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 Unlock Samsung C3312 Duos
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7 months agoirama (registered user)

sim lock samsung c3312 duos

please help me to unlock sim
imei 353601/05/459248/8
imei 353602/05/459248/6

10 months agodiodi (registered user)

unlock simcard please

Sim lock gt c3312

10 months agomasrur (registered user)

SiM LOCK SC3312 Duos


1 years agoAlex Fathur Rohman (registered user)

Locked sim

Please help to unlock sim

samsung GT-C3312 sim lock solition

1 years agosk bapi (registered user)

2 years agohossein1991 (registered user)

unlock 3312

35211105623509/5 01
35211205623509/3 01

2 years agodede toink (registered user)

mohon bantuan sim terkunci

Imei 352111/05/732343/7
Imei 352112/05/732343/5

2 years agodede toink (registered user)

mohon bantuan sim terkunci

Imei 352111/05/732343/7
Imei 352112/05/732343/5

2 years agouli silalahi (registered user)

mohon bantuan sim terkunci

Imei 352111/05/132584/2
Imei 352112/05/132584/0

plz sim lock problam solve

1 years agoshiva12 (registered user)

2 years agoelsofyant (registered user)

please sim unlock

please unlock sim c3312

Unlock kode sim samsung gt c3322

2 years agoari hendrawan (guest)

2 years agopavelG (registered user)

sim unlock

please unlock my samsung c3212
imei: 35211105708599/4 01
imei: 35211105708599/2 01

2 years agojalal12 (registered user)

mobile unlock

I have samsung GT-E1150 I, phone locked my son has forgetten the code.


CAN you help me to unlock it?/thanks

2 years agoSaroj kuma (registered user)

Sim unlock

Please unlock my sim lock

3 years agoAfilal (guest)

فتح قفل البطاقة

IMEI 1 :35935104885871/0
IMEI 2 :35935604885871/9

3 years agofiron (registered user)

c3312 sim unlock

imei1:35360105219272/9 01
imei2:35360105219272/7 01

3 years agonedal bakry (registered user)

c3312 sim unlock

c3312 sim unlock
Mobile that was a secret number keyed worked through the factory set code (* 2767 * 3855 #) open Aadyobaka device is fully installed slot Mona password request

imei1:35360105032354/0 01
imei2:35360205032354/8 01

3 years agonedal bakry (registered user)

3 years agoZied (registered user)

c3312 duos sim lock

imei1: 35360105525270/2 01
imei2: 35360205525270/0 01

3 years agobadoey (registered user)

unlock sim

Imei:35211105078205/0 01
Imei:35211205078205/8 01

4 years agozar (registered user)

c3312 dous

unlock my sim

4 years agovick (guest)

unlock my sim

Imei 1 :353601/05/1954152
Imri 2 :353602/05/1954150

4 years agokabirul (registered user)

sim lock

when i switch on the phone sim lock ple send me sim lock code 1 imei no-35935104221930701
2imei no-5935104221930601

my samsung gt-3312 sim lock

3 years agorahul.sahu (registered user)

imei:359351/04/091195/4 imei:359356/04/091195/3

4 years agosudarshan (registered user)

4 years agochandra (guest)

my phone is locked

send me the lock codes

5 years agoHussain (guest)

my phone is locked

please give me the sim lock unlock code to unlock my samsung rex 60 phone...this is my imei no. 355776054568890 and 355777054568898....please give me sim unlock code plz plz .....

6 years agomoraf benbou (guest)

sim lock

i have my sim cart locked when i turn on my phone .
it appeared this msg`` verrouillage sim`` `` mot de passe``
my phone is duos gt-e1232b samsung .ime; 358904045843126.
358905045843123 thank you.

6 years agomonu (registered user)

samsung C3312 sim lock code

Samsung C3312 sim lock code unlocking

samsung gt 3312 sim lock code

3 years agoluk (registered user)

malam pak tolongin dong.. hp samsung gt 3312 punya saya ga bisa pake kartu sim baru. selalu minta kunci sim..
tapi kalau pake kartu sim saya yg lama bisa...
gimana solusi nya pak...?

4 years agojajat (guest)
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