Unlock Samsung E1080F

Model similar to: Samsung E1080T
 Unlock Samsung E1080F
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12 hours agonutan (registered user)

unable to unlock phone

IMEI no is 359798/03/864177/1

6 months agolim, (guest)

unlock samsung

help me unlock my samsung e1080t

8 months agoanbarasan (registered user)

unlock sim lock

MY IMEI 352751/05/973737/1

9 months agoCarine Joy Cerrado (registered user)

Unlock SIM Lock of GT-E1080f

Please unlock Samsung GT-e1080f
My imei: 358594/04/550472/7

9 months agobimanthara (registered user)

unlock sim

please unlock Samsung GT-E1080F
My imei : 352290/05/239628/1

10 months agoAli12345 (registered user)

Unlock samsung E1080T

Please unlock my phone samsung GT-E1080T
IMEI : 357346/03/063489/9

10 months agoariv (registered user)

unlock sim lock

unlock sim lock samsung e1080t imei 35275105926074/7

10 months agozaidah (guest)

please send code

help me
urgent please unlock my mobile phone
imei: 354657/04/773178/0 gsmh

10 months agoariswan (registered user)

unlock sim lock

Please unlock my phone gt-e1080f my emei:358594/04/960938/1

Please unlock my phone samsung gt-e1080f, IMEI : 352290/05/505476/2..thx

10 months agoboby prayoga (guest)

how i can reset my phone i reset my phone using *2767*3855#..But suddenly nothing has change

10 months agojustine mark (guest)

11 months agoUnlock Me (registered user)

Unlock me please

Please unlock my phone gt-e1080f my emei: 354657 04 130169 /7

11 months agojohannes_arbi (registered user)

sim lock samsung gt-e1080f

please unlock sim. samsung gt-e1080f
imei. 359643/04/464606/9

11 months agoAdli (registered user)

Unlock code


11 months agojegmer (guest)

samsung gt-e1080f

i cant open my phone because i forgot my simcode the enter code is imei: 359798/03/555004/1

12 months agokhristian (guest)

phone unlock

Help me samsung gt e1080f sim lock enter code imei 3597 58/03/517463/0

1 years agozuhairey (registered user)

sim lock request

Help me my Samsung gt-e1080f sim lock enter code 359798/03/550433/7

1 years agoamir0125 (registered user)

sim lock !

help me my samsung gt e 1080f sim lock enter code
imei: 358090/04/342766/4

kalu sim terkunci dan memakai kartu yamg lain bagai mana caranya

12 months agomuhammad afandi (guest)

How to unlock sim lock samsung gt-e1080f
Imei 359798/03/550433/7

1 years agozuhairey (registered user)

1 years agowidi winantono (registered user)

samsung gt e 1080f sim lock enter code

help me my samsung gt e 1080f sim lock enter code
imei: 352751/05/920847/2

2 years agohanif (registered user)

how to unlock sim lock

how to unlock the sim lock from my samsung gt-e1080f

how to unlock the sim lock from my samsung gt-e1080f

1 years agosanjay (registered user)

please help samsung GT-E1080F sim lock code ?
IMEI: 358008/04/729536/6

2 years agoAbdul Matin (registered user)

2 years agomoboo (registered user)

deactivating sim lock

Help me please to deactivate the sim lock for samsung E1085F

2 years agobouda abdoul (guest)

deblocage mobile samsung

svp aider moi c'est urgent.

2 years agobebek (registered user)

unlock sim

need the code to unlock

Simlock gt-e1080f imei 359643/04/323462/8 thank you.

2 years agojohn earl estrello (guest)

simlock samsung gt-e1080f terkunci
Imei 359758/03/754325/3

2 years agomgkawkaw (guest)

how to unlock simlock of samsung GT-E1080T

2 years agoramil madrono (guest)

how to unlock sim my samsung E1080f..please need your nelp.
Thank you :-)

2 years agobebek (registered user)

2 years agorozi febrian (guest)

simlock samsung gt-1080f terkunci

Imei 354657 04 824407 /2
Biar bisa dibuka passwordnya bagaimana ?
Terima kasih

3 years agojay ar (registered user)

Sim lock help!

Hi, im jay from philipppines. my samsung e1080f was simlock. i just dont know or just cant remember how'd i do it that way. IMEI 35465704207131/5. unique number of 0810031616446233. Please help send me on my emails on updates. Big thanks! ^_~

unlock the simlock ofsamsung E1080F

2 years agodhantebobeles (guest)

3 years agoarnel (registered user)

unlock samsung E1080F

pls help me to unlock my e1080f samsung i dnt know how to unlock pls......

6 years agoLoz (registered user)

Has/can anyone unlocked a samsung GT-E1080T ???

Has/can anyone unlocked a samsung GT-E1080T ??? thank you.

6 years agoarun (registered user)

sim lock samsung e1080f

help me disable sim lock e1080f. thank you

*2767*3855# just unlock phone not sim lock

11 months agoMugi Indonesia (guest)

help me unlock network simlock tnx...

2 years agohelp me unlock my phone samsung e1080f (registered user)

Mas sy mau mnta cara buka kunci sim lock gt. E1080F cara buka sim lock

2 years agosatriopotro (guest)

help me disable sim lock e1080f. thank you so

2 years agominzawlin (guest)

*2767*3855# its not work... IcanĀ“t change my new simcard

5 years agoceuw (guest)

help me disable sim lock e1080t. thank you

6 years agodinesh (registered user)

do a full eprom reset by typing *2767*3855# and your phone will restart. tadaaaaaa

6 years agoBrendon (guest)

6 years agoWendy (registered user)

Help to unlock Samsung E1080T

How do I unlock this phone to work in San Francisco?

How to open simlock Samsung gt e1080f.emei no 35975803865365/8

2 years agomat lije (guest)

You can unlock your phone by network unlock code.You can get an unlock code from your service provider or else try to buy an unlock code from any one of the online unlocking service provider

3 years agobhama (active user)

6 years agoemta51 (registered user)

network lock yes optus samsung E1080T

help me! disable network lock samsung e1080t optus australia

help me my samsung GT-E1080F IS SIM LOCK

5 years agohannah (registered user)

help me! disable network lock samsung e1080t optus australia

6 years agotin (registered user)
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