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 Unlock Samsung E1200Y
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3 months agoChikku (registered user)

Phone is locked

Phone is locked and no work

2 years agofredy fadly (registered user)

cara buka phone lock

Lupa kode phone lock fmna cra bukaY
Imei 359880/06/954898/2
S/n r21h119y9zn

Pls help.

Sim lock on.terlupa.
Model : Gt-e1200y
Ssn :-e1200ygsmh
Imei: 358303/07/368586/5

3 months agoNor syuhaida (registered user)

3 years agoRara (guest)

Masalah phone lock

Cara apa untuk boleh buka phone lock yang mudah.

Phone lock terus

7 months agoIlham rizki (registered user)

फोन पासवर्ड लग गया है फोन पासवर्ड लग गया है

8 months agoGauri shankar (registered user)

terlupa kata laluan telepon model GT-1200y samsung.emei:359831/06/428604/5 s/n r51g834lwwl

2 years agoandi sardin (registered user)

terlupa kata laluan telepon model GT-1200y samsung.emei:357469067591509. S/N:R21G23V865A

2 years agorudy (guest)

.okei. But if didnt work as u saying. What else advice u can give ....

2 years agoceasar (active user)

how to lock the phone can open easily. I try all the number coding i know...to much on sim lock...nothing happens...

2 years agoceasar (active user)

can u guide me. i dont know how, It start like that when my sim got P.U.K or Blocked....

2 years agoceasar (active user)

i try that.. But only Phone Lock password is working. And not like the SIM LOCK.mI take out the sim and to open my phone and then i reset it. Nothing Change.

2 years agoceasar (active user)

i dont know..when i take the sim out and try to open the phone it work. But when i put my sim back it says that SIM LOCK i try all my password that i know but it wont work. plzz help me.

2 years agoceasar (active user)

can you plzz help me to unlock my phone. I cant open it when my sim got PUK.. Model: GT-E1200Y...thankz...

2 years agoceasar (active user)

Samsung GT-E1200Y phone lucj

3 years agoImelda Cuesta (registered user)
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