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 Unlock Samsung E1200Y
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6 months agoChikku (registered user)

Phone is locked

Phone is locked and no work

2 years agofredy fadly (registered user)

cara buka phone lock

Lupa kode phone lock fmna cra bukaY
Imei 359880/06/954898/2
S/n r21h119y9zn

Pls help.

Sim lock on.terlupa.
Model : Gt-e1200y
Ssn :-e1200ygsmh
Imei: 358303/07/368586/5

7 months agoNor syuhaida (registered user)

3 years agoRara (guest)

Masalah phone lock

Cara apa untuk boleh buka phone lock yang mudah.

Phone lock terus

10 months agoIlham rizki (registered user)

फोन पासवर्ड लग गया है फोन पासवर्ड लग गया है

12 months agoGauri shankar (registered user)

terlupa kata laluan telepon model GT-1200y samsung.emei:359831/06/428604/5 s/n r51g834lwwl

3 years agoandi sardin (registered user)

terlupa kata laluan telepon model GT-1200y samsung.emei:357469067591509. S/N:R21G23V865A

3 years agorudy (guest)

.okei. But if didnt work as u saying. What else advice u can give ....

3 years agoceasar (active user)

how to lock the phone can open easily. I try all the number coding i know...to much on sim lock...nothing happens...

3 years agoceasar (active user)

can u guide me. i dont know how, It start like that when my sim got P.U.K or Blocked....

3 years agoceasar (active user)

i try that.. But only Phone Lock password is working. And not like the SIM LOCK.mI take out the sim and to open my phone and then i reset it. Nothing Change.

3 years agoceasar (active user)

i dont know..when i take the sim out and try to open the phone it work. But when i put my sim back it says that SIM LOCK i try all my password that i know but it wont work. plzz help me.

3 years agoceasar (active user)

can you plzz help me to unlock my phone. I cant open it when my sim got PUK.. Model: GT-E1200Y...thankz...

3 years agoceasar (active user)

Samsung GT-E1200Y phone lucj

3 years agoImelda Cuesta (registered user)
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