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3 months agoMeme (registered user)

Phone network locked

IMEI 355253057368728 help me have the code

4 months agoangel castro (registered user)

phone lock


4 months agoLizavel (registered user)

Kindly & thank you

IMEI - 351824054880867

8 months agosuesan (registered user)

free unlock code

pls help unlock my s5360 galaxy y

1 years agoBlanche colleen suazo (registered user)

Unlock control key

Please help me....i dont know whats the control key number for samsung galaxy GS-5360....the IMEI number is 352936/05/919852/2.....please i need your help

I unlocked my Samsung device recently through some guys online, quick, reliable and for a very reasonable price

They do all sorts of unlocks of various makes/models/networks.

You can find them here:


9 months agoRichard regan (active user)

2 years agoTinahabes (registered user)

Unlock my Samsung s5360

IMEI 35719052428908

Please I need network lock control key for Samsung gt_s5360

2 years agoosaigbovo Johnson (registered user)

2 years agoTofer (registered user)

Network control key Code problem IMEI 351824052068945

Help me please

2 years agoundrah (registered user)

please network unlock code

sansung s5360 imei 355353052696477

2 years agoundrah (registered user)

network unlock code

emei 355353052696477

3 years agoalexandre pereirasoares (guest)


sansung s5360 imei 359117048755457

3 years agonitin Kumar (guest)

network control key Samsung galaxy y gt s5360

Network control key Samsung galaxy y gt s5360

IMEi 359259046430889

3 years agonitin Kumar (guest)

4 years agoaugusto pereira silva (guest)

desbloqueio de rede

ajuda para desbloquear
Samsung GT- S5360 desbloqueio de rede
IMEI :35351777061660492

4 years agoAbhimanyu gurjar (registered user)

lock phone paaten forget


4 years agoandreib (registered user)

please help me unlock

Gt S5360
Imei: 358894/04/058576/6

Thanks a lot

4 years agoCarlo Barcelona (registered user)

Netwok lock control key Samsung Galaxy Y GT-S5360

Please help me unlock my phone. thank you
IMEI: 359259044047859

Please help me to unlock
samsung GT-S53607

3 years agomark julius landicho (guest)

4 years agokao mon (registered user)

help for unlock

samsung GT-S5360T Sim network unlock

Samsung beam gt 18530 total tidak ada jaringan apa pun tolong dong minta kode nya Terima kasih

10 months agoAbll (registered user)

4 years agopia (registered user)

Netwok lock control key Samsung Galaxy Y GT-S5360

please help me unlock my phone. thank you

4 years agoRahil (registered user)

unlock Samsung Galaxy Y - S5360

Please unlock my phone:

4 years agozarrouk (registered user)

unlock Samsung Galaxy Y - S5360

Please unlock my phone:

4 years agoroberto jr (guest)

Netwok lock control key Samsung Galaxy Y GT-S5360

Please help unlock my phone

4 years agoVoodoo (registered user)

sim unlock samasung galaxy y gt-s5360xxmg1

Please unlock my phone:
Provider: Vodafone Hungary

4 years agoric.jsoares (registered user)

Unlock my galaxy please

Please help me to network unlock Samsung S5360. IMEI 356556057179757. Its locked to Nos Portugal

4 years agojames mwanguku (guest)

my galaxy please

help me please to unlock my samsung mobile phone model ;GT-S5360. due to multi attempts its now asking me to enter email and password. please help

4 years agoGeorge Matope (registered user)

unlock samsung S5360

Please help me to network unlock Samsung S5360. IMEI 356097056497973. Its locked to Telonor Norway

Please me to unlock samsung galaxy y young inorder to use this phone with malawi sim card

4 years agosydney kansengwa (registered user)

4 years agoabel aghedo (registered user)

reteriving pssword

Please help me to unlock my phone each time I insert sim card it always says that I should dial network control key I don't no it.

4 years agoRui Neto (registered user)

Unlock galaxy young y s5360

I need the code , the imei is 354661/05/968398/8

4 years agoJu Nior (registered user)

unlock network lock control

Please unlock my samsung galaxy y gts5360 with imei353223/06/091644/3

Please help me to unlock my phone. Network lock key. 352383055110401

4 years agorosauro pena (registered user)

4 years agopinky mae (registered user)


Please unlock my phone.EMEI.3556000533443156

4 years agoagnes (registered user)

unlock network control key

I dont know what is my network control key password. I cant use other sim on my samsung galaxy y 5360 only sun sim is

4 years agoarona toure (registered user)

network lock control key

please help me to unlock my samsung g young s5360
IMEI; 354974050460607

4 years agoR2ro (registered user)

