Unlock Samsung G900A

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 Unlock Samsung G900A
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18 days agojerasa (registered user)

Help unlock Galaxy S5

Help please!

IMEI: 353222065453337

32 days agocmen (registered user)

G900A network unlock

network unlock for g900a w IMEI 352132071679612
My thoughts and thanks go out to you. Respect.

51 days agokedir (registered user)

sim network unlock pin for samsung s5

imei no 354891063636926/18

58 days agoKrista (registered user)

Help unlock

It's a metroPCS G900T1
IMEI 352959060267227 / 10

69 days agoPuffy (registered user)

Network lock

Help me please

Miei no.357446020371005 Semsung M150 network sim unlock code givmi

48 days agoJeet (registered user)

71 days agoBibble Bob (registered user)

Unlock sim

Please help me unlock my Samsung Galaxy s5 model G900R4 that is tethered to U.S. Cellular... IMEI: 99000578519576

76 days agosidik hermansyah (registered user)

unlock sim

please unlock my samssung g900a imei

3 months agoDanny perez (registered user)

Unlock t mobile phone

Plz help unlock my t mobile s5 free imei# 353683061611808

4 months agoJustin l (registered user)

Unlock sim for chattr

Please help me unlock my Samsung Galaxy s5 my sim is chatter mobile imei:352308061962164
Caries sim is chatr

Unlockhp.com, best solution. Ayo unlock hape kamu

4 months agoBarlie (active user)

7 months agoMarvin Guzmán Navarro (registered user)

Good afternoon, I'm hoping you can help with the unlock codes.

IMEI- 256691515407702290
Make- Samsung Galaxy S5
Model- SM-G900P
Carrier- Sprint USA

8 months agoOnurb sot (registered user)

Desbloquear galaxy s5

IMEI 356765060293550/01

Ficaria muito grato se me podesse ajudar

9 months agoCarebear (registered user)

Unlock code

Good afternoon,
I'm hoping you can help with the unlock codes. Here is the information that you require. Thank you.

IMEI- 353021071630064
Make- Samsung Galaxy S5
Model- SM-G900W8
Carrier- Telus Mobility Canada

Unlockhp.com, best solution. Ayo unlock hape kamu

4 months agoBarlie (active user)

11 months agosmtutu (registered user)

Unlock Samsung Galaxy S5 Sm-G900p

Please help me get the MSL Code for my Samsung SM-G900P. I will greatly appreciate it.

IMEI: 990004792709911

11 months agoNikita (registered user)

Unlock My Galaxy S5

Model: SM-G900A
IMEI: 353502062923238

Need the unlock codes to unlock my phone.

1 years agodedi wahyudin (registered user)

please unlock

help me unlock
imei 35374906706543801
sn RF8G210E88B

1 years agoArt O (registered user)

Unlocking Samsung S5 G900P

IMEI: 990004499858110

Please help with unlock code. Thanks

1 years agoIbrahim Adesanya (registered user)

unlocking of samsung galasy s5


1 years agochamp (registered user)

Unlock request for SM-G900F Galaxy S5

Need unlocking code for Galaxy S5
imei 353749061824442

1 years agojefty (registered user)

unlocking code

hoping for unlocking code
imei 353687064094888

2 years agoM. Carter (registered user)

Unlock Request For Galaxy S5 G900t

May you please accept my request and send an unlock code for my device?

IMEI - 353300061734320/26

2 years agoB. Daniel (registered user)

Unlock S5 SM G900V

Please help me unlock my Galaxy S5 SM G900V
IMEI is 990004805636093

2 years agoerfan (registered user)

galaxy s5-g900h

pelease help to me to unlock my device
galaxy s5-g900h

2 years agoJoeford.Kolao (registered user)

Need to unlock my Samsung s5 sm-G900f

I ME 353748069405303/ 01

Please sent me the key to unlock my Digicel network phone please.

2 years agoCheck (registered user)

unlock my samsung g900f galaxy s5

IMEI: 990006005141089
Carrier Verizon
Country USA
Many thank

2 years agoAdemantalan (registered user)

Unlock my Galaxy G900A

IMEI: 354691060738885

2 years agoBeledri (registered user)

Unlock Samsung S5 Galaxy

Model; SM-G900F
IMEI; 354886065627006

2 years agoIsrael Duarte (registered user)

Unlock my samsung s5 sm g900f

This is my Imei 352558069465913,how can i have The password todos vodafone unlock

2 years agomichael442 (registered user)

Unlock my Samsung galaxy s5

kindly Unlock my Samsung galaxy s5 with
imei number: 363300/06/221669/9

2 years agoLacy Elkins (registered user)

Unlock Samsung SM - G900 Sprint phone

Please provide an unlock code for my Samsung SM-G900 Sprint phone
IMEI - 9900047345489/01
MEID - 99000473454898
Thank you!

