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 Unlock Samsung Galaxy S7
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2 hours agoGarry (registered user)

I cant unlock my samsung Galaxy s 7

Can you please help me unlock my samsung Galaxy s 7 the imei code is 356252077734462

16 days agosemiscience (registered user)

Please unlock

Hello phone gods, can someone please send me a unlock code for Verizon, it's an SM-G930V I'm in US and the IMEI is
3522 1408 0027 775 Many thanks

30 days agoRachelOCNI (registered user)

Unlock Samsung Galaxy S7

Can you provide an unlock code for my Samsung galaxy S7. It is locked to EE (uk). The Imei number is 355017073359270. EE won't provide the unlock code.

60 days agoCharlene ayers (registered user)

Unlock code for my galaxy s7

I need an unlock code for my phone, its network locked to att. The imei is 352325083268503

63 days agoJbleezy (registered user)

Network unlock s7

Sim locked s7 imei#: 359470072305297
Please help.

4 months agoEshan Patel (registered user)

Samsung galaxy s7

Hi I need my galaxy s7 unlocked so my mom can put her sim in and use it since her phone is broken
Imei: 352325082125548/56

4 months agoAndrew Derrick (registered user)

Nuc code s7edge

Can you please send me network unlock code for my Samsung galaxy s7 edge.it on UK ee network imei NUMBER 353773086610693

4 months agoTevz (registered user)

Network unlock code

Can you please send me network unlock code for my Samsung galaxy s7 edge.
IMIE: 352204084794637/90

6 months agoLaura Perrins (registered user)

Unlock Samsung s7

Please unlock IMEI: 358810070533005

6 months agoDennis1488 (registered user)

Imei # 357216071086939

Please unlock my Samsung Galaxy s7 Edge

7 months agoJoshua Vazquez (registered user)

Unlocking S7

I need my S7 unlocked to travel abroad. Imei:355504071642047

7 months agoFLA ZUUL (registered user)

Unlock my Samsung

I have a Samsung Galaxy S7 (Sm-G930P) Sprint.
Want to try the Xfinity Mobile.
imei 358991079058978
Any help unlocking my phone would be greatly sweet!

Any help on this please oh cell phone Deity's??
Most helpful and thank to thee!!!

7 months agoFLA ZUUL (registered user)

8 months agoBranden (registered user)

Plz Help - Samsung Galaxy S7 Unlock Code

IMEI - 359754071520711

Sisters tmobile phone. She paid it off and cancelled and they wont provide the code now. Thank you!

Hello this is locked on Tmobile USA service.

I have another one as well that is also locked on Tmobile USA it is a Note 5 and the IMEI is 353756074620345

8 months agoBranden (registered user)

8 months agoMikel Rodriguez (registered user)

Plz help me unlock my Samsung Galaxy s7

Plz help me unlock my Galaxy S7. I bought from my mom who uses a different carrier. IMEI... 357754077031657. Thanks

8 months agoKyla (registered user)

G930V carrier unlock

IMEI: 357754077075027

9 months agoHi pls help I need unlock cone for any network loc (registered user)

Unlock my samsumg s7 pls

Pls help unlock my Samsung s7

9 months agoMatej (registered user)

Need to unlock my Samsung s7 and A6

Need to unlock my Samsung s7 and A6
S7 ( SM-G930F )is locked on Austria A1
IMEI 358810074353848

A6 ( SM-A600FN ) locked on Austria A1
IMEI sim1 351715102030382
IMEI sim2 351716102030380

can someone help

thank you


Thank you NextelGS the code worked..How much and how would you like to be paid for A6?

