thanks in advance

3 years agoiraj ezazi (registered user)

3 years agoSinta Kurniawati (registered user)

Unlock jaringan

Tolong unlock jarinagan A5 saya gan. Pin & PUKnya

3 years agofebri (registered user)

unlock puk jaringan sim a5 2016

Tolong gan minta kode puk jaringan sim a5 2016
Imei 357766076185698

3 years agoharsono wdd (registered user)

#help me alias tolongggg gan

Unlock imei 35402108674121/0

Kok belum gan

3 years agoharsono wdd (registered user)

3 years agoilham hrp (registered user)

tolong gan

tolong dong gan unlock jaringan A5
imei 358312079123714/01

tolong dong gan

4 years agovey ruhimatuloh (registered user)

tolong saya

tolong minta code buat buka SIM NETWORK PIN BLOCKED.ENTER SIM ETWORK PUK. imei 356911072084328 / 01

4 years agoriyasriyas (registered user)

Please unlock

Please unlock sim

4 years agoMichael_G (registered user)

Sansung A5 2106 sim unlock

please send me unlock network code
IMEI 357765072008995

4 years agoandi123456789 (registered user)

unlock sim

please send me unlock sim network code
IMEI: 357766072072189/01

4 years agosholeh (registered user)

unlock sim network

Please sent code sim network
Imei 356316/06/269603/4

5 years agosantoso (registered user)

unlock sim network

IMEI :356316062520630
please send code unlock sim network. thx

5 years agoCyrex (registered user)

Pin unlock

Imei is:356 318 0693 29122
Pls i need the code
Tnx sir
Btw this is galaxy a5

5 years agovivekson (registered user)

network code lock

my ime no 359469063398857
i want to unlock network lock
plz send me code

5 years agoaudy (registered user)

please unlock sim

IMEI 354218070729686

5 years agosujon hanif (registered user)

please unlock sim

My phone Samsung a 5 my IMEI 356316067659987


5 years agoJawad Mohiuddin (registered user)

SIM Network Unlock Pin

Please send me the SIM Network Unlock Pin for the below Samsung Phones

1. Samsung Galaxy A5-IMEI No.356316068802974/01
2. Samsung Galaxy E7-IMEI NO.358494060671669/01

6 years agopatel gaurav (registered user)

please send me unlock network code

please send me unlock network code (err is network unlock pin)

imei no is 358022062500675/01

Plz send me unlock code
imei 358485/06/078318/1

5 years agoAbdul Ansari (registered user)

plz send me unlock code
imei 35637906473699201
Galaxy A5 Dous

5 years agoa.hamid.khajeh (guest)

6 years agoMohammed Biyabani (registered user)

Sim Network Unlock Pin

i try to to unlock please could you send me how to get free “Sim Network Unlock Pin” either give me solution

Same problem

6 years agoMajlan yousuf ovi (guest)

Gmn caranya memmbuka pin jaringan hp samsung galaxy A5

6 years agobaron abbas (guest)
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