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 Unlock Samsung Galaxy J3
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22 days agobed (registered user)

need puk sim blocked

need puk code Samsung j3 am j320fn
imei 367955/08/310418/6 it's locked to we I want it in gifr gaff please helppppl

29 days agoSamsung galaxy (registered user)

Unlocking my galaxy SM-J337P

Can you unlock the 352938091290184 for my galaxy SM-J337P

39 days agoHunter seniw (registered user)

Network unlocking

A Samsung jet achieVe Model number sm-j337p its locked to sprint/ boost mobile. Iemi:352938092649610

77 days agoLloyd Reilly (registered user)

Imei unlock

Samsung Galaxy J3-237A

79 days agoCal dalbec (registered user)

J3 luna pro

Unlock code for this phone provider straight talk

84 days agoRosemary Rosales (registered user)

Unlock code

I need unlock code for my Samsung Galaxy J3 Orbit for tracfone

Good day I need a unlocked code for galaxy j3 orbit imei#356905091801928
Please I ask u to unlock my phone

4 hours agoOrville Pinnock (registered user)

My galaxy j3 top orbit tracphone is google locked which is easy to fix my problem is I can't find out how to use the talk back feature on the samsung galaxy j3 orbit to get in the settings o need to be in I'm stuck and heard a code can fix phone back to starter setting

75 days agoRoy Toler (registered user)

86 days agoSsgtfrady (registered user)

unlock code

I need unlock code for Samsung J3 Orbit that says tracfone when it powers up but i had the service with totalwireless

3 months agoRebecca link (registered user)

Need to unlock my sim

Please help me unlock.my samsung j3 sim for free my one I 353644093658696

Please help me unlock sim

3 months agoRebecca link (registered user)

4 months agoJohn Reese (registered user)

Unlock code

I need an unlock code for my Samsung J3 Orbit so I can use my current Sims card. My phone IMEI: 352069102736039

4 months agoRyan C (registered user)

Password unlock code for my phone

I need an unlock code for my Samsung Galaxy j3 phone please from boost Mobile/ Sprint SM -j327p imei-089609933605535

5 months agoBrian M. (registered user)

J3 Luna Pro...

I need an unlock code for my Samsung Galaxy J3 Luna Pro phone from Tracfone. Model number- SM-S337TL. IMEI- 356448083421447/11.

5 months agoyclo (registered user)

unlock code

hi can i unlock samsung j3 imei 353644097121782

5 months agoLeo lincoln (registered user)

Need unlock code of my phone

I need unlock code of my samsung j3 phone.it was served with at&t carrier.line is inactive now.
Imie is
Thank you

6 months agoLisatnks88 (registered user)

Unlock code

Nedd an unlock code for j3 iemi351816099722625

6 months agoDand1980 (registered user)

Unlock phone

Would like unlock code to use with another carrier. IMEI # 356905094336039

6 months agoConstant (registered user)

Please unlock the SIM and network

IMEI 351821103121343

7 months agoRyann (registered user)

Need an unlock code for samsung galaxy J3

IMEI: 352069107687484

7 months agoBecka (registered user)

Samsung galaxy j3

Need network unlock code for Samsung galaxy j3 imei number 352618094240523 for boost mobile

7 months agoVanessa Thompson (registered user)

Need unlock code

I need to unlock my phone to use another carrier

Need to unlock j300fn to use another carrier

7 months agoJack16 (registered user)

8 months agoRudra Goberdhan (registered user)

Unlock my phone help please

I need to unlock my phone imei# 355742096609407

8 months agoPhil Novick (registered user)

samsung J3

unlock samsung sm-j320 p
need unlock code please.
imei - 355258075301015 / 01
thanks in advance

8 months agoRui ferraz (registered user)

Unlock samsung

Unlock code imei-357960087897439- Samsung j320fn 2016

8 months agoJayson lee (registered user)

Network Unlock j3

Need unlock code for samsung galaxy j3 prime
Imei 354256098276180

imei nuber 354256/09/80092/7

8 months agotheodore locklin (registered user)

8 months agoPhoneguuy (registered user)

Need unlock code for samsung j36 model sm j320wb

Imei 358998073647789 please and thank you

8 months agoShawn Mckeel (registered user)

Need unlock code

I need an unlock code for a different sim card my imei number is: 356338090688940

8 months agoSamarcia Munroe (registered user)

Samsung Galaxy J3 Emerge-Boost Mobile

IMEI: 359102083354606. I need it to be unlock please and thank you.

