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 Unlock Samsung C3300K Champ
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3 years agoAm Sung (registered user)

Plz unlock Samsung GT-C3300K

IMEI No: 353031046870976

Thank you very much in advance.

3 years agoJordan González (registered user)


Codido de lIBERACION

3 years agovasek (registered user)

samsung gt-c3300k unlock

unlock 353047043490568

4 years agoneptun3 (guest)



5 years agoMário Galapito (guest)

código para desbloquear TMN para livre total

gostava de obter o código do meu telemóvel TMN para livre total imei 35304704608991/2

também tenho um bloqueado a TMN, imei 353047045866435, alguém pode ajudar?

3 years agoluismiguel214 (registered user)

5 years agokizito lawrence (registered user)


can i get the network lock code please alex? its serial number is IMEI 35334004205805 /0

5 years agokizito lawrence (registered user)

network lock code

please can you help me get me a code for my Samsung GT-C3300k to use other simcards? am in Uganda africa, it will be so nice of you.

6 years agoyenci (registered user)

samsuk c330k unlocked kod

please unlocked kode IMEI 355718/04/771753/1

6 years agonur hanifah (registered user)

samsung c3303k

unlock code samsung ime 35171705731354/0

6 years agoLavidaloka (registered user)

Alternative Unlock for Samsung C3300K

Make it to the non-standard sim card into the mobile phone.The network will ask for the code of lock.
Hit it SOS call and call write this code in quickly meanwhile:
The mobile phone restarts with the new card following this and will not ask a network code.
This only an alternative solution.the telephone a network pendant is left over but you can use the card with an other network while you do not turn the mobile phone off.
Most Samsung includes this trick!

6 years agoert (guest)

samsung gt -c3300i champ kártyaf?ggetlenités

samsung gt -c3300i champ kártyaf?ggetlenités

6 years agoFilipe Santos (guest)


Please I would like to know the network key samsung c3300k. The IMEI is 353340 04 173314 / 1.
would like a response.
thank you


7 years agolaramjo (registered user)

Samsung C3300K

ayuda con liberacion de este modelo de samsung

unlock code samsung c3300k ime 35517104517503/1

7 years agozodra14 (guest)

7 years ago????? (registered user)


??????? ?????????? ??? ????????????? ?????? sim ????? ??? samsung gt-c3300k
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