Unlock Samsung R530

Model similar to: Samsung i9300 Galaxy S III, Samsung Galaxy S III, Samsung i535, Samsung Galaxy S3, Samsung i9305, Samsung i9395, Samsung S3
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 Unlock Samsung R530
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41 days agoablater (registered user)

unlock sim

can you help me to unlock
samsung galaxy s3
imei : 3531650506879224/15


I have unlock codes for samsumng. If you want to make a request contact ..

39 days agoSmilegsm (active user)

74 days agoGeorgeBakalis (registered user)

Unlock Sim

Unlock Sim
Sim locked Samsung S3 gt-i9300 unlock please!
IMEI: 353975055838292


81 days agoSkybird (guest)

Samsung Galaxy S3 Network Unlock Code

Please I want the NCK code for Samsung Galaxy S3

4 months agoFernando.abreu87 (registered user)

Unlock Sim

Sim locked Samsung S3 neo... unlock please!
IMEI: 356650067442345


4 months agorefat (registered user)

samsung galaxy s3 metro pcs

Imel number 📱 for unlocked network

Please open network

5 months agohasan safari (registered user)

unlock sim

Sim locked Samsung s III please
IMEI: 353718051313021/01

6 months agoPatryk1659 (registered user)

Sim Locked

PLS Unlock samsung galaxy s3 GT-I9300

7 months agoBarnus (registered user)

Sim locked

Unlock Samsung Galaxy SIII
IMEI: 351941060264561

Thanks ;)

7 months agoclark (registered user)

Unlock Samsung Galaxy SIII

help me!
imei: 357070056624572/13

8 months agoTiffany (registered user)

Unlock Boost Samsung Galaxy SIII

IMEI: 99000468837479

Thanks ;)

9 months agosugle (registered user)

code unlock sgs3 saya

help my
unlock samsung sgs3
imei: 355449058067547

10 months agostavros (guest)

network unlock Samsung galaxy s3

Hello I have a Samsung galaxy s3 and when I try to call is writing network lock I can't call.. my imei is 004999010640000 / 01 can please help me unlock the phone thank you

11 months agoMarinamacaaaa (registered user)

Sim locked

I.neead unlock
Imei 353412060496874/01

12 months agosim locked (registered user)

Need unlock pin pzz


12 months agotereus (registered user)

sim locked

imei 35452050475475/13
Need unlock pin pzz

1 years agofou (registered user)

code unlock desimlock please

please code desimlock imei:353412062186226

2 years agoAlex ebmeier (registered user)

I need unlock code

Pleaze give me unxlxock code Samsung galaxy s3

i need cod unlock sim network pin please
imei 352990069944540/01

1 years agoads (registered user)

2 years agooriel (registered user)

unlock galaxy s3

i need cod unlock sim network pin
imei 359040052920033/01

Samsung Unlock Service all model not free if u want buy unlock code there www.sellnck.com

2 years agoNstore (helpful user)

2 years agoBrad08 (guest)

help me unlock my galaxy s3

Hello can someone please help me ulock a galaxy s3? IMEI 353323050121135/11. I've been trying to find a free unlock code. One that is 100% free. No sign ups or charges. Is there such a thing?

2 years agoali reza (registered user)

Help me, unlock sim by Samsung SIII NEO

I need your help. My phone call to the network code.
imei : 352144072874688/02

2 years agomurataydindogu (guest)

unlock code

Can you send the unlock code for my Galaxy S3 phone please ?
IMEI 353166057433122 (Telcel Mexico)

2 years agoAdam damour (guest)

plz help my phone is locked

I need an unlock code for my galaxy s3 do i can put my net0 SIM card in it. Was given the galaxy a3 phone cause my other phone screen is cracked and i want to use the galaxy phone. It is an att..phone

2 years agoarashtorshizian (guest)

unlock my mobiiile pleae

Unlock my moble

2 years agofaqir (guest)

Unlock i9300 Glaxy S III


I need help unlocking my phone. Can anyone help?
imei 353575051246373/01

2 years agoDavy (guest)

Galaxy s3 SGH-1747M

Someone plz help me with the SIM network lock pin for my Samsung galaxy s3, model SGH-1747M.I got it from Canada and I need to use it with Tanzania networks..Plz guys!

