Unlock Samsung Galaxy J1

Model similar to: Samsung J100ML, Samsung J120H, Samsung J120F
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 Unlock Samsung Galaxy J1
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63 days agoJaysize420 (registered user)

Need unlock code

Need unlock code for Samsung Galaxy J1 imei 990006004979216

4 months agoJacinta40 (registered user)

Need network unlock code

Samsung J16
Ime no:359751070856898

5 months agorebeka (registered user)

i need cod

i need cod to galaxy j1
IMEI :357945061484981
IMEI: 357946061484989

7 months agoAlicia Kerce (registered user)

Need verizon network unlock code to change carrier

Samsung galaxy J1 IMEI 990006009025619

7 months agoAdamist (registered user)

un logo network

Hi, I for a new J1 but or is unlocked . Cab you help me with it code ? IMEI 357073082637881

10 months agoKiffa (registered user)

Salut s il vous plait aidez moi à déverrouillé mon Samsung j1 6

Samsung J1 6 sm-120f
Imei 355322875601806

Je vous remercie

10 months agoGeo vanwagoner (registered user)

Please please please help me network sim unlock galaxy amp 2 J120AZKZAIO

I have been trying to unlock for days please help my IMEI is
IMEI:355602081039889/ 04

11 months ago' April MacDonald (registered user)

Unluck Samsung Galaxy J100vpp

SM J100Vpp
IMEI 9900 06010116621
Thank you

1 years agos0da9 (registered user)

help unlock Samsung J1 16 (SM-J120H)

please help unlock
Model: SM-J120H (Samsung J1 2016)
IMEI1: 355639075068789 / 01
IMEI2: 355640075068787 / 01

thank you!

can you help me to unlock my fone?

Model: SM-J120H (Samsung J1 2016)
IME1: 359927070769873 / 01
IME2: 359928070769871 / 01

thank you so much....

10 months agoPandoy Kulit (registered user)

2 years agoasep imadad (registered user)

tidak dapat buka kartu sim

Tolong song buka kartu sim saya

Gmna nih buka kode pin di HP samsung galaxsi j1 6

2 years agoKillua (registered user)

2 years agoRosyid (registered user)

Unlock sim

Tolong dong kode buka kunci j 1

2 years agoahmad suheri (registered user)

jaringan sim terkunci

tolong minta kode pin
samsung galaxy j1
IMEI 1 353120085736469
IMEI 2 353121085736467

2 years agoferry Elisangga (registered user)

unlock sim

Tolong pin sim
(IMEI2) 355232081028946
(IMEI1) 355231081028948

2 years agoalis mgr (guest)

unlock sim network pin Samsung j1 ace

plz help me
this is my imei 359767073087844

2 years agomoein (registered user)

please help

Hi.. please unlock samsung j100h

2 years agofahmi eful (registered user)

unlock simcard

Help me pin code network j1(6) imei

2 years agonurudin (registered user)

help me to unlock sim card


2 years agomulyani (guest)

please help unlock network

Please help unlock network
ImeI 1: 359927079270667
ImeI 2: 359928079270665

2 years agoEpoL (registered user)

help me to unlock sim card


2 years agojahidbri5532 (guest)

unlock networks

Please help me my mobile Samsung J120H don't work network without pincord

2 years agoluky (registered user)

unlock codes galaxy j1

Please help me open unclock my imei phone

2 years agoHanna (registered user)

Code sim net work

Please help me open unclock my imei : 359758/07/312172/5 and 359759/07/312172/3

2 years agoMagic (registered user)

Unlock codes samsung j1

Need urgently please I'm either 356810071464939/01

2 years agosidiq165 (registered user)

unlock phone

help,unlock my phone sm-120f

2 years agoupendra yadav (registered user)

sim network unlock

he I'm in Nepal my phone network is locked how to unlock imei 356815071611108/01 356816071611106/01

3 years agobayu aji irawan (registered user)

sim network pin unlock code


3 years agonbrito (registered user)

unlock samsung J1

Please help me unlock this samsung locked to network NOS in Portugal. IMEI: 352830076081391

3 years agohitesh patil (registered user)

samsung j1 mobile sim unlock password

please help mi

IMEI 355323074495893

3 years agohitesh patil (registered user)

3 years agoMawc federico (guest)

Network unlock pin

Plss help me :(

3 years agohany susanti (registered user)

sim unlock

Tolong minta pin nya donk

Tolong minta pin buka kunci jaringan sim,smsung j1ace nomor ime 355254077460339

3 years agohatiyadi (guest)

