Unlock Samsung F480i

 Unlock Samsung F480i
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1 day agojosé valentim (registered user)

Unlock Samsung SGH F480i da TMN

Preciso do Código "Unlock" Samsung SGH F480i da TMN

Obrigado pela Vossa Atençâo.

12 months agoStephen U. (registered user)

unlock code for samsung f480i

Need an unlock code for my Samsung F480i please.
IMEI: 353096043597575

unlock code for samsung f480i
Need an unlock code for my Samsung F480i please.
IMEI: 353096/04/395685/4

4 months agoteshale (guest)

1 years agoPiter (registered user)

Unlock Code

Need the unlock code for SGH-F480i

1 years agoshaneparkes (registered user)

SGH-F480I Phone lock code

Need help with phone lock code . IMEI: 358559039377588 ssn:F480iGSMH S/N RU7Z419389B FCC ID. A3LSGHF480i

1 years agoflorent (registered user)

telephone freezer

Bonjour, je souhaite obtenir un code car mon telephone "samsung player style f480i" est freeze, voila mon imei: 358559038607035. merci d'avance. bien cordialement

1 years agoSeri (registered user)

Unlock code

I need unlock code for my samsung sgh-f480
imei: 354926034182772


1 years agomohammadmh (active user)

2 years agoa.finnigan (guest)

unlock my samsung F480i

Need the unlock code for my fone

2 years agoEpie (registered user)

unlock codes

Please send me unlock codes for samsung sghf480i with phone lock. Imei address 353096 04 176145/4

phone is freez

2 years agoaliouat (guest)

I need unlock code for my samsung sgh-f480i imei 355012/03/34954

2 years agonorman (registered user)

2 years agofungai svongwa (registered user)

phone unlock samsung f480i

Please send me unlock codes for samsung sghf480i with phone lock. Imei address 355012/03/202776/1

3 years agoHossain (registered user)

Samsung SGH-f480i


4 years agojojo 64 (registered user)

samsung f 480i

comment debloquer mon samsung SGhf480i imei 35501203355762/6

4 years agoslim (registered user)

Samsung SGH-F480i

how to unfreeze and unlock my f480i phone ?

imei : 355012/03/099514/2

4 years agoassane (guest)

debloquer samsung F480i

aidez moi a deverouiller mon samsung F480i

4 years agoframe (guest)


Unlock code for sghf480i imei 35501203 946467/8

5 years agoKlausi (registered user)

Unlock Samsung SGH-F480i

have somebody a netlock and freezecode for my sgh f480i

IMEI: 353096 04 343771/5
thank you :)

5 years agovalaisd (registered user)

samsung sgh-f480i simlock please

samsung player style sgh-f480i
imei: 358559035798399
simlock please

5 years agomartins (guest)


pls unlock code model:F480

5 years agobonnie (registered user)

my ime

S/N RUAZ428353Y

5 years agokubilaykom (registered user)

Samsung sgh f480i simlock pleace

imei:353096 04 325322/9
s/w version: f480iamjb1
could you send me network lock and subset lock ,pleace.

5 years agoahmadbk2020 (registered user)

need unlock phone code

model sgh-f480i

IMWI [ 355012035582168 ]


6 years agoRed (registered user)

Unlock Code

Can somebody send me a unlock code for Samsung SGH-F480i with follow IMEI - 3530960421096416



Pls snd me my phone lock code :imei-354926/03/769903/8

2 years agoLehlohonolo (guest)

You can get the unlocking code for your samsung from http://www.unlocking4u.com/ .
This is the online service provider which offer the service for your mobile.You can use this and unlock your mobile easily.

5 years agosalviya (active user)

6 years agoZak (registered user)

Unlock Samsung f480I

IMEI : 358559 03 932835 /9

Unlock code please


please send me unlock code for samsung sgh-f480i. imei:355012/03/502527/5

2 years agoassan abraham (registered user)


i need the freeze code for f480i.

What cost this?

5 years agoKrissy (registered user)

6 years agoGerhard Kunzl (registered user)

Samsung SGH-F480i

IMEI:358559 03 578085/0

SAMSUNG SGH-f480iEMEI:358559/03/751089/1 pleasrSend phone unlock code

3 years agosatish (registered user)

I need my password and my phone unlock code.

4 years agoHabibur (guest)

Comment débloquer mon Samsung SGH F480i - IMEI = 358559/03/972264/3

5 years agofajerman (registered user)

Samsung SGH - F480i
IMEI 35855903517187/8

Bitte Handy freischalten !
Ich weiss nicht wie das funktioniert !
Danke für die Hilfe

5 years agoKerstin (registered user)

IMEI 355012031327451
Unlock Code please

5 years agomihir (registered user)

comment debloquer mon SAMSUNG SGH-F480i ?

6 years agomickael (guest)
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