Is that the code?

2 years agoLacy Elkins (registered user)

2 years agojoshua0217 (registered user)

Help needed Please...

Help needed please Network unlocking Galaxy S5 G900T
Imei: 353683061362279

2 years agotim priest (guest)

samsung g900v

imei: 990004513821896. I need help unlocking my phone please. any assistance you can provide will be helpful. I cant get to the screen where it asks for unlock code. I have removed the Verizon card and inserted a new one. The phone recognizes the new card but doesn't prompt for code.

2 years agoEdia (guest)


Me puedes enviar código desbloqueo Samsung galaxy S5 G900v por favor?
Imei 9900 0492 8014 731

2 years agoUnlock code Please (registered user)

unlock please


2 years agorojadirecta (registered user)

unlock my network please

imei 353414/07/593521//9 samsung galaxy 5s

2 years agoMDG (registered user)

Unlock Code Please

IMEI: 990004849554443
thanks a grip!

2 years agoVitor silva (registered user)

Samsung galaxy S5

Por favor me envie o codigo para eu puder desbloquear o meu telemovel obrigada

2 years agoAlexcaztle (registered user)

Unlock Code Please

If I may have the unlock code please for my Samsung S5.

2 years agoThat Guy (registered user)

Unlock Code Please

Please send me the unlock code for my Samsung S5 (SM-G900P)
IMEI: 990004476222223
Thanks in advance

2 years agoKenn (registered user)

Unlock Code, please

Please, send me my unlock code for my Samsung S5 (SM-G900F)
IMEI: 353222060209288

2 years agokay (registered user)

imei unlock please

Please help,I can't use da internet,make nd receive calls nor smses.imei359660063611238

2 years agoMax Tsegmid (registered user)

please unlock

US cellular samsung galaxy s5

2 years agokissa (registered user)

Samsmung S5 unlock code

I would be very grateful if I can get the unlock code for my mobile, I will really appriciate help. Thank you in advance anyway.

IMEI: 353687067498680

Thank you, I have just red your msg, I will try it. Respect!

2 years agokissa (registered user)

2 years agoIbragim67 (registered user)

Please unlock pin kode network sim

Please unlock samsung galaxy s5 sm-g900h imei* 353415062039758

2 years agostevocb (registered user)

unlock samsung S5 G900V

Kindly help me unlock my galaxy S5 G900V imei 990004513795983

2 years agocolt (registered user)

unlock galaxy s5 G900R

I just bought a clear talk galaxy S5 from someone and I want to put my [email protected] Sim in it and use it the IME # is 99000474887683 could someone please help me out

2 years agoDmitry11 (registered user)

please imei unlock

Please unlock samsung galaxy s5 sm-g900v imei: 9900 0493 2065 679

2 years agoajafarhan (registered user)

unlock my phone

Pleasw unlock my phone sm-G900F imei 359660/06/554185/4

2 years agoGabriel_caba (registered user)

Please Unlock my Phone

Please Unlock my Phone
Samsung Galaxie S5. SM-G900V IMEI:9900 0447 0360 094

3 years agocyberpsos (registered user)


Please please Pleeaasse send me an unlock code for Samsung Galexy S5 SM-G90p0A IMEI # 353920063401659

3 years agoвіталік (registered user)

разблокировка по imei Разблокируите S5 G900V

Разблокируите S5 G900V IMEI 9900 0446 9958 007

3 years agoWalter8787 (registered user)

Unlock Samsung Galaxy S5

Please Unlock my Phone Imei 353749062110320/83 Provider A1

thanks :-)

3 years agoBennie Kraus (registered user)

Please Unlock my Phone

Please Unlock my Phone
Samsung Galaxie S5. SM-G900V IMEI:9900 0483 4620 779

3 years agoSiarhei Rabtsau (registered user)

Please unlock my phone

Samsung Galaxy S5 SM-G900V IMEI:990004660475975
Thank you!

