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 Unlock Samsung C416
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8 years agojohn doe (registered user)

How to unlock a C417

you need:
Samsung SGH-C417
a SIM-card which is not accepted, you have to know the PIN.

Here we go:
01) turn off the phone
02) open the battery cover
03) remove the battery
04) remove the SIM-card
05) insert the battery
06) turn on the phone, but do not close the battery cover
07) when the phone says "Insert SIM" put in the new, unaccepted SIM-card, do not remove the battery while doing this and keep the phone turned on. make sure the SIM-card is completely inside the slot. Now you may close the battery cover.
08) type #*ALOA# or #*2562# to restart the phone
09) if asked for, enter the PIN of the inserted SIM-card
10) when the phone is running type *#SIMLOCK# or *#7465625# With this you enter a menu called Interrogate. This shows the active locks.
11) check whether the Network Lock is active.
12) check whether the SIM-Lock is active.
13) exit the menu by pressing right soft-key "Back".
14) if the Network Lock is active enter #SIMLOCK*NET*00000000# to deactivate it.
15) if the SIM Lock is active, then go to menu>976 (settings, security, SIM lock) and choose disable. Then enter you SIM-card`s PIN-number.
16) type *#SIMLOCK# to check whether the locks have been removed.

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