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Model similar to: Samsung J1, Samsung J100F
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 Unlock Samsung J100H
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17 days agoHans wilson (registered user)

Samsung sim unlock pin

Can you unlock my sim network pin?
IMEI: 356707073653776

Please thanks. .

2 years agoEfrat (registered user)

Samsung j1 mini.

I want get the code do open my internet

2 years agoAdamist (registered user)

sim unlock

I need your help to use my new Phone

2 years agoSandeep kumar (registered user)

Sim network unlock pin

Model:SM-J100F IMEI:357554/06/089312/5 IMEI:357555/06/089312/2 FCC ID:A3LSMJ100F

Can you tell me code for unlocking network (operator) :
IME: 353010076680984/01 please?
Thanks Tomas

5 months agoTomasHav (registered user)

unlock my mobile

1 years agodhan kumar oli (registered user)

My phone samsung j1 sm-j100f. Please give me nulock pin

1 years agoJakar (registered user)

I neeed to get my code unlocked
model:samsung J100H

1 years agomariam hussein (registered user)

2 years agopmsv1954 (registered user)

unlock mobile phone

Code for Samsung galaxy SM-j100

need the pin code

2 years agofazley (registered user)

2 years agoshabeerap (registered user)

country lock

i m using samsung J1 but it displays enter sim network unlock pin. plz help to solve
country india

3 years agoiwanhermawan (registered user)

unlock sim card

Sim unlock

3 years agoGildo Roberto (registered user)

unlock the network code

i want to unlock the network code

3 years agoΦωτης (registered user)

Ξεμπλοκαρεται το δικτιο μου ειμαι ελλαδα

Γεια σας παρακαλω ξεμπλοκαρετεμε εχω samsungj120(2016)j1 IMEI 3585513/07/990834/9.ΔΕΝ ΕΧΩ ΣΗΜΑ ΣΤΟ ΔΙΚΤΙΟ ΕΥΧΑΡΗΣΤΩ ΠΟΛΥ

3 years agoRiChard Blanquera (registered user)






3 years agoAbdillah bawazir (guest)

Unlock samsung galaxi j1ace

Please unlock network Samsung galaxi j1ace LOC.indonesia...Imei:354452982718086/01 354453082718084/01

3 years agoKiki Kuncahyo (registered user)

unlock network samsung galaxy j (sm-j100h)

Please send me unique code 😅
Country : Indonesia
35 360207 212148 2/01
35 360207 212148 0/01

3 years agosahir hurra (registered user)

plz send the sim network unlock pin

i m using samsung J1 but it displays enter sim network unlock pin. plz help to solve
country india
imei 1 : 352828075869436
imei 2 : 352829075869434

3 years agotebatso Trevor (guest)

samsung j1 ace

My foun was lost so I blocked it so now I found it then I want to unblock it imei352565076690243

3 years agoDefals fals (registered user)

Samsung j1ace ..SN.R51GA182LAV

Please give me code blocked
Sim network blocked

3 years agoadrianrbern (registered user)

unlock my j100h please

iemi 352830/07/049177/8

3 years agoMozibur Rahman (registered user)

sim nework unlock pin

Pls send me sim nework unlock pin
Samsung Galaxy J1 ace
Model : SM-J110H

sim nework unlock
emei 354729070799032/01
model sm-j110m

3 years agonut2008 (registered user)

3 years agosyahrul j100h (guest)

tolong di bantu

unlock sim card j100h
IMEI 353602075268637/01

3 years agoHossam hssssan (guest)

unlock sim code

Unlock Samsung j100

3 years agoimran kh (registered user)

sim nework unlock pin

Ime no 359758073604662

4 years agogm akbar (registered user)

send me unlock coad

IMEI... 352828077748695/01
Send me unlock code

What happened bro

4 years agogm akbar (registered user)

4 years agoDavid Naynbet (guest)

Help me Unlocked my Samsung SM-J100VPP


Network Unlock

4 years agokomeng (registered user)

send me unlock code for samsung j100h

Please send me unlock code for samsung j100h . and this is my IMEI 1 : 354346073713413/01
IMEI 2 : 354347073713411/01.

4 years agoKamsari (registered user)

sim network unlock pin


4 years agoshakil khan (registered user)

i need my unlock pin

please give me my samsung j1 SM-J110H unlock pin please.