3 years agoRicardo Chaves (registered user)

unlock my phone

Please unlock my phone galaxy samsung s5 IMEI 35734060046931/01

3 years agoMelanie (registered user)

sim network unlock pin for SM-G900T tmobile


3 years agoeddy1987 (registered user)

hello people somebody help

please help me s5 unlock 990004487716379

3 years agoДмитрий (registered user)

разблокировка по imei

Разблокируите S5 G900V IMEI 9900 0449 3744 183

3 years agodalee (registered user)

imei unlock


Unlock please my s5 sm-g900a a network lock imei 353411064104872/18

3 years ago3rw1ng (registered user)

3 years agosimone86 (registered user)

unloock s5

Unlock please my s5 sm-g900f a network lock imei 352558062849766/75 for italy vodafone thank you

Samsung Unlock By Cable For Teamviewer And USB Redirector software cheap price 15$ if u want we can need rooted phone and your teamviewer id and password and we can do any samsung unlock for cable info for teamviewer id and password send here [email protected] only working time central europe time 9am - 8pm

3 years agoNstore (helpful user)

3 years agoBrandy (registered user)

Please help me unlock my sim card for another carrier

I cant get my sim card lock off my SM-G900A SAMSUNG

please help me unlock my Samsung G900A

2 years agoanderson inniss (registered user)

3 years agojessica herling (registered user)

990004526590454 imei please help

I need to unlock my phone to use a sim card

3 years agosandris (registered user)

help me .......?

Unlock please my s5 sm-g900f a network lock ime 359877061159263 thank you

3 years agoDelores Phillips (registered user)

need security number

I cannot find the security number to my Samsung Galaxy 5 model number SM-G900V

3 years agoPaulo Caeiro (guest)

mudar de operadora

Desbloqueio do meu Samsung GT-S5830 imei 359656046256059

3 years agoottoman (registered user)

help plx to unlock samsung s5

hello guys. can you help me with unlock sim card for orange poland? samsung galaxy s5 model sm-g900f. imei 357749068977801. thank you for help and best regards

sim network unlock pin 357749068457689

3 years agor.jegatheesh rajan (registered user)

help plx to unlock samsung s5 help me .......?
Unlock please my s5 sm gt i9600 a network lock ime 352282011053954

3 years agokhan.jalbani (registered user)

3 years agoKenny h (registered user)

need my phone unlocked please

I have a gs5 modle is sm-g900a imei is 354691065798447 if I could get this unlocked I would appreciate it. Please help

I am trying to with mine. 353920061990257

3 years agoronnieburns (registered user)

3 years agosalih (registered user)

unlock my g900v

pls help unlock my galaxy s5 - sm-g900v - imei is 990004662923816

3 years agodannychytez (registered user)

need unlock code

Please help unlock sim tmobile sm-g900t usa imei is 353682062321631

3 years agoserli (guest)

Galaxy S5 SM-G900H

Pleas help unclok sim jaringan imei 354223060914132

Help onclok sim jaringan

3 years agoserli (guest)

3 years agomagdi (registered user)

unlock Samsung 5s

need help to unlock Samsung 5s sm-G900p sprint

please help me to unlock my samsung galaxy s5

3 years agojazh sagubak (guest)

3 years agoParas (guest)

I want samsung galaxy G900v usa verizon

Samsung galaxy G900v want unlocking usa verizon

3 years agoMartin john (guest)

sim unlock

Please help unlock sim..99000466852544 imei number.

3 years agofriend (registered user)

need help to unlock Samsung 5s sm-G900v

Please someone help me unlock phone, thank you Imei is 990004926141460

3 years agodimas anggi warsito (registered user)

please unlock

Imei : 353726069193707

3 years agoJustinccccc (registered user)

Unlock galaxy s5 please Verizon

Please unlock galaxy s5 sm-g900v


3 years agoMohamd (registered user)

Please unlock my phone

IMEI: 353801068293293

3 years agomostafa.sh (registered user)

unlock network

Imei. 353285065504086

please unlock code

3 years agomostafa.sh (registered user)

3 years agoGwendolyn B (guest)

I got a phone Verizon galaxy s5 not rooted

i can not do anything with t hi is phone but use it with wifi. my tmobile sim does not work on it. help!!#

3 years agogodwin harry (registered user)

unlock network


3 years ago46290girlie (guest)

Network unlock code NEEDED

I've got a Samsung Galaxy s5 sm g900 a with imei# 353411062421070

3 years agomisty (registered user)

unlock code for my Samsung galaxy s5

Can someone please help me out with a code to unlock my Samsung galaxy s5.imei:990004493343143.

3 years agoMartink (guest)

Need Unlock Code

Imei 356765065210666
Drei Austria

imei 356765065210666 network 24131842 defreeze 04837460

3 years agosultan (guest)

3 years agoCarl Franki (registered user)

unlock sim S5 orange poland

i have buy a new handy G900F, but i need a unlockcode
my imei 359660061652465

There is no free unlock solution for this Phone type, you can buy unlockcodes or unlock it online by cable at www.UnlockSamsungOnline.nl

3 years agoSRS-Support (active user)

3 years agoadhit (registered user)

unlock sim s5

help me plsss. need code unlock sim for galaxy s5
my imei 351878060146879

3 years agoChanging49 (registered user)

Gallaxy s5 sims unlock

Can anyone HELP ME? I need the unlock code to the gallaxy s5
verzion network

IMEI- 99004806627216

3 years agojcroeper (registered user)

Samsung Galaxy S5 SM-G900F Sim unlock code?