Please unlock

Kindly unlock my galaxy gts5360
IMEI 355600/05/024737/6
very much appreciated. Thank you

4 years agojaycee (registered user)

enter network lock control key

IMEI: 351824/05/255644/4

4 years agoM. Ravi Prasad (registered user)

please unlock my samsung mobile S5360

my phone was locked two days back due multi attampting the patten wrong drawings and asking for email with password not able to open the phone. my model GT-S 5360 with IMEI no 351852/05/004835/3

5 years agokopx (guest)

Please help

Pls help to enter network lock control key on my samsung s5360.imei 355253051150676

5 years agoabdilaahi (registered user)

network lock

send me my conection lock galexzy gts5360 plz
my imei is 354913053290769

5 years agohicham mhainina (guest)

Imie : 357195054366759

pliiis débloquer mon tele Imie : 357195054366759

Pls send me a network key to unlock my galaxy young gt-s5360

5 years agoshienitchero (registered user)

5 years agovijaye1989 (registered user)

asking unlock number

They asking unlock number but i dont know the password....how to get password....i need immediately...

i forgot my phone unlock password.
plez help me unlock
imei 352384058229651

5 years agodechen wangzom (guest)

pls help me to unlock galaxy y gt-s5360 imei 35097050248547

5 years agoangel07 (registered user)

Pls help to enter network lock control key on my samsung s5360.imei 352383052630500

5 years agomba (guest)

username and passward

5 years agosyed muhammad ali shah (active user)


5 years agoJustina (guest)

5 years agoarnie saclolo (guest)

unlock code samsung s5360

Pls help to enter network lock control key on my samsung s5360.imei 351824052583166

Please help me to enter network unlock control key on my samsumg MIDI 358757047759538

5 years agotroy666 (registered user)

5 years agomarwan9999 (registered user)

unlock code gt-s5360

imei : 355353/05/084689/2
pleas unlock code

Unlock Samsung S5360 Galaxy Y

5 years agogoby (registered user)

Get it unlocked here. And they're cheap;

5 years agoDawson (registered user)

5 years agochinyeda (registered user)

unlock my samsung s5360 with IMEI:358894/04/594196/4

Unlock my sumsung s5360 with IMEI:358894/04/594196/4

pls unlock my phone I forgot the password .. pls help me gt-s5360 my imee no.:352946/05/551955/5

5 years agoroschelle brofar (registered user)

5 years agotangwarak (registered user)

unlock network code

Pano alisin ung network code unlock s samsung galaxy y sun lang po kci ung nagana eh. Help naman po

Network control key for Samsung galaxy

5 years agoclinton (guest)

5 years agosolomon (registered user)

network unlock control key samsung galaxy young s5360

please send me network unlock control key code

Trying to unlock the phone

5 years agoiain Mcintyre (guest)

I need help
un cp k ayw gumana
sun lng ang pwd e ang sim ko talkntxt
lumalbs network unlock control

5 years agoirish salas (guest)

5 years agotavgga (registered user)

hi to alll pls unlock my cellphone

PLS unlock my phone iam waitting soon

my samsung galaxy GT sy5360 is network lock, how can i unlock it.

4 years agojames dimaculangan (guest)

5 years agonicu (guest)


please unlock my phone samsung s5360. thank you....

Trying to unlock the phone

5 years agoiain Mcintyre (guest)

5 years agoalfredoafara (guest)


imei para samsumng

5 years agoattila.p (registered user)

please unlock my phone samsung s5360. thank you....

Samsung telephone

5 years agoRichard T (registered user)

Unlock Samsung GT-S6010

Por favour, alguien me puedes ayudar a desbloquear el codico de red SAMSUNG GT-S6010

5 years agodorjee (guest)

please unlock my phone

My friend gave me a mobile.But I can't use its its asking for "enter network lock control key" I visited several sites but all asking free in Euro or Dollar. I don't have money. please anyone can help me out to make this mobile usable. I will be grateful to you!! its imei no is 356898058829141 thanks

5 years agoVezire (guest)

please unlock my samsungs5360

Please unlock my samsungs5360.
my IMEI: 356898058005965

5 years agograce (registered user)

unlock my phone samsung s5360

How to unlock MY PHONE samsung GT-S5360. With too many pattern attempts my phone got locked, it was asking google email id/password. even if i m trying with that, i was getting incorrect id/password. help me out plz to unlock. thank u.

How to unlock my samsung GT S5360. After too many partten attempts it has got locked and it is asking my email address and the password

5 years agoHendrison Msiska (guest)

5 years agoMeru (guest)

network lock key request!