9 months agoKing Brains (registered user)

Samsung J320A Unlock Code

Please i will appreciate if you help me out with MY Samsung J320A Model

9 months agoHelp me unlock Samsung j3 (registered user)

I would really appriciate it

My imei # is 355417/09/577610/7

9 months agoBenm (registered user)

Need unlock code


9 months agoDavid allison (registered user)

Puk and pin

Galaxy 3 sigh 1747

9 months agoHydra119 (registered user)

Samsung Galaxy J3 Luna Pro - Model #: SM-S327VL

Bought a phone from VIPOutlet.Com. The phone is I believe from Tracphone. How to unlock it?

10 months agoDuc (registered user)

Unlock code needed

Model: SM - J320W8
IC: 649E-SMJ320A

IMEI: 358998073249867

10 months agoAshy P123 (registered user)

Please Help

I lost my phone for 5 months and forgot the passcode. please help me.

11 months ago18Yvonne18 (registered user)

Samsung J3

I need help with unlocking my phone.
Imei- 356724074473914
Can anyone? Please help me with this problem.

need to unlock my galaxy j3 imei 355744090030671

10 months agopatd (registered user)

12 months agoSavannah (registered user)

Unlock my prepaid Samsung j3 through verizon

356352089209113 IMEI

Trying to use phone for different carry & need code

12 months agoLiam doran (registered user)

Need help unlocking samsung galaxy j3 6

I need help in factory reset my phone and it's stopped registering other networks it's on Vodafone UK. Imei 357960086953118. Would be massively appreciated if anyone can help :)

Please help me unlock my j3 sim network please

3 months agoRebecca link (registered user)

12 months agoKaren McKinstry (registered user)

Unlock My Samsung Phone

I need to unlock my Samsung Galaxy J3 and need a code

Need am unlock code for my galaxy j3 I thought it was already unlocked but it's stopped accepting other networks since I factory reset my phone :'( I hope you can help me my phone is a Samsung galaxy j3 6 and the imei number is 357960086953118 any help would be appreciated

12 months agoLiam doran (registered user)

1 years agoBrandon Donaldson (registered user)

Unlock my samsaung j3 luna pro

Please send me unlock code for my j3 luna pro imie 359779093338230

I have the same question.

9 months agoHydra119 (registered user)

1 years agoJimmy Bryant (registered user)

Unlock code


Por favor, envie-me código de bloqueio sim para samsung galaxy j3 2016 este imei: 357960087897439

1 years agoferraz (registered user)

1 years agoEvissam (registered user)

Need code for Samsung SM-J337P

Need code for Samsung SM-J337P [SPRINT/BOOST/VIRGIN MOBILE]. IMEI 352138101489526 /01

How to unlock sim network
My phne Imo code.samsung j3.

1 years agoKhaled mahmud (registered user)

1 years agohamid.r.m (registered user)

Sim unlock code

Please send me a unlock sim code for Samsung galaxy j3 2016-j320fn-Imei:352337086484078 thankyou

1 years agoJesse osterkp (registered user)

Sim unlocked coad

Yes could you please send me the SIM unlock coad for Samsung j3 orbit imei 356905091150425 please and thank you

J3 Orbit imei:352069101992666 need unlock

7 months agoDustin Greer (registered user)

Please send me sim lock code for samsung galaxy j3 2016 this imei:352337086484078 thank you

1 years agohamid.r.m (registered user)

1 years agoIzzmonster (registered user)

Please Unlock My J3

Please give me the unlock code for J3 - IMEI 354775082045260

I need unlock code for Samsung j3 2018 imei 359229091018442 it's locked to bell

7 months agoNorm (registered user)

1 years agohenery votaw (registered user)

unlock my samsung j3

can you please give me a hand unlocking my SAMSUNG j3 IMEI:359479/09/168440/0

1 years agoCwb 215 (registered user)

