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 Unlock Samsung M150
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2 years agoJeet (registered user)

Unlock code sim network givmi

Miei no 357446020371005

8 years agoAntonia (registered user)

Can someone help me unlock my Samsung M150 phone

Hi there, my imei# is 357 445/02/524764/0 i tried using a o2 sim in my tesco phone and ended up locking my phone and now i cant use it at all.
Can someone help?

9 years agoMaro (registered user)

Wie help mij om de Samsung M150 te ontlocken

Hoe kan ik mijn Samsung M150 lock vrij maken. Mijn IMEI is 367446/02/224862/2

9 years agodutch1 (registered user)

unlock code samsung m150

please do inform me about the unlock code for the samsung m150
thanks in advance

Get the unlocking instructions and code for your Samsung model mobile from this site http://www.unlocking4u.com/samsung/rs6wp8/ , here it can be done without any difficulty............

8 years agomoni (active user)

put sim in half way and switch phone on. Push sim in and enter #*3773#. Phone is unlocked

9 years agogritty stuff (registered user)

10 years agoJ Farr (registered user)

Please help to unlock my samsung M150

Hi i have a samsung M150 locked to Tesco mobile emi number 357445 02 60683/6 has any one got a unlock code so i can use my O2 sim in it.

Hi! I got a Samsung SGFH-M150 that i really need to unlock!
my IMEI is 357445025107422

9 years agoAnamaria (registered user)
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