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 Unlock Samsung S150G
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7 hours agoCarla173 (registered user)

Please I want sim unlocking code for my s150g

Imei 351667063263041

3 months agoAnthony Gilbert (registered user)

Sim lock code-1

Please I want sim unlocking code for my s150g
IMEI 354082/05/779637/7/02

5 years agoT.Sathish (registered user)

Samsung SGH S150G SIM LOCK 1

Please tell me how to unlock my phone

I want the sim lock code for Samsung s150g track fon With imei -35166706467896/5/03

5 months agoJoseph Henshaw (registered user)

5 years agoCaz (registered user)

Unlocking my new Samsung S150G TracFone

greetings Buena Gente,

next week i go stateside to pick up my new cell phone. several years ago, i retired and relocated from NYC to Baja Mexico and Samsung -- via email -- willingly unlocked my first cell phone, and i was able to use the local sim card anywhere i traveled.

however, at tnis point in time -- being an ol' broad and computer-ILliterate -- i am now told they can only do it if i bring it into a Samsung retailer (the nearest one is several hundred miles away), but that is an impossibility.

is there anyone who can help me solve this dilemma?

a million thanks for your time & advice!
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