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 Unlock Samsung Galaxy Attain 4G
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8 years agomitzie arias (registered user)

galaxy attain 4g phone that i believe is locked

i purchased this phone about a week ago on ebay and when i tried to transfer my metro pcs phone number onto this phone it said that it was tied to an acctive acount and that i needed to take my cell into the closest metro pcs corporate store yet when i did so they also were unable to assist me due to needing original purchase receipt from original owner cause it is still listed as being a metro pcs phone? the seller from ebay when contacted explainded that this phone is in perfect working condition however the reason for me getting it so cheap is that the phone is non-conectable really nver give a reason why other than his personal cell phone vendor had given/sent him some extras and thus notbeing abloe to put service on them????/ please help me for im a single parent to a handicapped child whom and is why my phone is very very important to me and besides money is very very short and i cant afford to purchase another phone
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