Please unlock jr prime

Can you please unlock my j3 prime? I bought used and it's metro. I need it for at&t. Metro refuses to unlock if for free because it was not activated for 180 days. Imei: 359479092349672

1 years agoGreg Morgan (registered user)

Phone unlock code

Unlock my phone

2 years agoMartin_Japo (registered user)

Unlock at&t samsung galaxy j3 (2016)

Can you help me un local my galaxy j3 sm-j320a imei 357417072296986 is from at&y usa but in in México now and i can,t used please help

2 years agoSudarno (registered user)

unlock may samsung j3 pro

unlocked samsung j3 pro 2018

unlock samsung galaxy J3 emerge model number SMj327P

2 years agoRaghuveer (registered user)

2 years agoAlex.salas (registered user)

Samsung j3 emerge

Es de boost mobile imei 352618092625055

2 years agosimplicity (registered user)

sim unlock code

Please a need sim unlock code to unlock my Samsung galaxy J3 2016

I need to unlock my phone. My IMEI is

2 years agoEzekiel Hoeldtke (registered user)

I bought this phone from someone off OfferUp; it is locked to Tracfone Straight talk. Please unlock this phone. IMEI: 354308082613851

2 years agoKimberly Scott (registered user)

2 years agocarolanne (registered user)

unlock network sim

urgently need to unlock my phone for my sim, imei number is 351816/09/275022/7

2 years agojalal amiri (registered user)

unlock sim

give me unlock sim please

i need to unlock gsm so i can use other simcard

2 years agojamal011 (registered user)

2 years agoEd Walker (registered user)

Network unlock code j3.

IMEI 356519078317921
I have search hard for my j3 and havn't found a code .
Please help. Send me a code. It also said that my phone was locked

2 years agoPeter kirimi (registered user)

phone unlock

pliz help unlock my Samsung j3

2 years agoMeraj alam (registered user)

About j3 unlocked network

My j3 mobile is simlocked problem.my emi no is 3564008681893

3 years agoasen diev (registered user)

code unlock

please send me activate code for sim

J3 2016

2 years agoNesztor (registered user)

3 years agoGerardo Steven Zelaya (registered user)

Service provider unlock

Unlock with imei

I want to unlock

3 months agoSamsung J3 IMEI 352938093972003 (registered user)

3 years agoClifford (registered user)

Unlock samsung galaxy j3

Unlock the Samsung Galaxy J3 Prime with Unlockbase:
If you prefer another service provider or you have found a better SIM deal, UnlockBase can instantly and economically unlock your Samsung Galaxy J3 Prime for you with the “Device Unlock” APP an Android app that allows you to request and apply a mobile device unlock directly from the device. This allows you to automatically apply Mobile Device Unlock to the device without using a manual code. When your phone is locked with “Device Unlock” APP it’s totally useless to order an unlock code. Unlockbase is the longest establish and the web’s largest online remote cellphone unlock service. We stand ready and able to unlock the widest database of cellphones from a vast list of global service providers, 24/7. Check this link: https://blog.unlockbase.com/unlock-samsung-galaxy-j3-prime/

3 years agoulin sebastian (registered user)

unlock sim j3

Unlock sim j3 2016 fuji

3 years agoyansen (registered user)

tolong bantu sy galaxy j3 sim car terkunci

tolong bantuannya untuk hp samsung sy samsung galaxy j3 buatan vietnam asal riyad tidak bisa membuka sim card Indonesia
samsung galaxy j3
imei.. *355752/08/023301/5*

Unlock code

2 years agojalal amiri (registered user)

3 years agoNeed network Unlock code (registered user)

Unlock code

I need the network Unlock code for Samsung galaxy amp prime smj320A cricket phone at&t SIM card

I need the network unlock code for Samsung Galaxy Amp Prime, J320AZ. I had received a code from Codes2unlock, which was 40917284, however it did not work & I finally received a refund after 2 weeks of waiting. Cricket won't give me the code unless the phone has their service for 4 more months because they require 6 months of service before releasing it & it was only connected for 2 months thus far. That doesn't seem like prepaid to me, it s almost the same as a 6 month contract. If the phone is paid for then they should not hold you to them & makes me want to unlock it from their network even more. If anyone can help that would be Awesome! Thanks

3 years agoLJ Donico (registered user)
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