Unlock Samsung Galaxy Note II

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 Unlock Samsung Galaxy Note II
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3 months agokari bautista (registered user)

sim unlock code

Hi can you please help me get a sim unlock code for my samsung galaxy note 2. Thanks a lot.

1 years agogerald83400 (registered user)

unlock sim

can you help me to unlock galaxy not 2 GTN7100

IMEI 354666051744381/07


2 years agoAddie (registered user)

Please help me fix my phone

Please help me unlock my Samsung galaxy note II imei: 9900033521423356.?.. thank you

2 years agolauna rafit (registered user)

unlock sim

unlock sim card

Hello, I found a very old rom (4.1) in an other language and could apply a unlock process (found on phonandroid.com or XDA, I don't remember) because this process don't work with new rom !
Good luke (cause, it was about 3 our 4 years ago)

2 years ago@nonimus (registered user)

Please help me unlock my smart phone samsung GT-N7105 Galaxy Note II

IMEI: 354212050630212

imei sv 11

2 years agoMaikon Vinhal Portes (registered user)

4 years agoKaren self (registered user)

code unlock

Help me unlock

jaringan ke unlock no imei 354666051960227/01

4 years agobeny (guest)

imei:355056054627388 Samsung galaxy note 2

4 years agocrapoulet (registered user)

5 years agoSharonT (registered user)

unlock help

I can't find how to unlock this Samsung galaxy note 2 (u.s. cellular)anywhere..Can anyone help??

if verizon 2012 the firmware makes the diff on whether you can unlock and verizon can give code but mosstly only works for overseas non usa,,,so they got it locked at the firmwarelvl by the factory

5 years agoliam (guest)

6 years agorenilde (guest)


ta bloqueado com fa├žo para desbloquear

6 years agoUET (registered user)

Galaxy Note 2

Anyone knows how to unlock Note 2?

please can any body help me with code to unlock my samsung fone galaxy N7100

4 years agocharlonic (registered user)

7 years agoken stahl (registered user)

unlock phone

can u help me unlock my phone

tolong bantu saya ketika memasukan kartu pada samsung note 2 tapi minta nomer pin padahal hpnya ga prnah di kunci ato buat pin

5 years agoburhan (registered user)
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