Unlock Samsung S5830i

Model similar to: Samsung S5820, Samsung Galaxy Ace, Samsung S5839i, Samsung J110H
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 Unlock Samsung S5830i
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75 days agoavicell (registered user)

unlock samsung j110h/ds

emei 353118077759879
N/s r51g93e342b

4 months agoSpecialblend (registered user)

Unlock code / Samsung ACE GT5830

IMEI: 358049041038030
Please provide, unlock code for sim card network service.
Thank You in advance!

Factory unlocked no need any code your phone

4 months agoDublinGSM (active user)

10 months agoJonny.Bravo78 (registered user)

Unlock Code

359079041314981. Samsung Galaxy Ace unlock code please.

1 years agoasep jaguar (registered user)

please unlock my phone sm- j110h

help me please unlock sim my phone samsung sm-j110h
my imei : 354452083143540/01
my imei : 354453083143548/01

Unlock pin

1 years agoheri gunawan (registered user)

Unlock pin

1 years agoheri gunawan (registered user)

1 years agoDede supriatna (registered user)

Help me unlock sim

please unlock my phone sm-j110h
Help me please unlock sim my phone samsung sm-j110h
My imei : 352938/08/406818/3
My imei : 352939/08/406818/1

2 years agoajmal (registered user)

unlocking request

I humply requesting to you...please provide my unlocking code for Samung Galaxy J1 ace (J110H)
IMEI : 359767074139651/01
: 359768074139659/01
Still i am waiting for your replay

2 years agoYudhiana (guest)


kode buka jaringan imei. 356402074851922

2 years agoboengbilly (registered user)

please unlock my phone sm-j110h

Help me please unlock sim my phone samsung sm-j110h
My imei : 356402079138341 /01
356402079138349 /01
My from indonesian
Thx so much

Please unlock SIM samsung sm-j110h IMEI:359767071173455/01 359768071173453/10
i am from indonesia

2 years agoBambang Hariyanto (guest)

2 years agojmbr (registered user)

deblocage SAMSUNG

Bonjour, je souhaite débloquer mon Samsung Ace S 5830 avec le N° IMEI suivant : 358049048088939. Pouvez-vous m'aider svp ? par avance merci.....

2 years agoRiris (registered user)

Unlock samsum GT-S5830i

Mohon di unlock,samsung GT-S5830i
IMEI : 359842042043903


2 years agoaji wijaya (registered user)

Pinunlok network sim j1ace

pin unlock network sm-j110h
Please give me the pin number for unlock network sm-j110h
imei 358175076210895
imei 358300076210899

im waiting your answer please..

2 years agoaji wijaya (registered user)

2 years agoiip (registered user)

how yo unlock samsung J110h

Hai, please help me to unlock my phone.

What must iI do?

Thanks alot

2 years agoashniggav (registered user)

unlock network sm-j110h

Please give me the pin number for unlock network sm-j110h
IMEI 1 : 358175075040202
IMEI 2 : 358300075040206
S/N :R51H30D846D

IEMI 1 : 352569076149176
IEMI 2 : 352570076149174

2 years agoJyobish (registered user)

2 years agoAli mk (registered user)

Pinunlok network sim j1ace

Please Give me the pin numbers fur unloksimnetwork

2 years agomasruhin (guest)

j1 ace unlock pin sim network


2 years agounlock sim card (registered user)

sm -j110h (j1 ace)


SM-J110H(J1 ACE)

2 years agohamdani (registered user)

2 years agohajoura (registered user)

unlock samasung

phone: samsung Ace
IMEI: 359079041578478

2 years agogauravarora6 (registered user)

j1 unlock sim network pin urgently required. Please help me

Samsung J1ace
IMEI NO. 356402/07/766288/8*

2 years agojournald (registered user)

need unlck code for sm

Pls help unlck my samsung sm_j110h


2 years agoHenetech (registered user)

unlock s5839i

hi. can you help me unlock my S5839i with emei: 354423051507826

regards tks

2 years agoirfan basha (registered user)

sim unlock

My Samsung j1 ace
Model no:sm j110h/ds
Imei no:353118070178895

2 years agoheri budiono (registered user)

pleas helm me unlock sim network samsung j110H

Imei : 355254078896929/01
SN : R51GB17C1KA


I have the same problem. Can you help me too, please?
IMEI 353010-07-749286-8

Thanks a lot!