4 years agodamar (registered user)

unlock pin

IMEI:357348/07/855528/3 sim unlock pin indonesia

4 years agoanwar mehedi (registered user)

sim unlock pin

sim unlock pin code.ime 353602074057940/01

4 years agolushanebryan (registered user)

like to unlock my phone network

J1 ace sm-j110m..its frm Bahamas network and wud like to use it Jamaica

4 years agokrishna s sapkal (registered user)

sim network unlock code

imei 35256907361447901 35257007361447701 samsung galaxy j1 ace india

4 years agoyouness chal (registered user)

merci sur tous

unlock code for iem : 355266070552482 /01

4 years agosanniemakheba (registered user)

sim network unlock code

352830074188974/01 please just help me

GALAXY J1 يعمل على شبكه اسمها VERIZON اوريد تشغيله على فودافون واتصالات شبكات فى مصر

4 years agoamen (registered user)

4 years agoNeighar (registered user)

sim network unlock code

Please send me sim network unlock pin for imei 354346070495824/01

4 years agoMahbub (registered user)

Sim network unlocked pin

Send me sim network unlock pin for Sm-J110H
IMEI- 357348073351670/01

4 years agoBalint Irina (registered user)

unlock carrier

could you please send me the network pin sim 355266071113318

4 years agotkhmp (registered user)

Network Unlock

Hey could you please send send me the network Unlock Pin for the

Samsung Galaxy J1 SM-J100H

IMEI 353010/07/443907/8

4 years agokomenx (registered user)

Unlock Network Pin

Unlock Network pin sim
Samsung Galaxy J1 SM-J100H
IMEI 358416069826523/01
IMEI 358417069826521/01

4 years agomark_fronda (active user)

unlock network pin

samsung j1 ace SM-J110H
Imei 355254070395334/01

4 years agopavankumarkacham (registered user)

unlock code

unlock code for j100 imei 354346/07/514384/1

4 years agovimalc (guest)

samsung j100h network locked code


4 years agosinyo (registered user)

network unlock code

I need unlock network code for samsung SM-J110H
Imei 357348071590956/01

4 years agoalfatoni (registered user)

please unlock sim

Imei 353602073675239/01
Imei 353603073675237/01

4 years agoMd Rafiq (registered user)

sim network pin

imei:354467073555313,354468073555311 please give me unlock pin.

4 years agohugh (registered user)

network unlock code for samsung J1

looking for network unlock code for Samsung J1 Ace IMEI 354732071030423/01

thank you

4 years agorobert cefsi (registered user)

Samsung sm j110f

I need unlock code for samsung sm-j110f
Imei 354732071169403/9

4 years agoJeewan Kilka (registered user)

network unlock code

Imei 354467072713194
Imei 354468072713192
Please unlock code

4 years agoJedidvena (registered user)

network unlock pin number

IMEI 3523130781506131 for network unlock pin number plzz

4 years agoTariqur Rahman (registered user)

samsung Netwark unlock


samsung J110H/DS Netwark unlock

4 years agoarkhokon (registered user)

4 years agolikeyourstyle (registered user)

Bantuin unlock Jaringan Samsung Super Copy J1 J100H

Tolong bantuin unclock dunk,
IMEI SIM1 358688000000158/01
IMEI SIM2 358688000000158/01

4 years agorezaadi (registered user)

unlock my j1

I want sim network unlock pin
Model:SM-J100H sim network unlock pin.
imei sim 1 = 352828073700849
imei sim2 = 352829073700847

4 years agomofazzol (registered user)

I want sim network unlock pin

Model:SM-J100H sim network unlock pin.

4 years agosameer chauhan (registered user)

plz help me my samsung galaxy j1 unlock sim process

Samsung galaxy j1 pop 3g duod

4 years agoshahedali1 (registered user)

network pin code

I want sim network unlock pin for samsung galaxy j100h

I want Samsung galaxy J110H/DH UNLOCK SIM PIN

4 years agoshamim (registered user)

minta tolong cara buka SIM network unlock PIN di samsung SM- J100H/DS
IMEI 358414/06/350734/8
IMEI 358415/06/350734/

4 years agomata elang (registered user)

how can unlock country code in my sam j100h plz bro help me

4 years agoaahiq hussian (guest)

4 years agojahangir alam (registered user)

sim network unlock

Please confarom code
IME 357947066984601

minta tolong cara buka SIM network unlock PIN di samsung SM- J100H/DS
IMEI 352828/07/908028/7
IMEI 352829/07/908028/5

4 years agoariadi (registered user)

Unlock your phone no need for registration only select which model need unlock and buy for paypal easy way and follow service information WWW.SELLNCK.COM

4 years agoNstore (helpful user)

4 years agoSamsung j100h (registered user)

sim network unlock pin

Samsung, j100h, imei 352828/07/491889/5

please give me sim unlock pin

4 years agoSamsung j100h (registered user)

4 years agomd ferus (registered user)

asmsung unlock cood

samsung.j100h,ime 352828077994570

4 years agothushara (registered user)

unlook code

imei 351569070109094/01

I am from Bangladesh. I have SM-J100H device. but locked network sim . plz! give any solution.imei,352828/07/811381/6 ,352829/07/811381/4

4 years agomd rana (registered user)

4 years agoboriel fahriel (registered user)

samsung J1 imei 358414063494927

Please unlock

4 years agojilani ansari (guest)

how to unlock sim network lock.

i am from nepal . i am felling some problem . that how to unlock the samsung glaxy model no. SM-J100H.

