Unlock Samsung S5670 Galaxy Fit

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 Unlock Samsung S5670 Galaxy Fit
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4 years agozlaja (registered user)

unlock samsung galaxy fit

359235047062566 vip zaključan a ocu da se otključa na mts srbija

5 years agoMT 01 (registered user)

Galaxy Fit S5670 Unlock Code

Hi, I came across this site, thought I would try it out. I'm not totally tech savvy, but I thought I might try to unlock this phone with the help of like minded souls. Vodafone has been great but they've also had a lot of $ from us and I just begrudge paying for their unlock service when I've been with them since 1989. Seems brand loyalty doesn't account for much these days? I look for wake to any positive help, thank you!

8 years agosaperau (registered user)

Samsung Galaxy Fit S5670

Hi there,

Any chance of getting an unlock code for this phone, pretty desperate atm please help


i have the same problen can anyone help us

8 years agokidlat (guest)
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