2 years agoBasaNova (registered user)

2 years agohadibimas (registered user)

samsung SM-J100H

I want unlock samsung SM-J100H duos
IMEI 358414068465062 / 01
dan 358415068465069 / 01
my country Indonesia

what I must to do? thank you.

2 years agoelakermi (registered user)

unlock my phone Samsung S5839i


How do I unlock a Samsung S5839i Galaxy Ace?


MY IMEI is : 354423051667927. Thanks

2 years agoelakermi (registered user)

3 years agoKille (registered user)

Samsung GT-S5830i

Can someone help me with this one? I need to unlock him to i can use any sim card. Model is GT-S5830i, IMEI is 355836054799638

3 years agoHerczeg Eszter (registered user)

segitsen kifüggetleniteni a telómat

Szeretném függetleniteni a samsung galaxy ace duos gt-s6802 telefonomat.

3 years agompozainno (registered user)

please help unlock my ace

Samaung Galaxy ACE 4
Please help my samsung cant work in my country due to UIM sim blockage
IMEI 355374061643375

3 years agoRaj kumar ganesh (registered user)

unlock my network lock

I have samsung j110g ace pin block
imei 353406070476587/01

saya punya samsung J110H tapi minta pin untuk buka jaringan , gm carax

3 years agoraden (registered user)

3 years agoRezuan (registered user)

unlock screen

I forget password

switch off your phone and Press the power button, home button and the volume up button at the same time. Use the volume buttons to chose facyory reset and use the power button to select it. When the fone finaly resets, you will have no password request. Be advised that this will make you loose some of your data.

3 years agompozainno (registered user)

3 years agoartur neto (registered user)

Marca: Samsumg Modelo: Galaxy Ace2 GT I8160 Operadora: TMN (Portugal)

Agradeço o código para desbloquear o meu telemóvel: Marca: Samsumg
Modelo: Galaxy Ace2 GT I8160
Operadora: TMN
IMEI: 356035053536088/01

3 years agovasile (guest)

unlock my phone please quick

I want to unlock my samsung galaxy ace 2

3 years agopgh (guest)

Galaxy Ace II

Model # of this GT-S7560M

Thank you.

4 years agojojobeaner (registered user)

unlock code required

Samsung galaxy s5830D


4 years agoCarlos Williams (registered user)


Boa tarde,

Temos um aparelho Sansung Galaxy Ace GT-S5830C:
IMEI = 352346050123455


4 years agojamesy303 (registered user)



4 years agoabel teixeira (registered user)



4 years agoFrancisco5050 (registered user)

Unlock samsung galaxy ACE 5839

IMEI: 352079052899018

4 years agoBrun (registered user)

desbloquear samsung ace

Imei Samsung ace 353927054863318

4 years agoVista (registered user)

Unlock Samsung Galaxy Ace GT5839

IMEI : 354955057817667

thank you

4 years agoVista (registered user)

4 years agoJosephKarel (registered user)

Unlock Samsung S5839i Galaxy Ace


How do I unlock a Samsung S5839i Galaxy Ace?


How do I unlock a Samsung S5839i Galaxy Ace?

4 years agofavrat (registered user)

5 years agoj.francia (registered user)

Unlock samsung S5820 Galaxy Ace

My IMEI number:357655/04/121075/8

sir my imei no:357179051989896 .i want it urgently please sir

3 years agokalyankumar (guest)

5 years agobezena (guest)

desbloquear samsung galaxy ace

Numero d imei 354890047007873
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