3 years agosabbir ahmod (registered user)

sim network pin unlock code

IMEI1 35681507109450301
IMEI2 34681607109450101

3 years agopranto47 (registered user)

Network Unlock Samsung Galaxy J1 ace

Please help me to unlock my phone
Imei1 is 356815070329470/01 and IMEI2 is

3 years agoella (registered user)

sim network unlock

Sim unlock for galaxy J1 IMEI 357348078532902

3 years agoelmertyron111 (registered user)

Sim Unlock

IMEI: 358944062176042 please help to unlock

3 years agoHumayun Kobir (registered user)

I need unlock code

Please help me to unlock network lock. My mobile model is Samsung Galaxy J1 ace. My phone's IMEI is given below:
IMEI 1: 353406071036869/01
IMEI 2: 353407071036867/01

3 years agoryan hidayat (registered user)

unlock network pin samsung j1

Please help me to unlock my phone
Imei 353602075209656/01

Samsung unlock pin imei: 357947069594688

3 years agoirfan ali (registered user)

3 years agoaminul islam (registered user)

Unlock samsung galaxy j1

Please helpme to unlock my phone
Samsung j1
Imei : 353602075113437

3 years agoFlor Lito (registered user)

Unlock network pin

Please helpme to unlock my phone
Samsung j1
Imei: 357539/06/234871/5
S/N : R21G62CN78M

3 years agoocemz (registered user)

Network Unlock

please give me code for unclock network samsung galaxi J100H. imei: 354467072300331 / 354468072300339. thanx

3 years agoRayhan Ali (registered user)

Need Sim network unlock code

My Samsung J1's
IMEI: 353118077402850 & 353119077402858
SN: R51G9381PDE

3 years agodontey (registered user)

please give me unlock sim/puk code for Samsungj100h

I need unlock code for Samsung galaxy J1 imei:990004892496666

hey guys can you help me unlock my phone

3 years agoaltin (registered user)

Hey guys can anyone help me unlock my phone

3 years agodontey (registered user)

3 years agosriie (registered user)

unlock pin code

please give me code for unclock network samsung galaxi J110H. imei: 353118073192653/01. thanx

please give me code for unclock network samsung galaxy j1 IMEI: 353010070994209. thanx

3 years agoFilipe Barbedo (registered user)

3 years agoatoq (registered user)

help me please

PIN buka kunci jaringan SIM
Give me a key code

3 years agomehedihasan (guest)

sim unlock pin

Please send me simple pin unlock password for Samsung J 1 100 h

3 years agorattan lumbar (registered user)

sim network unlock pin

Please send me simple pin unlock password for Samsung J 1 100 h

My IMEI -353118070127801 / 01
353119070127809 / 01. Pls send sim network unlock pin

3 years agoRejith (guest)

Samsung Unlock Service all model not free if u want buy unlock code there www.sellnck.com

3 years agoNstore (helpful user)

Please send me sim network unlocke pln for Samsung J 100 How IMEI 352828/07/036768/3
IMEI. 352829/07/036768/1

3 years agorattan lumbar (registered user)

3 years agoBirendra (registered user)

Network is not working

My mobile is always asking network unlock pin

4 years agoAzmol Hossain (registered user)

network country code

pls help me,
I have purchase samsung glxy J1 from Dammam KSA and send to Bangladesh, but no work network, always shawing ' Network Country Code' what hapen?
Samsung Glaxy J1(asia)
country: Bangladesh
IMEI : 358414068453886/01

4 years agozelvi noval (guest)

how to unlock sim card

unlock sim card pin codes

I want SIM network unlock pin for sumsang Galaxy j1 with the IME:357539065469666/01

3 years agoJon. Falcon (guest)

4 years agozaenal nabil (guest)

samsung j1

Unlock network sim

4 years agoashok rauniyar (registered user)

how to gate sim unlock pin

i have glaxy j1 .my mobile network ntc in nepal .how to sim unlock ?but this mobile is malaysian set

Please my mobile is india please tel me code

4 years agoMudaser butt (registered user)

4 years agopatel (registered user)

sim unlock pin

I have samsung gelexy J1. my mobile network IDEA in INDIA. how to sim unlock?

We need Samsung j1 network registration cod

3 years agogmithu (registered user)

same problem my

4 years agoAzmol Hossain (registered user)

I don no solusan

4 years agoSarwar alam (registered user)
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