Unlock Samsung E2220 [email protected] 222

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 Unlock Samsung E2220 [email protected] 222
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46 minutes agoToppa (registered user)

Forgotten sim lock for sumsung E2220

I forgot my sim lock for sumsung E2220 IMEI 359796/05/156711/3 please help me. I thank u in advance

5 days agoshandukanimartin (registered user)

i need samsung e2220 password

I need samsung e2220 password

22 days agoDeme (registered user)

unlock sim lock

I need to unlock sim lock Samsung GT-E2220
IME: 358214/04/776831/7

24 days agoSilva41 (registered user)

Network unlock code IMEI 358214 04 506200/2

Please, I'd like to unlock my old dumb phone to use with a different carrier. It is locked to MEO Portugal.

Thanks in advance!

6 months agootsile (registered user)

SIM lock IMEI: 359796/3597962256/7

I need to unlock sim lock Samsung gt e2220

I forget my sim lock for my phone, Samsung E 2220

28 days agoMokobo Lydia Ramosoeu (registered user)

It appears this is my Phone registered in my names by Safaricom, it was stolen from my wife in KISUMU a few weeks ago and I haven't received alerts of a strange sim card unlike I did before it was stolen... Unfortunately I've failed to trace it's particulars but still searching then take immediate action!!!

5 months agoEdwin Odhiambo Onyango (registered user)

8 months agomthobisi zondi (registered user)

sim lock needed

Hi can you please help me with a sim lock for my samsung chat222 my IME351821/05/591488/5

9 months agoloyd ketai (guest)

simlock is needed

I need help for simlock my IMEI 35466305877633/4

10 months agoizzy (registered user)

unlock code

pliz help...i need to unlock my phone but the IMEI is nt showing on the back

I have a e2222 help me plz my lmel is 358791/04/989981/0

8 months agoD'nelly musese D'nelly (registered user)

1 years agoabongile (registered user)

sim lock password forgotted

Plz help me wish a default unlock code for Samsung GT-2220 [email protected] 222. I tried hard format with *2767*3855# and that doesn't help too. help me Plz. IMEI: 354663/05/990746/6

1 years agolefaso (registered user)

my phone needs to be sim unlocked

Plz help me with sim lock IMEI:359796/05/142649/2

1 years agoSammy101 (registered user)

simlock password for Samsung E2220

Can you please help me unlock my simlock password for Samsung E2220

1 years agotusani power (registered user)

reset code

Reset code for sim lock samsung GT-E2220

I forgot my sim lock so did you help me to solve this problems course I need to use it

28 days agoMokobo Lydia Ramosoeu (registered user)

plz help me i forgot my phone password for samsung GT-E2220

1 years agoleonard (registered user)

1 years agoShayc Babs (registered user)

Forgot my [email protected] password

Phone lock
Would be glad if u could help break it.
IMEI: 356833/04/620143/4IMEI: 357139/04/620143/5.

I need your help i forgot my password sumsang model GT-E2220 Emei:351821/05/446681/2 i need your help so i wil wait for how many hours.

34 days agosipho (registered user)

1 years agoRatlallane Thabiso (guest)

Samsung gt-e2220

My Samsung gt-e2220 need a phone lock which I forgot,can you please get help.

My Samsung gt-e2220 need a phone lock which I forgot,can you please get help.

9 months agoBelaynesh (registered user)

My Samsung GT E2220 IMEl:351821/05/666962/9 need password which I forgot, please help me get it

1 years agoGodfrey (registered user)

1 years agogodfather (registered user)

sim lock for samsungt e2220

How do I remove sim lock

1 years agosweetness (registered user)

Samsung chat E2220

I want to unlock my password for samsung E2220 chat

1 years agoThokozani david (guest)

I forgotten my Simlock

I forgotten my simlock
imei 35979605395692/6

fogoten my password how do i reset my samsung chat dual sim gt-e2220?

1 years agodumi (registered user)

2 years agoasanda (guest)

sim lock for my samsung GT-E2220

how to unlock a sim lock for samsung GT-E2220

Forgot my simlock

1 years agoMàmpopo (registered user)

help unlock password on GT-E2220

1 years agoeddie manda (registered user)

i need my password my cellphone phoneluck model-gt e2202 ssn e2202gsmh made in china by samsung

2 years agojericho (guest)

I dont remeber my simlock for samsung E2220 [email protected]

2 years agoPerfect Khumalo (registered user)

2 years agomadalitso (registered user)

sim password

help me i need sim password to unlock samsung GT-E2220

Need to unlock my samsung gt-e2220 phone it shows phone lock and I need password

2 years agovivian (guest)

2 years agotinoe (registered user)

forgot password

forgot sim password

i forgot my password for my sumsung chat 222 GT_E2220,please help me to unblock it?

2 years agopetrus (registered user)

2 years agoabenezer (guest)

how can my samsung open it simlock

my samsung gt-e2220 sim lock!

How to unlock my sim lock I have forgoten it

2 years agosbusiso (registered user)

My sumsung E2220 request a sim lock but i forget it, please help me to unlock it?

2 years agoYoung Aubreezo (guest)

i foget my simlock for E2220 how can i remove it

2 years agoonnicah (registered user)

2 years agothabo (guest)

forgot password

My phone says phonelock

My phone is locked and it needs phone lock

2 years agoNhlakah (guest)

My son playe with my phone now is blocke and I forgot my password

2 years agomxolisi (registered user)

2 years agoNtsingiselo (guest)

unlock phone lock

I need help to unlock my GT-E2220 phone lock.

2 years agoClifton (guest)

Unlock codes

Samsung e2222 want phone unlock code plz

2 years agoAbraham Botha (guest)

Simloc unlock

Unlock sim lock

how can I unolock my simlock on my Samsung Gt-e2220

1 years agoearnest (registered user)

I forgot my sim lock sumsung chat 222 gt e2220

2 years agoPhumlani (guest)

Please I forgt my Sim lock and my IMEI 35979605082545/4

2 years agosegopotso (registered user)

I accidently gorgot simlock for samsung chat E2220

2 years agoxoliswa (guest)

4 years agofemo (registered user)

how to unlock phone sim lock

My phone asking for sim lock every time I insert any sim card
My phone IME- 356833/04/186252/0

My phone want a simlock everytime I insect a simcard.I even tried a hardreset code but it's not working.

2 years agoNathi (guest)

can I get a sim lock for my [email protected] 222 plz.
IMEI : 357068/05/401534/8
IMEI : 357069/05/401534/6

2 years agoNkazie (guest)

unlock phone sim lock

2 years agojose mapera (guest)

My phone ask for simlock every time I insert any sim card

3 years agoBob Wire (registered user)

5 years agokesi (registered user)

phone lock

i have forgetten my samsung e2220 chat phone password, and it has being changed from defoult

help me unlock the password of my samsung GT E2222 phone

3 days agoGEORGE KIBERA (registered user)

my phone is asking for sim lock

2 years agothabang (registered user)

Help please anyone,i forgot my sim lock on my samsung GT-E2220 chat 222 my IMEI is 35182105449978/9.

2 years agoEbgars (guest)

Can one recieve the password here?

2 years agosleven (guest)

o aparelho está bloquiado, ele pedi a senha do sim não conheço esta senha , como posso desbloquiar o mesmo.

4 years agogessi pereira (guest)

destrava gt e2220

4 years agomanoel (registered user)

5 years agoRichard89 (registered user)


Simlock for Samsung e2220

Simlock for samsung E2220

2 years agomabohlokoa (guest)
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