4 years agoSiarhei (registered user)

Sim network unlok pin

Samsung SM-J100H
Imei 357539065445229

4 years agoAkhmad afandi (guest)

Sim network unlok pin

Imei 358414/06/055165
J 100h/ds
From indonesia

4 years agoigor1986 (guest)

Sim network unlock pin

help me please,
my phone samsung sm-J100H
IMEI : 358645064936222/01

4 years agoSheikh Arif (registered user)

Sim pin coods

please give me samsung j100h country coode.

SIM Network Pin Unlock Code Give Please.

4 years agoKastup Nepali (registered user)

4 years agoImran Hossain (guest)

unlock network sim

I am from Bangladesh. I have SM-J100H device. but locked network sim . plz! give any solution.

Samsung Unlock Service all model not free if u want buy unlock code there www.sellnck.com

4 years agoNstore (helpful user)

I am from Bangladesh. I have SM-J100H device.
but locked network sim . plz! give me country coard solution

4 years agoAbdur Rashid (registered user)

unlock code

4 years agorobiul (registered user)

4 years agoSannusi (registered user)

Unlock Simcard Samsung Galaxy J100H

help me please,
my phone samsung J100H
IMEI : 358414060045045/01
IMEI : 358415060045042/01

4 years agoarman1985 (registered user)

unlock network

How can unlock my samsung j1 4g
Imei : 352828073687194/01
: 352829073687192/01
Help me please

5 years agoal helal (guest)

Samsung network unlock pin

Samsung network unlock pin model# sm-G361H
please reply E-mail.

5 years agoaysha (registered user)

want unlock code

i want unlock code for my samsung galaxy j1 imei no... 357947065045420/01

5 years agoabdulgafoor (registered user)

sim network unlock pin

IMEI 352828070152333/
352828070152331 PLS help me

5 years agorodian asyari (registered user)

sim card lock

please unlock code samsung J100H
ime 351570070311417

5 years agoari w. (registered user)

help me to unclock sim card

help me to unclok sim card J100H
imei : 352828070118342

5 years agodede (registered user)

unclock sim

help me
simcard lock
IMEI 357945061584277
thank you

5 years agoledzzep (registered user)

unclock sim

hay please help unlock sim network
imei : 358645066599135
Thank you

Anyone please help me to unlock sim network samsung J100H indonesia
I hope anyone can help me

5 years agoebiet (registered user)

5 years agoaditya lisman (registered user)

unlock sim indonesia

help me to unlock samsung J100H
imei : 358414066786998/01

5 years agoeny hastutie (registered user)

sim unlock network

please help me to unlock my Samsung Galaxy j100h/ imei: 357947064819205 / 01
357948064819203 / 01 ..
Please brother

5 years agodays maulana (guest)

unlock sim card

How to unlock my j100h

5 years agorhosalyn (guest)

unlock code for samsung J100

can you provide me of my unlock code for my phone samsung J100

5 years agorozzi (guest)

sim unlock pin

please help me to unlock my Samsung Galaxy j100/ds. imei 358414061244969. please help thanks


5 years agofauzi (registered user)

5 years agosukhen dad (registered user)

unlock samsung j100h

How to umlock sime

unlock code sim card
imei 358414067541079
samsung galaxy j1

5 years agoariezz vanbastent (guest)

network code emei no 358414/06/004656/3

5 years agohafeez (guest)

5 years agomahmudin (registered user)

pin network sim

Mobile pin unlock

I have a Samsung mobile phone.
model - SM-J110H/DS
IMEI: 355254/07/739701/0
IMEI: 355255/07/739701/7
Please give me network unlock code.

4 years agoManjurji (registered user)

5 years agojannat mansuri (guest)

how unlock to sin network unlock pin in nepal

How to unlock sim

5 years agochoesmayadhie (guest)

unlock sim samsung

Unlock sim samsung model:SM-J100H/DS

Unlock sim an network hp arab to indonesia imei 352828073436725/01

4 years agoiyan (guest)

Unlock sim an network hp arab to indonesia imei 358414064316921/01

5 years agoyogga (guest)

5 years agoagus prast (guest)

unlock network pin

Imei 358414060920882
Serial number RV1G13PVB4F
Samsung Galaxi J1 SM-J100/DS

ime. 353118070447183

4 years agonoyon (guest)


4 years agoasad (registered user)

How unluck to sim in nepal

5 years agoshyam giri (active user)

How to unluck sim

5 years agoshyam giri (active user)

imei: 358645060549615

5 years agounlock it please (guest)
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