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 Unlock Samsung F480i
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3 years agoStephen U. (registered user)

unlock code for samsung f480i

Need an unlock code for my Samsung F480i please.
IMEI: 353096043597575

unlock code for samsung f480i
Need an unlock code for my Samsung F480i please.
IMEI: 353096/04/395685/4

2 years agoteshale (guest)

3 years agoPiter (registered user)

Unlock Code

Need the unlock code for SGH-F480i

3 years agoshaneparkes (registered user)

SGH-F480I Phone lock code

Need help with phone lock code . IMEI: 358559039377588 ssn:F480iGSMH S/N RU7Z419389B FCC ID. A3LSGHF480i

3 years agoflorent (registered user)

telephone freezer

Bonjour, je souhaite obtenir un code car mon telephone "samsung player style f480i" est freeze, voila mon imei: 358559038607035. merci d'avance. bien cordialement

3 years agoSeri (registered user)

Unlock code

I need unlock code for my samsung sgh-f480
imei: 354926034182772


3 years agomohammadmh (active user)

3 years agoa.finnigan (guest)

unlock my samsung F480i

Need the unlock code for my fone

3 years agoEpie (registered user)

unlock codes

Please send me unlock codes for samsung sghf480i with phone lock. Imei address 353096 04 176145/4

phone is freez

3 years agoaliouat (guest)

I need unlock code for my samsung sgh-f480i imei 355012/03/34954

3 years agonorman (registered user)

4 years agofungai svongwa (registered user)

phone unlock samsung f480i

Please send me unlock codes for samsung sghf480i with phone lock. Imei address 355012/03/202776/1

5 years agoHossain (registered user)

Samsung SGH-f480i


5 years agojojo 64 (registered user)

samsung f 480i

comment debloquer mon samsung SGhf480i imei 35501203355762/6

5 years agoslim (registered user)

Samsung SGH-F480i

how to unfreeze and unlock my f480i phone ?

imei : 355012/03/099514/2

6 years agoassane (guest)

debloquer samsung F480i

aidez moi a deverouiller mon samsung F480i

6 years agoframe (guest)


Unlock code for sghf480i imei 35501203 946467/8

6 years agoKlausi (registered user)

Unlock Samsung SGH-F480i

have somebody a netlock and freezecode for my sgh f480i

IMEI: 353096 04 343771/5
thank you :)

6 years agovalaisd (registered user)

samsung sgh-f480i simlock please

samsung player style sgh-f480i
imei: 358559035798399
simlock please

6 years agomartins (guest)


pls unlock code model:F480

7 years agobonnie (registered user)

my ime

S/N RUAZ428353Y

7 years agokubilaykom (registered user)

Samsung sgh f480i simlock pleace

imei:353096 04 325322/9
s/w version: f480iamjb1
could you send me network lock and subset lock ,pleace.

7 years agoahmadbk2020 (registered user)

need unlock phone code

model sgh-f480i

IMWI [ 355012035582168 ]


7 years agoRed (registered user)

Unlock Code

Can somebody send me a unlock code for Samsung SGH-F480i with follow IMEI - 3530960421096416



Pls snd me my phone lock code :imei-354926/03/769903/8

3 years agoLehlohonolo (guest)

You can get the unlocking code for your samsung from http://www.unlocking4u.com/ .
This is the online service provider which offer the service for your mobile.You can use this and unlock your mobile easily.

6 years agosalviya (active user)

7 years agoZak (registered user)

Unlock Samsung f480I

IMEI : 358559 03 932835 /9

Unlock code please


please send me unlock code for samsung sgh-f480i. imei:355012/03/502527/5

4 years agoassan abraham (registered user)


i need the freeze code for f480i.

What cost this?

7 years agoKrissy (registered user)

8 years agoGerhard Kunzl (registered user)

Samsung SGH-F480i

IMEI:358559 03 578085/0

SAMSUNG SGH-f480iEMEI:358559/03/751089/1 pleasrSend phone unlock code

5 years agosatish (registered user)

I need my password and my phone unlock code.

6 years agoHabibur (guest)

Comment débloquer mon Samsung SGH F480i - IMEI = 358559/03/972264/3

6 years agofajerman (registered user)

Samsung SGH - F480i
IMEI 35855903517187/8

Bitte Handy freischalten !
Ich weiss nicht wie das funktioniert !
Danke für die Hilfe

6 years agoKerstin (registered user)

IMEI 355012031327451
Unlock Code please

7 years agomihir (registered user)

comment debloquer mon SAMSUNG SGH-F480i ?

7 years agomickael (guest)
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