Samsung S5360 Galaxy Y
imei 351824054458284

Please unlock my
Samsung S5360 Galaxy Y
imei 359259045203576

for follow up please.....

5 years agovhice recana (registered user)

6 years agoReini (guest)

please unlock my sanmsung s5360

please unlock my sanmsung s5360 Galaxy Y
Anbieter A1
IMEI: 357649048962404
Thank you

6 years agomacky (registered user)

Samsung S5360 Unlock code

Please help!!!

IME1: 359259041895128

6 years agoWesure (guest)

unlock code for samsung galaxy y

please I need a code to unlock my galaxy y s6310n

παρακαλώ Χρειάζομαι έναν κωδικό για να ξεκλειδώσετε μου Galaxy N GT-s6310n
IME 351942060862776
σας ευχαριστω

4 years agostelis (guest)

6 years agogezinus (registered user)

samsung galaxy y

plaese help samsung galaxy y s5360
imei 359961045037744

6 years agozeth (guest)

unlock my phone suncellular locked

how can i unlock my phone. samsung galaxy y s5260?

6 years agomauro carlos araujo (registered user)

desbloqueassim o meu celular

samsung 5360

gostaria vc desbloqueassi o meu celula e broqueo

6 years agomauro carlos araujo (registered user)

7 years agotibz marfiga (registered user)

network unlock control key

i want my samsung gt-s5360 unlock.

have to unlock my cell phone for free?

6 years agolaimis (registered user)

Pls send network unlock control key code Samsung s5360

6 years agoaiza selaras (registered user)

7 years agogadjet33 (registered user)

unlock samsung s5360

please unlock my samsung s5360

7 years agoZidni balindong (guest)

Help how to unlock my samsung gts5360

Please help me

7 years agocameron (guest)

sim unlocking code s5360

i need a sim unlocking code for a samsung s5360.

7 years agodhey (guest)

unlocked s5360

kindly help me to unlock my phone

7 years agoelmer (registered user)

unlock my galaxy y

Pls. Help to unlock my galaxy y
imei: 359961048697593

hey..did u get the codes for unlocking here?

7 years agodenmark (registered user)

8 years agochristine (registered user)

unlock phone to other network.

pls send network unlock key of samsung galaxy y s5360 coz my phone is lock to sun cellular network.

please need help also i want to unlock my samsung S5360 imei 359259045203576

thank you...
thank you.

6 years agothebach16 (registered user)

hey..did u get the codes for unlocking here?

7 years agodenmark (registered user)

same here..

8 years agocharm (registered user)

8 years agoRamjan sali (guest)

network code lock

network code lock

8 years agokenford927 (registered user)

Unlock Samsung S5360

please unlock my phone samsung s5360. thank you....

necesito el codigo de desbloqueo de mi samsung s5360 imei 359781044508549 en argentina

5 years agoandreagarcet (guest)

please give me an unlock code samsung s5360
imei 351863052959372

5 years agoRam (guest)

please help! my samsung galaxy s 5360 have unlock control key.
EMEI 353576490448940

5 years agolawrence (guest)

Please could you unlock my phone IMEI number 358841/04/276430/3

5 years agoVinny (registered user)

Gostava ke me arranjasem o código para desbloquear o meu Samsung galaxy yong GT s5360 urgente obvobrigada

5 years agojukas (registered user)

please unlock my sanmsung s5360...thank you very much

6 years agoyouness (registered user)

did the site send you a network code.
coz I have the same problem on my phone.

6 years agolloyd parungao (registered user)

plz.unlock my samsung galaxy s5360 imei 325383055107910

6 years agojhunbel (guest)

je veux debloquer mon telephone mobile donc svp donnez moi le code

6 years agoyao (registered user)

please unlock my sanmsung s5360

6 years agosalahedine (guest)

please unlock my samsung s5360...
EMEI 352172051311679

Thank you

6 years agojeannin (registered user)

please unlock my phone samsung s5360. thank you..

7 years agofouad1875 (guest)

You can get an unlock code for your Samsung S5360 mobile phone from http://www.classicunlocking.com/samsung-galaxy-y-s5360/rs17wp9/ Here you have to specify the details like the country name,the current network provider and IMEI number of your mobile phone.Then they deliver a code to unlock it.

7 years agoSaul_29 (active user)

please unlock my samsung s5360...

7 years agohawraa (guest)

Gostaria que desbloqueassem meu celular

7 years agoJuliana (guest)

please unlock my sanmsung s5360...thank you very much

8 years agojoy nobleza (registered user)
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