6 months agoMatej (registered user)

358810074353848 your unlock code if need more is paid service
NCK: 13074969 MCK: 07586914

8 months agoNextelGS (active user)

9 months agoJahiem (registered user)

Need to unlock my Samsung s7

Please unlock my Samsung s7 355502072170216/56

9 months agoAnthonyk (registered user)

Unlock codes

MCK and NCK for SM-G930t

9 months agoDavid Dakulu (active user)

[email protected]

Unlock sim Samsung galaxy sm-g930t

10 months agoMelissa (registered user)

Unlock code

Network unlock code for my Samsung Galaxy s7 is carrier locked by att an the ime number is 352325083685482

10 months agoCollins sitwala (registered user)

Need the unlock cord for s7 edge

Please help me with the unlock cord for s7 edge sm-g935w8, imei number 356160072695721

11 months agoDanq (registered user)

Unlock my samsung at&t

Please unlock my samsung imei 358445070776229/44

11 months agoS.M. ali (registered user)

Unlock S7 At&t

Please Unlock my samsung galaxy S7

12 months agoBilly logsdon (registered user)

I need unlock code for samsung galaxy s7 from verizon

I need an unlock code for samsung galaxy s7 from verizon and i would like to use it on metro pcs carrier thank you

Did they unlock your phone yet?

12 months ago[email protected] (registered user)

1 years agoBelinda Hicman (registered user)

Need phone unlock code

Please can you give me unlock code for samsung galaxy s7 imei is 358500071075516 ty

1 years agoagkmber (registered user)

unlocking a galaxy s7

my boyfriend needs his galaxy s7 unlocked as quickly as possible

1 years agoFabian White (registered user)

Unlock Code for Samsung S7

Could you unlock my Samsung S7 please. Its locked to an Australian Operator. The IMEI is 359469071544559/01

network unlock

1 years agoANTENEH (registered user)

1 years agoBrad humber (registered user)

Unlocking samsung galaxy s7

UnlockING Samsung Galaxy s7

1 years agoWG Sansom (registered user)

Galaxy 7 unlock code

need UC for smg930uzkax, imei 358512072559281 thank you.

[email protected]

1 years agoWG Sansom (registered user)

1 years agoJohn Agustin (registered user)

Unlock mine please. Thank you and God bless

Unlock mine please. Thank you so much and God bless

1 years agoMike h (registered user)

S7 unlock pls

Unlock code pls

1 years agoSoyawannabeaho (registered user)

Unlock s7 please

I'm in UK but S7 is videotron Canada need unlock code please
Imei 356252070311151

I'm in Cambodia but Galaxy s8+ need unlock please

1 years agochantha (registered user)

1 years agoKeerthi (registered user)

Unlock my Samsung galaxy s7 phone IMEI number: 3596200872356817

Unlock phone

2 years agoJameswood37 (registered user)

S7 sim unlock

S7 unlock network sim

3562 5207 3415 421 imei

2 years agoJameswood37 (registered user)

S7 unlock network sim

3562 5207 3415 421 imei

2 years agoDarren Lassle (registered user)

Unlock code

I need a unlock code galaxy s7 thankx

2 years agoJanetrucker (registered user)

Samsung s7

Can someone please tell me unlock code for 359118081523075 for SM-G930w8 s7 Bell

2 years agoJesy143 (registered user)

Sim unlock code

I need the code for galaxy s7 and j7


Please I need the unblock code for Samsung S5 Neo, SM-G903F
IMEI - 355001072897076
Thank you.

2 years agoVicky Reloaded (registered user)

hai i need samsung S7 (SM-G930A) UNLOCK CODE

IMEI: 352326081700034

2 years agosaisanthosh (registered user)

2 years agoSbez (registered user)

S7 edge unlock

Could someone help me with an unlock code for a Samsung s7 edge locked to o2 please

2 years agoHafusi (registered user)

Samsung galaxy s7

Need master unlock code for samsung galaxy s7. IMEI 359118080132498 locked to Canadian carrier.

unlocl my phone

2 years agotetro (registered user)

2 years agoChad (registered user)

S7 samsung

Sim unlock

3 years agomiftahurozaq (registered user)

unlock network

unlock network

no sim or sim err
s7 mobile from usa
use india

2 years agoashish d patel (registered user)

Please puk

3 years agoYousefi (registered user)

3 years agoDon merrell (registered user)

Unlock from at&t

Need help on unlocking s7 from at&t

3 years agoRezaei (registered user)

How to Unlock

How to Unlock

4 years agonetnurd (registered user)

Unlock code request for Samsung Galaxy S7

IMEI 356252072388736/18

need to unlock my phone s7 thanks

2 years agobluearmy1 (registered user)

sim how unlock

3 years agoThanos Spiros (registered user)

Sim unlock code

3 years agoVaggelis (registered user)
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