2 years agoyazan bond (registered user)

I need to unlock my cellphone

I need to unlock my cellphone

I need to unlock mycellphone

2 years agoAbbad (registered user)

2 years agotian57 (registered user)

galaxy S3 Lte GT 19305

I was told by EE that any phone purchased after 1.1.5 was unlocked but have sold the phone and buyer says it is locked to t mobile (ee) how can i get this unlocked now??

2 years agoahmedsaed (registered user)

طالب بالثانوية

Samsung galaxy s3 neo i9301i
Imei :355835062432000
Pless l want unlock

2 years agosuba (guest)

unlocking galaxy s3

Plz I need to unlock my phone

2 years agowaleedlt123 (registered user)

s3 unlock code

Galaxy I747
Help!!! Please I need to unlock this phone from AT&T. IMEI is 355431051486395

2 years agoGandhi (registered user)

Galaxy I747

Help!!! Please I need to unlock this phone from AT&T. IMEI is 355431056813049

2 years agoinex (guest)

desbloquear s3

Como desbloquear samsunng galaxy3 vindo do reino unido?moro no brasil Imei355583065981058/01.

2 years agogalaxy&ivan (registered user)

Please help unlock galaxy s3

Please unlock my samsung galaxy s3 i9300, lock telenor network from Serbia, IMEI No 354244058080975 . Thanks.

2 years agoboa (registered user)

simlock please help me unlock

Imei 355829057126892 galaxy s3 operator: orange PL operator sim 26003 if you have unblocked code thank you

2 years agoevaldo costa (guest)

unlock galaxy s3

boa tarde ,tenho um s3 gostaria de desbloquear o imei é 356848051997700/01

aide a débloquer les téléphones Samsung

2 years agokobenan (guest)

Please Help imei 356848051997700/01 want to unlock it

2 years agoevaldo costa (guest)

2 years agoJoshM (registered user)

Please Help

Samsung S3 MINI GT-I8190N IMEI 359642051892202 I want to unlock it

3 years agoHamed13665 (registered user)

networkl unlock code

soory in my last comment i writed wrong imei tihis is right ...My phone is - Samsung GT-I9301I Galaxy S3 NEO - imei- 352750065794640/02. I want to unlock it because it works only with EU sim -cards , but I want to use another one.

3 years agoAzis (registered user)

Help me, unlock sim by Samsung GT-I9301I S3 NEO

My phone is - Samsung GT-I9301I Galaxy S3 NEO - imei- 352750066468350/02. I want to unlock it because it works only with EU sim -cards , but I want to use another one.

3 years agohesam (registered user)

انلاک i9300

انلاک i9300

3 years agojo el (registered user)

Please Help

Seems most I know have this phone and need a code to unlock sims. Can someone help me with this

Thank you

4 years agoxcoop (registered user)


boas tenho um galaxy s3 bloqueado a rede vodafone PT e gostaria de desbloquear imei 3542440552271240

4 years agonaythuta (registered user)

Please help me

Saumsung S-3 IMEI 353166054120953 .....I want to unlock my phone S-3 ( version 4.1.2 )

4 years agoapol (registered user)

unlock s3

i need help on unlocking my phone..please email the process. thanks in advance!

4 years agoDato (registered user)


Onlock galaxsy s3

imei: 35 31 64 01 25 9031 13

3 years agohelene (guest)

You can get an unlock code for your Samsung Galaxy S3 mobile phone from Prounlocking.com .Here you have to specify your country name,the current network provider and IMEI number of your mobile phone.Then you can get an unlock code from them at reasonable cost and unlock it.

4 years agoSaul_29 (active user)

unlock internet s3 similar

4 years agocaca (guest)

j´ai le mème probleme. je veus debloque mon samsung galaxy s3. mon imei est :35372005680523. pouvez vous m´aider

4 years agoisdi (guest)

galaxy s3 je veux debloquer mon samsung galalaxy s3 mais adeux puces comment imeil3522122047054040

4 years agopapa (guest)
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