Please, could I have Samsung galaxy S5 SM-G900F sim unlock code?

3 years agoFonz (guest)

Samsung Galaxy S5 SM-G900F Sim unlock code?

Please, could I have Samsung galaxy S5 SM-G900F sim unlock code? IMEI:353748064177493
Serial number: R58F51DTLZJ

3 years agoraaaulii (registered user)

Samsung Galaxy S5 SM-G900F Sim unlock code?

Please, could I have Samsung galaxy S5 SM-G900F sim unlock code? IMEI:356100065864280
Serial number: R58F90XQEXP

3 years agotirmizi abduh (guest)

samsung galaxy s5 g900

No imei 352564565419845/01

Unlock sim card all oprator

3 years agotirmiziabduh (guest)

samsung s5 G900

No IMEI 352564565419845/01
Inlock sim card ther (3)

3 years agosal khan (registered user)

unlock code for sm-g900f

Hiye I have got a gift of s5b from gulf

I trying to use it in India but it give me a sim lock.

I have rooted and flashed custom ROM but no help

My imei number is 353801068241714

Sam serial number is R58F605C98W

Product code is SM-G900FZWABTU
CSC version is C900F0XA1B0C7

g900f have sim lock Thanks if you can help I would appreciate how we open

3 years agoazad633 (registered user)

3 years agojess arcilla jr (registered user)

unlock code for sm-g900f

Samsung galaxy s5 sm-g900f
Can please unlock those phones please

3 years agoriki (registered user)

Samsung S5 SM-G900F


Can please unlock those phones please?

3 years agoilias (registered user)

unlock pin for sim network IMEI : 35676506818561

please send me the pin in order to unlock the sim network

3 years agocMcali (registered user)

Gallexy s5

Can you pl
ease send a unlock Code?imei:353411068457177

3 years agoJacob mckiniry (guest)

Samsung Galaxy s5 unlock code msl

can someone please unlock my samsung galaxy s5 code please MSL for Sprint

Model smg900p
meid 99000447759200

3 years agojessica28379 (registered user)

galaxy s5 unlock

Please help me unlock my phone Imei # 353411065623987

4 years agoedi el (registered user)


please unlock my phone samsung galaxy s5
353726065737085 thanks


4 years agopedram (guest)

4 years agoPablo Komiotis (registered user)

different carrier

I have a galaxy s5 which I purchased 2nd hand at a goodwill but I have t-mobile service

4 years agozvqrat (registered user)

Samsung s5

Nqkoi da pomogne iskam da si otklucha telefona no nestava i nqmam predstav kade da trsq ako nqkoi znae mojeli da mi pomogne nekami pishe mersi i tenks

4 years agomaxime11 (registered user)

unlock samsung s5 4G+

Hey ,
please help me to unlock my phone.
the IMEI is :355830061573193
the operator was Orange France.
Thanks a lot.

4 years agoSamsung G900 (guest)

Samsung G900

Gak ada IMEI telkomsel


4 years agoghada (guest)

4 years agoDooley (registered user)

Unlock my sprint S5

Please help to unlock my sprint s5

4 years agoshane (registered user)

unlock code

Can any one please send me the code to unlock my Samsung Galaxy s5 model number SMG900A the other number you might need is 353502063064610


Hello all this all samsung section very funny samung not free haha :) :D
if need any country tell me

4 years agoNstore (helpful user)

4 years agonanakofi (guest)

galaxy s5 att, sim network unlock code

please need sim network unlock code for galaxy s5 att,

4 years agojeremy (registered user)

galaxy s5 unlock code gp900

Free code does anyone have it please

4 years agokurt (registered user)

Sprint S5 G900p Unlock Code Needed

I have a sprint Galaxy S5 G900p and need the code to unlock it

4 years agonicole (registered user)

Verizon G5

I have a verizon G5 and I want to unlock it. Is there a code for my phone?

Verizon G5
I have a verizon G5 and I want to unlock it. Is there a code for my phone?

3 years agoskyzheng (registered user)

4 years agoAllen (registered user)

unlocking Samsung S5

Would you direct me to unlock my Samsung S5 AT&T. Thank you

Can you send me the unlock coad for the at&t samson galx s5 coad pkesse

4 years agodiane (guest)

4 years agoicey (registered user)

galaxy s5 Sim unlock

Please help I rooted my phone and now it won't register to a network!
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