Free Nokia SIM Unlock with Code Calculator

Free Nokia SIM Unlock with Code Calculator
This is a guide, how to unlock your mobile phone easily - All by yourself!
This is very useful, if you have bought a new Nokia mobile phone, locked to a provider, and wish to use a SIM-card from another provider.
Here is how it works: Start by downloading a program, that generate a code to enter on your mobile phone.

At the moment the program supports the following Nokia-models:

Nokia 1100a
Nokia 1100b
Nokia 1220
Nokia 1260
Nokia 1261
Nokia 2100
Nokia 2220
Nokia 2260
Nokia 2300
Nokia 2300a
Nokia 3100
Nokia 3100b
Nokia 3108
Nokia 3200
Nokia 3200b
Nokia 3300
Nokia 3300b
Nokia 3320
Nokia 3360
Nokia 3510
Nokia 3510i
Nokia 3520
Nokia 3530
Nokia 3560
Nokia 3585
Nokia 3590
Nokia 3595
Nokia 3600
Nokia 3620
Nokia 3650
Nokia 3660
Nokia 5100
Nokia 5100a
Nokia 6100
Nokia 6108
Nokia 6200
Nokia 6220
Nokia 6310
Nokia 6310i
Nokia 6340
Nokia 6340i
Nokia 6360
Nokia 6500
Nokia 6510
Nokia 6560
Nokia 6590
Nokia 6590i
Nokia 6600
Nokia 6610
Nokia 6610i
Nokia 6650
Nokia 6800
Nokia 6800a
Nokia 6810
Nokia 6820
Nokia 6820b
Nokia 7200
Nokia 7210
Nokia 7250
Nokia 7250i
Nokia 7600
Nokia 7650
Nokia 8310
Nokia 8390
Nokia 8910
Nokia 8910i
Nokia 9210i
Nokia N-Gage

If your phone is NOT on the list, take a look in the unlock forum

Currently BB5 Phones, this includes N-series (Nokia N70, Nokia N71, Nokia N72, Nokia N73, Nokia N80, Nokia N800, Nokia N90, Nokia N91, Nokia N93i, Nokia N95), Nokia 6630 and Nokia 6680, cannot be unlocked by any way except requesting the code from your provider.
As soon as there's a solution or any news, it will be published here or you can find help in the unlock forum.

Please notice that this service is free for you to use, so i do not answer e-mails or calls about unlocking of Nokia phones. Please respect this.


Download the program: DCT4 Calculator 5.4 - CLICK HERE
Unzip the file and start the program named Code Calculator 5.4.exe
Take the SIM-card out, and find the phones IMEI code (the phones serial number), by enter the code  *#06#  on the phone. It's important that the SIM card IS NOT in the phone, during the following steps!!
Enter the IMEI code in the program
Choose Your country
Choose the provider, from which your phone is locked to.Code Calculator 5.4
Choose type::
Type 5:
Nokia 3650
Nokia 3600
Nokia 7650
Nokia N-Gage
 Type 7:
Nokia 6650
Nokia 7600
 Type 2:
All others...
Generate the code by clicking on Calculate
7 codes will appear in the blue field in the program. You will use the last code...
Now you have to enter the whole code on your phone:
  The code has the following format:  #pw+xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx+7#  where the X's are numbers.
 1 -Enter "#"
 2 -Enter "*" three times to write "p"
 3 -Enter "*" four times to write "w"
 4 -Enter "*" twice to write "+"
 5 -Enter the 15 numbers
 6 -Enter "*" twice to write "+"
 7 -Enter "7"
 8 -Enter "#"
  Your Nokia phone is now unlocked.
 Free SIM Unlock Nokia online
 Unlock Forum

DISCLAIMER: The owner of this webpage shall not be liable for any errors, delays or damage for any actions taken from the information provided here.
If the unlock code has been entered incorrectly 4 times or more then only a professional unlocker can help you by using an expensive cable solution.
The program is made by Hollowman.


Free Nokia SIM Unlock with Code Calculator
Gratis Nokia SIM Unlock med Code Calculator
Freie Nokia SIM Unlock mit Code Calculator
Gratis Nokia SIM upplåsningskod med Code Calculator
Gratis Nokia SIM Unlock med kode kalkulator.
Ilmainen Nokia SIM lukituksen poisto koodilaskurilla
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Desbloqueio de SIM Nokia com Calculadora de Códigos
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Libère Nokia SIM Ouvre avec la Calculatrice de Code
Sblocco SIM gratuito Nokia tramite calcolatore di codice
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